A cooperative work INTA-Deltametropolis Association
Paris/Rotterdam, August 2013

This publication offers the initial outcomes of the first series of interviews and meetings with a range of stakeholders, addressing metropolitan challenges and dilemmas. It starts with an explanation of the conditions which are necessary when implementing  a metropolitan strategy and the options which are available to put this  into practice. This is followed by the interviews, which cover a broad range of issues: the scale of the metropolitan area, governance and municipal cooperation, new forms of urbanity, metropolitan eco-systems, the innovative economy within the metropolitan area, and metropolitan sustainability. By addressing these issues, the debate on socio-economic development and the governance of larger territories is moved forward.

Although Metro in Progress is an on-going programme, the initial stages have already produced enough knowledge to carry forth the debate and to analyse more deeply  how the process of moving “from strategies to implementation" can be guided.

This publication presents an improved starting point for the programme, offering striking examples of the challenges and concerns that policy-makers have when transferring powers and authority to higher territorial levels.

This broad collection of information on metropolitan processes was acquired through the invaluable time and hard work provided by all our contributors: for this, we are very grateful to all of them. We hope that this wealth of material collected will be shared among many others. For stakeholders who would like to participate in this programme, or who would like to adopt this format to discuss their problems with other metropolises, more information can be found on  the last page of this publication.

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