During the first phase, a series of interviews have been realised to several metropolitan cases covering various themes: the scale of the metropolitan area, the governance and cooperation, new forms of urbanity and metropolitan environments, the innovative economical sectors within the metropolitan area and how to develop the metropolis sustainability.

What about Metropolitan Strategies worldwide? 

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Grenoble Region, France
Interview with Jean-Michel Evin, Director AURG Urban Planning Agency Grenoble Region

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Sèmè-Podij, Benin
Interview with M. Séverin Nsia Director Delegate for the Territorial Planning Ministry for the Decentralisation
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Jakarta, Indonesia
Interview with Mr. Pingki Elka Pangestu, Director PT Loka Mampang Indah Realty Jakarta, Indonesia

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Greater London, UK

Interview with Roy Adams OBE, urban planning and development consultant

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Bangkok Metropolitan area, Thailand
Interview with Ms. Pranee Nantasenamat, Senior Expert in town and country planning, Ministry of
Interior Department of Town and Country Planning
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 Medellin Metropolitan, Colombia
Interview with Françoise Coupé, Professeur at Colombian National University and President of the Urban territorial Council of Medellin
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Greater Paris, France
Interview with Vincent Fouchier, Deputy Director IAU-IF (Urban Planning Institute of Ile-de France Region)
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Lima Metropolitana, Peru
Interview with Virgilio Acuña Peralta, Peruvian MP, councillor of Lima Metropolitana government (2003-2006)
2007-2010: member of the board of EMAPE (municipal company of tolls)
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Randstad, The Netherlands
Interview with Mr. Duco Stadig, former Alderman of Amsterdam and chairman of Deltametropool Association, The Netherlands
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Bordeaux cover

Mumbai cover new Kuala-Lumpur cover
Metropolitan Bordeaux, France
Interview with Françoise Le Lay, management strategies and Metropolitan Innovation | CUB
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Metropolitan Mumbai, India
Interview with Hubert Nove-Josserand former World Bank consultant in India on urban transport

Greater Kuala Lumpur
Interview with Mrs. Faudziah IBRAHIM, Head Division, Development  KLCC Property Holdings Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Torino cover New

2 istanbul


Greater Turin, an "unconscious" metropolitan area ?
Interview with Carlo Spinelli, in charge of external relations and communication and Paolo Antonelli, responsible for projects coordination, Urban Center Metropolitano Association
 Istanbul Metropolitan area
Interview with Mr. Timuçin Kurt Deputy Director and Urban Planner at the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality



All cases have been asked to answer the following questionnaire. 

1. The metropolitan area

How extensive is the metropolitan area and how are the metropolitan values and identity formed for this the area? What makes your metropolitan area internationally attractive?

2. Governance & Cooperation

Is there a form of metropolitan strategy in place and what fields of policy does it entail? Which stakeholders are involved and what is their role and responsibility in this metropolitan strategy? How are the different territorial levels associated to the metropolitan governance? And how is the cooperation of different territorial levels maintained in the planning process that is increasingly subject to a rapid changing economic, social and technological environment?

3. New forms of urbanity and metropolitan environments
What are the key development projects (flagships, major infrastructure, social or cultural equipment, etc.) and programs (information, incentives, investments), of your metropolitan strategy? How is the dialogue carried between the specific ambitions of local key projects and the ambition of the metropolitan territory?

4. Innovative economical sectors

Is the regional level competitive enough in a globalized economic and innovation-led clusters system and does it remove the obstacle of the vertical organisation of public policy?

5. Sustainable development

On which central themes and key policies is your metropolitan strategy set upon? How do these themes and policies overcome the short-term instability of any long-term vision and deliver a performing and resilient territorial development?

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