Activity to discuss about the vocation of the Bou Regreg's Valley

Bou RegregThe Great Valley: The Development of Bou Regreg's Valley.

La Grande Vallèe: Sur le Développement à la Vallèe du Bou Regreg

Context and Issues
The Bou Regreg River is 240 km long and its located between the cities of Rabat and Salé. Relatively narrow, being its maximum width 160 m, the river makes a strong visual effect. It unifies the entire valley, which is dominated by the agriculture. Both Rabat and Sale are twin sisters and its historical architecture gives shows the richness of the Moroccan culture.

Our intervention
The objective was to present a great project for the capital of the kingdom by an urban project reconciling the history with its environment and opening as an important rank within the competition of regions and global cities. Its great area brings the big question, how can a potential urbanization be developed in such a fragile ecologic system and its physical constraints, especially hydrographical.

There has to be heads up on creating a Valley park, organize the hydrologic system, cleaning the water, having an efficient waste management and protecting the historical architecture.


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