A pact for local development: Restore confidence in Région l'Oriental in its assets and future.


The Institute of Formation of Project Managament and Communication
Regional Development and Housing Construction of the Région l’Oriental
Oujda, Morocco


Context and Issues
The area, which was discussed during this panel, was a rural zone of 350 hectares divided in two lots. It was located 14 km away from Oujda (pop. 400.000 hab), which is the capital of the Oriental Region of Morocco and based only 15 km away from Algiers. The specific aim of the panel was to determine a controlled development of the rural area in particular and making from its assets an interesting factor for developers to invest.

Our intervention
A three-day seminar with political and economic representatives from the neighbouring countries where INTA made the proposals for a regional working group to conduct a forward assessment with a view to identifying common issues and deciding on the objectives to be pursued, the first activities to be implemented and their appropriate delivery vehicles.

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