Urban Development Strategy for the Great Tétouan

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Context and Issues
With a hilly region, a Natural Reservoir, a littoral with great options for touristic development, a regional airport which serves the northern region of the country and a historic city centre, Tétouan has everything is needed for an active urban development plan. The six themes to aboard during this session are:

  1. Urban future
  2. Urban development in the areas with stronger potential
  3. Valorise the history and local patrimony as a potential for the development of the Great Tétouan.
  4. The reconciliation of Tétouan with its riverbanks.
  5. Pubic spaces and the implementation of urban marketing.
  6. Integration and the conversion of the peripheral quarters for an inclusive city.


Our intervention
Architects, urbanists and planners were invited to contribut in this panel. The approach of the Panel was to suggest the principles of development and its vision. Also to identify the “supporting point” thus, to induce a positive effect in the short term and build a vision for the mid and long term of the Grand Tétouan. 

The conclusions of the Panel were:

  •        - To give value to the principal spaces of the city.
  •        - Adequate development in the zones with higher urban potential.
  •        - Enhancement of heritage as development potential for the Grand Tetouan region.
  •        - Reconciliation of Tetouan with its banks and controlled development of river frontage.
  •        - Activate public spaces and urban marketing.
  •        - Neighbourhood integration for an inclusive city.
  •        - Improve institutional efficiency and local governance

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