Saint Fons Panel

2019 Saint-Fons Panel

What levers to recreate urban value? What conditions to renew the residential attractiveness of Saint-Fons? This central questioning was the starting point of a guiding development plan of the "Northern area of Saint-Fons entrusted by the Greater… Read more

2017 Puebla - River as a leverage for…

In the framework of the reflection on economical, social, environmental and symbolical problems in the blue grid, launched by the Municipal Commission for Puebla Urban Development and Environment, a second international mission have been organized,… Read more
La Darnaise Ajd Satelite

2016 Vénissieux - urban & social renewal

International Panel on Social and Urban Support for the La Darnaise Neighborhood Renewal Project, Vénissieux, France18-22 September 2016 In 2011, the Lyon Metropolis and the Vénissieux Township defined the objectives of a prospective urban framework… Read more
Arequipa region

2016 Arequipa - Regional planning

International Panel on the Territorial Dynamics of the South of Peru5-11 September 2016-07-28 The implementation of the hydroelectric project Majes – Siguas will have a considerable impact on the territorial dynamic of the Arequipa Region. The… Read more
logo seine saint denis

2015 Sport and Disability: CD93 calls upon INTA…

At the request of the County Council of Seine St Denis, INTA is participating in an 18-month working programme with 2 events organized by INTA, an international benchmark (5-6 November 2015) on the Pole of Excellence for Sport and Disability and an… Read more
TCO panel

2015 La Réunion | Governance and implementation…

At the request of TCO (Urban community of Territoire de la Côte Ouest), INTA will hold a panel on the conditions for operational implementation of an insular ecocity from 6 to 11 September 2015. The objective is to make a prospective reflection on… Read more
Carte localisation METRO

2014 Panel Pont de Claix

The City of Pont de Claix in the urban area of Grenoble, France, has benn working since 2009 on the future of the town. Living with industrial constraints of technological risks for more than 30 years, the risk perimeter should be narrowed in the… Read more

2013 New Taipei city

Activity of INTA Community of Competence Metropolisation and and Workspace UrbanismINTA International Panel Conception and Design of a new neighbourhood at Xin Zhuang24-27 March 2013, Taipei, Taiwan Regional TOD Planning for New Taipei City24-30… Read more

2013 Metropolitan Lyon/Givors

Repositionning of the South-West sector of the Lyon Metropolitan AreaGivors, France. 20-26 January 2013 Cities and agglomerations are at a crossroads - they need to accommodate future growth in either furthering urban sprawl or becoming denser, as… Read more
localisation andahuaylas

2013 Andahuaylas

International peer-to-peer Panel to develop a territorial strategic vision for the provincial municipality of Andahuaylas, Apurimac region, Peru. 2-9 March 2013 The strong urban growth that the city of Andahuaylas has known in recent years has… Read more
LaDef france

2012 Panel La Defense Seine Arche

Because the smart-cities movement is being held back by a lack of clarity and consensus around what a smart city is and what the components of a smart city actually are, INTA approached the Urban Development Corporation of La Défense Seine Arche… Read more

2012 Benin - strategic thinking on urban…

See larger map International Panels Planning and urban development of Sèmè-Podji economic area SEP 2012 - Seme-Podji, Benin Download the report (in French) Context In 2012 INTA organized, at the request of one of its members - the government of… Read more

2011 Le Port, La Reunion

From 9 to 16 April an INTA peer-to-peer panel was in the City of Le Port, in La Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean south east of Madagascar. A team of 10 practitioners was helping the involved parties to define a path for the future of a… Read more

2011 Brignoles, France

The international peer-to-peer review took place in Brignoles from 16-21 October 2011. The Municipality of Brignoles, a town of nearly 18 000 inhabitants in the French Provence, has called on INTA to review its strategic development potential: how… Read more
magazine azores2

2011 Azores

The Panel, composed of a mix of international and local experts, researchers and practitioners, went to visit 3 different islands (Pico, Terceira and San Miguel), interviewed local stakeholders of the tourism sector, especially hotel owners visiting… Read more

2010 Saint-Gilles, La Reunion

INTA is approached by the authorities of the French island of La Réunion, at the south east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, to advise on a touristic development programme. The small island with less than 800 000 inhabitants is diversifying its… Read more
View on Ribera del Marco

2010 Cáceres, Spain

Cáceres, the most intact medieval quarter of any Spanish city, has been growing on the west part of its territory turning his back to the walls of the City. The recent archaeological interpretation of the fortress, the rediscovery of the old well,… Read more

2010 Bordeaux, France

The urban district of Bordeaux has 27 municipalities and 702,522 inhabitants (2006). Founded in 1968, this supra municipal authority has competences in networks (water, sanitation, traffic, roads, parking, transportation) as well as housing, urban… Read more
INTA Panel Colombia

2010 Bogota, Colombia

INTA has been asked for a series of advisory panels and professional training programmes for public officials from Colombia and Chile, in collaboration with the UNCRD. In the context of the South-South Cooperation Programme on Capacity Building for… Read more

2009 Vaulx-en-Velin, France

INTA has been invited by the City of Vaulx-en-Velin in the agglomeration of Lyon, France, to review the relation between the center and the periphery, 20 years after a previous INTA panel. Which results 20 years after a first INTA Panel in… Read more

2009 Tainan, Taiwan

The Taiwanese Council of Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) and the City of Tainan, in the South West of the island of Taiwan have invited INTA to conduct an international advisory review about the City’s Waterfront and Heritage Development.… Read more

2009 Taichung, Taiwan

A new Inta advisory panel is held in Taichung, Taiwan. To exchange and reflect the urban policy and development experience, Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) and INTA agree for CPA to host the INTA 33 Congress at Kaohsiung and Taipei cities in… Read more

2009 Natitingou, Benin

INTA signed in 2007 an agreement to assist the Beninese Authorities in the establishment of a Regional observatory of local governance and decentralization. To support the launching of the observatory, INTA, with the Ministry of Decentralization,… Read more
INTA Hsinchu panel

2009 Hsinchu, Taiwan

The National Chao Tung University of Taiwan has invited an INTA Advisory Panel to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the establishment of NCTU’s new campus within the development of the Jhubei area (which includes the area of Jhubei High Speed… Read more
Fukukoka INTA Panel

2009 Fukuoka, Japan

The first week of April, INTA has conducted an International Review of the area around the hyper centre of Tenjin Meije-dori Avenue in the City of Fukuoka, in the South of Japan. The INTA Panel was invited by the Tenjin Meiji-dori Development… Read more
09 echirolles panel

2009 Echirolles, France

An international team of INTA experts has advised the City of Echirolles in the agglomeration of Grenoble in France on its strategic development potential. Echirolles needed a foreign vision of their urban project NovaSud: the inofficial annoucement… Read more
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2008 ZAC Beauséjour-La Réunion, France

INTA was approached by the Regional Council of La Reunion, a French Region in the Indian Ocean, south east of Madagascar, to advise on the development potential of a site called Beausejour. Beausejour is a 80 ha (197 acre) green field located on the… Read more

2008 Jelgava, Latvia

In cooperation with the Latvian Association of Major Cities (LLPA) INTA conducted a series of 3 advisory panels in the Cities of Jelgava, Jurmala and Valmiera, Latvia. A panel of 6 INTA practitioners conducted interviews, site visits and discussions… Read more
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2008 Gdansk, Poland

In Poland tall buildings are an important topic of debate and nowhere more so than in Gdansk. The Pomeranian metropolis is set to grow significantly over the next two decades. Change in population and jobs growth will increase demands for the better… Read more

2007 Trento, Italy

Yet another urban audit was realised in Italy, this time in the City of Trento, a medium-sized city located in the North of Italy. This international gathering took place from the 10th to the 12th of May 2007 and is probably the last urban advisory… Read more
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2007 Seine St Denis, France

The Interdepartmental agency for the management of sports facilities of the County Council of Seine St Denis in the North East of Paris is inviting an INTA panel to propose a master plan for two major sports sites in the County. The first site of 33… Read more

2007 Nador, Morocco

Agency for the Promotion, Economic and Social Development of Oriental ProvincesNador Urban AgencyNador, Morocco Context and IssuesThe Agency for the Economical and Social Promotion, the Oriental and Nador provinces and prefectures and the Urban… Read more
07 panel reunion

2007 La Réunion, France

INTA has been invited by the French authorities of the Isle of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean to initiate an international in-depth reflection on Sustainable Development Strategies for Island States. This reflection aims to underline the commitment… Read more
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2007 Clichy, France

The Municipality of Clichy la Garenne has invited INTA to set up an advisory panel that will, in close cooperation with other stakeholders, advise the city on the rehabilitation process and the future of the flagship building. Clichy la Garenne’s… Read more
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2006 Seine St. Denis, France

INTA and SportUrban organised a Panel on the development of a leisure and sport site in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis called “Marville”. The area is managed both by the City of Paris as by the County council and has a total surface of 15 acres… Read more
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2006 Sardegna, Italy

An INTA-SportUrban panel hosted by the Autonous Region of Sardegna in Italy. The audit took place in September 2006 and review two particular sites. At the first site in the south (municipality of Carbonia), the redevelopment of old railway tracks… Read more
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2006 Oujda, Morocco

Oujda, a city of 400,000 inhabitants is the eastern capital of Morocco close to the Algerian border (10 km). The area under review was the old railway marshall yards. The whole area is targeted as the new growth pole of the agglomeration, a site of… Read more
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2006 Belfast, UK

At the occasion of INTA’s 30th World Urban Development Congress held in Belfast in October 2006, the Belfast City Council – partner of the SportUrban project and of INTA's congress itself – hosted a SportUrban audit integrated in the Congress… Read more
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2005 Taipei, Taiwan

The National Council for Economic Policy and Development (CEPD) of Taiwan is drafting the National Spatial Planning priorities for the next years. The relevant experiences and innovation made by European policy-makers in this area were therefore… Read more
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2005 Lisbon, Portugal

The first SportUrban panel visited the city of Lisbon in the framework of SportUrban, an INTERREGIIIC project sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This 3 day event will take place from the 24th to the 27th of June and is… Read more
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2004 Niigata, Japan

Placed under the effective chairmanship of both the Governor of the Prefecture and the Mayor of the City of Niigata, INTA organized in November 2004 a 4-day conference with European and Japanese urban practitioners; this exchange being part of a… Read more

2003 Tétouan, Morocco

Urban Development Strategy for the Great Tétouan Cities AllianceUSAID - MarocUN-HabitatForum Urbain Maroc association Context and IssuesWith a hilly region, a Natural Reservoir, a littoral with great options for touristic development, a regional… Read more

2002 Oujda, Morocco

A pact for local development: Restore confidence in Région l'Oriental in its assets and future. The Institute of Formation of Project Managament and CommunicationRegional Development and Housing Construction of the Région l’OrientalOujda, Morocco… Read more
Bou Regreg

2002 Bou Regreg, Morocco

Activity to discuss about the vocation of the Bou Regreg's Valley The Great Valley: The Development of Bou Regreg's Valley. La Grande Vallèe: Sur le Développement à la Vallèe du Bou Regreg Context and IssuesThe Bou Regreg River is 240 km long and… Read more
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List of previous panels

November 2004 Niigata, Japan / Strategies to control out of town retail, waterfront and public transport October 2003 Tetouan, Morocco / Development options to foster the transformation of the agglomeration March 2003 Khartoum, Sudan / Improving… Read more

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