The Municipality of Clichy la Garenne has invited INTA to set up an advisory panel that will, in close cooperation with other stakeholders, advise the city on the rehabilitation process and the future of the flagship building. Clichy la Garenne’s “Maison du Peuple” has been designed and buit in 1936 by the the famous French Architect Jean Prouvé and architects Loods and Baudouin. The building has a strong symbolic value, a rich history and has long been recognised as an important piece of architectural heritage in the Paris region.


After a long rehabilitation process, it is now the County Council’s objective to give this particular building its quintessential role of cultural cradle and place of events. How can one conceive the future of a building with so many cultural and political memories? What kind of programming should be imagined to give back its powerful architectural attraction? How to inscribe this in a policy of territorial competitiveness ands attractivity? From the 10th to 14th of April 2007, INTA will compose an exclusive team of international experts that will find an answer to these intriguing questions.

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