Agency for the Promotion, Economic and Social Development of Oriental Provinces
Nador Urban Agency
Nador, Morocco


Context and Issues
The Agency for the Economical and Social Promotion, the Oriental and Nador provinces and prefectures and the Urban Agency of Nador Province organized this panel to suggest a work plan in Nador given its importance in the Mediterranean region. The population in the conurbation region is around 600.000 inhabitants (the core city being 160,000). The authorities were to launch a massive regeneration programme.

Our intervention
The panel embarked upon an extensive assessment of the urban structure of the City of Nador and the development of a new urban vision, in the light of several large scale urban projects that have recently been completed or are currently being developed (a new railway station, development of a new 'corniche', restructuring of the city center), The team formulated a proposal for an integrated urban regeneration project that should anchor Nador in its position of capital of the province, Mediterranean growth pole and catalyst for industrial development of the Eastern region of Morocco.

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