09 echirolles panelAn international team of INTA experts has advised the City of Echirolles in the agglomeration of Grenoble in France on its strategic development potential.

Echirolles needed a foreign vision of their urban project NovaSud: the inofficial annoucement that Grenoble would be candidate for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has led the municipalities of the south of the agglomeration (Echirolles and Eybens mainly) to rethink their position within the agglomeration.

Located in the south of the Grenoble area, Echirolles with over 35 000 inhabitants, is the second city of the metropolitan area (400 000) after the town center, Grenoble (150 000).

In the frame of the draft project « NovaSud 21 », initiated by Echirolles, INTA was asked to organise an International Advisory Panel of practitioners to assist in building a strategic vision for the development of the south of the agglomeration, including a new scale to the city centre in order to introduce it in a new agglomeration development.

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