Echirolles is concerned about cutting off his quarters by transport infrastructure -ring road, rail- when the territory could accommodate Olympic size equipment (application of Grenoble-Isère for the Winter Olympic Games 2018).

In this context, how to connect in the "Y", which shapes the agglomeration of Grenoble, the southern branch (Echirolles) with the other two branches under the logic of national development scale? How to change the image of a suburban area into a real « centrality » of the agglomeration?

Echirolles, together with the neighbouring municipalities of Eybens and Grenoble, is asking the following questions:

  • How to position the southern-tier within the agglomeration (economic, social, housing, infrastructure potential), and within in the Regional context (Rhône-Alpes region, alpine and border region (future railway from Lyon to Turin...), etc.?
  • How can public policy stimulate the strategic growth of the southern territory?
  • How to recreate a vibrant centre taking advantage of multimodal transport infrastructure - railway station, bus, freeway, tram, cycles, etc.
  • Which image should be promoted for the South of the agglomeration to reinforce its attractiveness?
  • How to make their urban development project more effective by engaging public sector with innovative public-private partnerships?

The City of Echirolles has invited INTA to:

  • debate its development options with the support of an international panel of practitioners,
  • propose which type of peripheral development will be necessary for the present and future City centre to balance the other poles and centres of the agglomeration,
  • ensure integration and interconnection of its neighbourhoods to overcome the infrastructure scars.


altTerritorial development of the agglomeration is heavily influenced by the physical constraints due to the proximity of the Alps. The three valleys surrounding the area restrain the expansion of the urban territory. There is thus a need to find a territorial balance in terms of activities, housing, and accessibility. At the municipal level, Echirolles is completing the creation of its city centre, which today poses the foundations for a new south centrality.


altThe existence of development opportunities in the south of the Grenoble agglomeration and the presence of activities with high potential attractiveness (Atomic Energy Center, universities, business and high-tech research centres, health centre ... ) on one hand, and the lack of continuity that affects the southern urban areas of the agglomeration on the other hand, have helped to guide the Panel's work towards a more strategic development of Echirolles while opening to conurbation at the same time. The main option that was recommended is to strengthen the existing city centre by connecting the centre to the multimodal station, to create the conditions for a genuine secondary centrality in the south of the metropolitan area with more open spaces between southern neighbourhoods and territories, and connecting attractive areas (downtown - multimodal station - shopping centre Grand'Place - Alpexpo) in view of the installation of major Olympic facilities.


press echirollesCredits: Ville d'Echirolles (workshop & cover) & INTA

The full Panel report will be available on the Members Area of INTA's website soon.


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