INTA Hsinchu panelThe National Chao Tung University of Taiwan has invited an INTA Advisory Panel to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the establishment of NCTU’s new campus within the development of the Jhubei area (which includes the area of Jhubei High Speed Rail Station and the Biomedical Science Park) and to provide external advice for the master plan of NCTU’s new campus and the future development vision and strategies of the new Central Business District.

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The INTA panel will work with the New Campus Development Project team of NCTU and the County of Hsinchu on the following issues:

Establishment of NCTU’s new campus:
(1) How will NCTU’s new campus play a critical and stimulative role in the development of knowledge-economic industry in Hsinchu area
(2) A spatial plan for the campus based on a growing and developing strategy between the new campus, the THSR station and the bio-medical park nearby.
(3) How to create a R&D creative milieu by establishing a platform for cross-regional industry-academic cooperation campus
(4) The design guideline for NCTU’s new eco-campus
(5) Practical smart strategies for NCTU’s new campus

Development strategies of the new Central Business District:
(1) As a new spatial node of high speed transportation, how does the new CBD play the role of a Hsinchu area’s gateway
(2) As an Eco-Town in the future, what is the construction guideline of the new CBD
(3) The construction guideline of the new CBD as a creative city: a living lab combined with technology, living, culture, art and business
(4) The development strategies for the new CBD image
(5) The urban design guideline for the new CBD


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