altA new Inta advisory panel is held in Taichung, Taiwan.

To exchange and reflect the urban policy and development experience, Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) and INTA agree for CPA to host the INTA 33 Congress at Kaohsiung and Taipei cities in October 2009. To extend effects of the Congress, CPA further host precongress forum in Tainan and Taichung cities; Tainan International Conference and Advisory Panel completed on July 3 (Friday) from June 29 (Sunday) 2009 on waterfront regeneration.
Taichung Urban Development Forum takes place between September 26 (Saturday) and October 2 (Friday) of seven days for the following purposes.
1. Pursuit for a reference framework of development planning for Taichung City; and,
2. Presentation in the 2009 Congress.


The City of Taichung in the West of Taiwan is calling upon INTA to give new dimensions to their strategies with regard to creative innovations for the preservation and renovation of the historical buildings and town centre and their vision and strategies for the Taichung Metropolitan Region.

The Taichung Urban Development Forum aim at a reference framework of development planning for Taichung City included in a mid-term development for a new Taiwanese metropolitan era, part of it because of the development of metropolitan mass rapid transit system.



Inhabitants of Taichung metropolitan region reach at 2,6 millions, 5 millions in Greater Taichung Region including the three counties of Mao-Li, Chung-Hwa and Nan-Tou.


Taichung Urban Development Forum day-by-day

 The Taichung Forum will be divided in several events: conference, field study and panel.

On Sunday 27th September, the international advisory panel composed by an international team of urban practitioners visited strategic sites in Taichung.


On Monday 28th September, they participated in an international conference where they will talk about and exchange on several themes:

- Urban Competitiveness and re-positionning Metropolitan Region

- Re-structuring Metropolitain Region

- Metropolitan Development and Urban Regeneration



On Tuesday 29th September, they started to interview local actors in order to audit the urban development strategy of Taichung Metropolitan area.

Panel Session 1: Re-structuring Metropolitan Structure

Panel Session 2: Metropolitan Development and Urban Revitalization


They have been following interview sessions on Wednesday 30th September.

Panel Session 3: Re-positionning and Development of Regional Nucleus Industries

Panel Session 4: Cultural Creativity




Download the brochure (context, programme and list of panelists)


List of panelists




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