TainanThe Taiwanese Council of Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) and the City of Tainan, in the South West of the island of Taiwan have invited INTA to conduct an international advisory review about the City’s Waterfront and Heritage Development. The City is having strategic questions whether to opt for further city development or enhanced conservation of the City’s rich heritage.

Cities are at a crossroad – do they accommodate future growth in further urban sprawl or become denser, more concentrated territories offering more efficiency infrastructure provision, transport usage, economic and social functions and energy consumption? Strategic spatial planning has a crucial role to play in this debate.

Using the international resource of its members, INTA provides public and private organisations with strategic advices on planning and management and on pressing urban development issues. Pooled by INTA into international teams, experienced practitioners in urban development put in common, to share it, share their knowledge, imagination and creativity.

The INTA panel, composed of 11 practitioners will address issues such as waterfront regeneration, integration of heritage into sustainable development, development of public places, etc. The professionals are coming from The Netherlands, Japan, Poland, Portugal, France, the UK, the USA and Taiwan.

For more information, please visit the website of the City of Tainan  


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