Margarita Angelidou, Urenio, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Margarita is researcher at URENIO and Town Planner. She participated in many projects, such as: Urban/City planning at the Municipality of Panorama (Thessaloniki, Greece), Study for the Sustainability of the settlement of Mavrodendri, Kozani, The future of the secondary economic sector in Thessaloniki, Municipality of Argos Orestikon (Kastoria, Greece) General Plan, Municipality of Heraklion (Crete, Greece) General Plan Revision. Since 2008, she works at the URENIO Research Unit, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on Institutional, Physical and Digital Space in the Organization of Intelligent Cities. Architect, she holds a Msc in Techniques and Methods for Spatial Analysis, Planning and Management, specialization in Organization and Management of Recourses and Development Works and a Msc in Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Regional Development, with specialization in City Planning and City Growth.

Kanako Iuchi Kanako Iuchi, Eco2 team, World Bank, Washington DC, US
Ms Iuchi has both academic qualification on urban planning and professional experience. She is currently with the World Bank as Urban Specialist. Member of the ECO2 cities group in Financial, Economic and Urban Department (FEU), which aims to disseminate greater ecological and economic sustainability of cities in developing countries. Participated and organized the ECO2 Yokohama Conference focusing on urban upgrading experiences of cities from both industrialized and developing countries; she has been involved in the Indonesian pilot project of ECO2 program through provision of recommendations and suggestions to Indonesias metropolitan regions on adaptation of ECO2 principles. Her international assignments as urban planners include the rehabilitation and reconstruction in Muzaffarabad City, Pakistan; to the Comprehensive Urban Development Programme in Hanoi, Vietnam. Ms Iuchi participated in projects on Urban Development Strategy and City Assistance Program in East Asia, funded by the World Bank as well as in urban projects in Istanbul, Bogota and Manila.

Bert McClure, urban design consultant, Saint-Cloud, France
American urban planner and architect, Bert McClure has been working for thirty-five years around the link between the quality of urban life, mobility, and the impact on the environment. Bert was a planner consultant for EDF Paris, and for the French Ministry of Infrastructures for 15 years Director of the Planning Agency of Nîmes region in France and worked on many plans and urban studies in France and abroad (China, Morocco, Gulf States,...)

Paul Gerretsen, Deltametropool, Delft, The Netherlands
Paul Gerretsen is chief designer in the fields of regional planning, urban planning and architecture. He has studied at the Universities TU Delft and ETH Zurich. He graduated with honourable mention in 1999 at the TU Delft as Master of Architecture. After his education he has been employed by the Dutch National Spatial Planning Agency where he has been involved in studies for the development of strategic regional planning.  From 2003 Paul Gerretsen has worked at Maxwan Architects and Urbanists on both urban and regional planning projects.  He has been the project leader of the Barking Riverside Master Plan, a new town for 25000 people in East-London and the regional project Deltametropool, a study on the future of the Randstad Region in the Netherlands, housing 7 million inhabitants. Between 2005 and 2007 Paul Gerretsen was appointed Director of the South Wing Studio for Research and Design of the Province South-Holland. In this function he was responsible for projects and publications considering topics such as the Network City, Accessibility and Mixed-Use Areas. Since 2001 he teaches and lectured at numerous schools and universities most prominently at Delft University of Technology and Technische Universität München. From 2008 onwards he is appointed director of the Deltametropolis Association. The Deltametropolis Association is a members association that focuses on the development of the Randstad area, consists of the metropolitan area around the four major cities of the Netherlands. Members are government institutions, non-governmental pressure groups, companies and private persons. 

Arkaitz Fullaondo, Tecnalia, Bilbao, Spain
Researcher at the Innovation Systems Unit of TECNALIA since 2008, Arkaitz Fullaondo got his PhD at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia on Urban Management and Valuations; he graduated in Sociology at the University of Deusto and is Master of Urban Management by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has developed research projects at European, national and local level. He coordinates the European project Ulysses founded by the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion (ESPON). Arkaitz has been involved in projects dealing with innovation, urban, social and environmental issues, like JAKINBASK (Intelligent Territories, funded by the Basque Government), MITKE (Managing the Industrial Territories in the Knowledge Era), Integrating industrial activities in the urban fabric: An innovative territorial development strategy based on Eco-Industrial Parks, Knowledge Economy and Technology, in collaboration with the Architectural Association of London (AA). He has previously worked as coordinator of Immigration, Housing and City research area in the Centre of Land Policy and Valuations of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has been Guest Researcher in the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies (AMIDSt) of the University of Amsterdam.

Seow Kah Ping, Ura International, Singapore
Mr Seow Kah Ping is presently the Director of URA International Group. The Group was set up by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA, Singapore's land use planning authority) to provide consultancy and advisory services, and training on land use planning. In this capacity, he was a key member of the Singapore master planning team that helped to prepare the Master Plan and Urban Design Plan for Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city City, a model for sustainable development for cities not just in China but elsewhere in the world. He was also involved in other projects such as the Guangzhou Knowledge City Conceptual Plan, the Nantong Development Area Master Plan (Nantong is a city near to Shanghai), Nanjing City Eco-Environment Protection Plan and was a planning adviser on the Durgapur Aerotropolis project (Durgapur is a township about 160 km from Kolkata). Prior to this, he held the positions of Deputy Director of Planning Services and Deputy Director (Policies) in the Physical Planning Division of URA. He oversaw the review of Singapore's strategic land use plan (Concept Plan) in 2001 and the subsequent Mid-Term Concept Plan Review 2006. He was also heavily involved in drawing up the Singapore Master Plans in 1998 and 2003, the Green and Blue Plan for Singapore and the detailed planning of new towns in Singapore such as Punggol Waterfront Town. Mr Seow was trained in architecture at the National University of Singapore (NUS), received post-graduate training in planning at the University of Reading, UK and has a Masters in Business Administration from NUS.

Willie Miller, WMUD, Glasgow, UK
Willie Miller is an urban designer and town planner involved in a broad range of conceptual, strategic and development work in urban design, town making, city planning, urbanism and place-making, regeneration, conservation, landscape projects. Willie has 20 years of experience working in the UK public sector as well as in consultancy and academia.  Before founding WMUD in 1996, he was Assistant Director of Planning for a large Council in Scotland, lecturer and research fellow at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture where he specialised in urban design research. He is an active member of the Academy of Urbanism. Willie has a particular interest in strategic and sub-regional urban design. His work is highly collaborative and community orientated. WMUD works throughout the UK, Channel Islands and the United States.

Jorge Honório, ParqueExpo, Lisbon, Portugal
Jorge Honório is senior tecnician at Parque Expo (National planning and territorial intervention agency) in charge of the strategic intervention plan for the reclassification and valorisation of the Tejo river. From 2005-2010, Jorge was Vice President of the Commission of coordination and regional development of the Alentejo. Before, he worked as freelance consultant in territorial planning and for more than 15 years in the Office of Arquitecture Lda. as technical and methodological coordinator of projects (regional and local development, territorial planning, strategic, urban, commercial planning&) mostly in Portugal. Jorge studied geography at the Universidade Clássica de Lisboa and has been assistant in the Universidade Cátolica Portuguesa and the Centro de Estudos Geográficos.

Werner Heinz, Consultant Regional development, Cologne, Germany
Former senior researcher and local authorities adviser within the German Institute for Urban Affairs, the central research institute of German cities. After studies in architecture and urban planning (Technical University of Darmstadt) and sociology (University of Bremen) freelance urban researcher in Frankfurt am Main.  From 1978 to 2009, senior researcher and project coordinator in the German Institute for Urban Affairs; since 1984 head of the Cologne department of the institute. Running and managing a variety of projects on urban and regional development (policies) mostly with international relations and international participants. Numerous publications and lectures (in European and non-European countries) with regard to urban development and regional management issues. Most recent study and publication "The deep transformation of German cities in the wake of globalization". Member of several advisory and steering committees; member of the ARL (Academy for State and Regional Planning).

Jonathan Woodroffe, S333 Architecture + Urbanism, London, UK
Jonathan Woodroffe, London, graduated from the University of Portsmouth Department of Architecture in 1989, where he received his degree and diploma. In 1997, Jonathan co-founded S333 Architecture + Urbanism in Amsterdam. He works freely between the disciplines of architecture and urban design and has over 19 years experience of working on large-scale urban and architectural projects. He works closely with his partner Dominic Papa to provide input into all projects undertaken by the studio. As an architect, Jonathan has been director-in-charge of several award-winning projects for S333 Architecture + Urbanism. He was co-responsible for S333's first completed project, Schots 1+2 in Groningen, which was voted the Best Building in Groningen in 2003 and shortlisted for the 2003 Mies van der Rohe Awards for Contemporary Architecture. He was director-in-charge of Block 7+9, a mixed-use residential building in OMA's masterplan for the centre of Almere, the Netherlands. The masterplan has won several international awards for its ingenious architectural approach including the NEPROM-prize 2007, the RESTORE Award 2008 and an ICSC MERIT Award 2008. As an urbanist, Jonathan has been responsible for strategic regeneration plans, masterplans and large-scale urban visions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, USA, Norway and Latvia. Most recently he was director-in-charge for a draft masterplan for an 80-hectare waterfront site around the Bay of Pasaia, San Sebastian in Spain. Previous to co-founding S333 Architecture + Urbanism, Jonathan worked for architects Neutlings Riedijk (Rotterdam), Wilkinson Eyre (London), The Architects Collaborative (Boston) and John Patience and Associates (Wellington). He has taught and lectured at many Schools of Architecture across Europe including the Architectural Association in London and at the Academies van Bouwkunst in Tilburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Local team
Françoise Le Lay, Mission 2025, CUB
Christelle Faure-Némery,
Mission 2025, CUB
Nicolas Michel,
Mission 2025, CUB

Michel Sudarskis
Michel Sudarskis is the Secretary General of INTA, the International Urban Development Association, since 1987. He holds PhD in Economics and Political Sciences. Before joining INTA he taught on international co-operation and foreign affairs as Associate Professor with several Universities (Strasbourg, Paris, Nice and Lille) and served with international organisations in Italy and Belgium. Michel Sudarskis writes and speaks regularly on urban issues; he has lead more than 50 international urban development missions on behalf of INTA and worked with the UNCRD in Latin America, the EIB in the Middle East, Spanish Cooperation Agency in Morocco.

Lola Davidson
Lola Davidson is Programme Coordinator in the International Secretariat of INTA. Graduated as Master of urban planning, she also graduated in Geography and Mathematics. She worked in an architecture firm on metropolitan centralities. She managed a comparative study  Netherlands, France, Romania  on urban renewal, urban diversity and sustainable development, and studies on alternatives of transports in the West of Paris agglomeration. She worked in a NGO on land policy, urban settlements and public spaces in deprived neighbourhoods.

Observer, representing the President of INTA
Christine Lor

Former technical Advisor at the RATP (Public transportation company for the Paris Region), in the department of Development and Territorial Action,Christine began her career in the Ministry of Education then moved to a large local authority, where she worked with architects and developers for the development and implementation of a 3 billions Euros program of public investment, construction and renovation of educational facilities. She then joined the RATP, where she was successively in charge of Institutional Relations, advisor for the General Director for Development of the RATP Group. Today Christine Lor is in charge of relations with regional economic stakeholders engaged in a major transport infrastructure projects. She has been president of a Parisian School of Architecture. Christine graduates in Modern Literature, University of Grenoble.

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