2012-BeninINTA organises at the request of one of its members - the Government of Benin - a peer-to-peer review on planning and urban development strategies In Cotonou, Benin, 23-29 September.

The aim of the mission is a contribution within a larger reflection on the metropolisation and urban planning process in Africa on the economic development of a strategic zone (municipality of Sèmè-Podji) located between Cotonou and Porto Novo and next to the border with Nigeria.
A small international team is asked to develop proposals for a logistics and economic center of over 100 000 inhabitants within the Porto Novo - Cotonou metropolitan area. Dormitory town for Benineses who can not get to stay in the two major cities, Sèmè Podji has a logistic vocation enhanced by the future creation of a new deepwater port.

There will be two different phases of the international meeting on territorial and urban development:

23 - 27 September: an international peer-to-peer panel on Urban development on the economic zone Sèmè-Podji
28 - 29 September: a two-day conference on metropolisation and urban issues in Africa, that will be held at the Congresses Palace of Cotonou.


The international panel of five days will be run by a dozen of experts, including seven internationals, all of them specialised on urban development issues. During the works, they will get detailed information related to the development of the area. The outcomes of the panel will provide a practical case to be presented to the following conference.

The two-day international conference will mobilize a hundred participants from different disciplines who are coming from different countries of the region. The meeting will be also the occasion, together to the presentation of the recommendations of the peer-to-peer review on Sèmè-Podji, to report the results of INTA35 Congress as a starting point for the formulation of some recommendations related to urban development, rapid urbanisation processes and other urban issues in need of urgent attention in the African continent.

4 themes of discussion will be:
- Towards the metropolis: the challenge of decentralization in Africa
- Transport, mobility and transformation of the infrastructure
- New habitat, new urbanism in Africa
- Green economy in the urban and territorial development.


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