MariaMaría A. Leboreiro Amaro
Madrid, Spain

Professor of School of Architecture of Madrid at the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning, where she’s teaching Urban Planning. She worked in different local administration like assessor. Her professional work is focused in Master Plan for medium cities and   historical centers and rural territories plans. She is dedicated at urban regeneration historic centers and peripheries projects. She has experience out of Europe in places like Managua (Nicaragua) and Santos (Brasil). She also writes about urban regeneration, public spaces and new projects like ecocities. Currently directing the digital magazine: urban-e (





JoaoJoão Cabral
Lisboa, Portugal

João Cabral, architect (Escola Superior de Belas Artes, Lisbon), Honours Diploma Urban and Regional Development Planning (Architectural Association, London), PhD (Urban and Regional Studies, University of Sussex, U.K.) is associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture (FA), Technical University of Lisbon and researcher at CIAUD – Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design. At FA he is currently director of the Department of Social Sciences and Territory and coordinator of the Urbanism Group at CIAUD. He is also member of the “comissão instaladora” of the “Colégio dos Urbanistas” at the “Ordem dos Arquitectos” and vice-president of Ad Urbem (Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Direito do Urbanismo e da Construção). His research interests and teaching activities range from urban planning, policies and methodologies to regional development, territorial governance and spatial planning systems. He has been involved in research projects on governance and policies in urban regions in Europe and in South and North America, comparing and evaluating spatial planning practices and urban regulation systems.


TomTom Macartney
Londres, United Kingdom

Tom Macartney is a Director of Urbem and is a founder of Making Projects Happen Limited. He is one of the UK’s most experienced regeneration practitioners and currently is working on the regeneration of the City of Derry as well as various projects in London and the West Midlands of England. Over the last twelve months he has also assisted in the development of new funding models for regeneration. He was Managing Director of the North Staffordshire Regeneration Partnership, completing almost three and a half years in that role. The NSRP was charged with altering the consistent downward economic spiral, centred on Stoke-on-Trent and was Chaired by one of the UK’s first Elected Mayors, Mark Meredith. Prior to the NSRP, Tom Macartney was the Chief Executive for five years of Sunderland ARC; one of the Urban Regeneration Companies established, subsequent to the recommendations of the Urban Task Force; the ARC was Chaired by Bryan Sanderson, former Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank and BUPA. From 1999 until 2004 Tom Macartney was Project Director of the Crown Street Project, regenerating the Gorbals of Glasgow. The project brought almost £150m of investment, to one of Scotland’s most deprived communities.


KlausKlaus Mandel
Heilbronn-Franken, Germany

Klaus Mandel is director of the Regional Planning Association de Heilbronn-Franken since September 2008. After studying geography, geology and public law, he started to work in 1989 in the Department of Environment of the rural county  of Hohenlohekreis . From 1993 to 2008, he was regional-planner, chief of communication and project manager at the Regional Planning Association Rhine-Neckar and promoted the development of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitain area. The current focus of his work is the demographic change in rural areas, reurbanisation, adaption of infrastructure and regional governance. Since 2013, he has been head of the Regional Working Group Baden-Württemberg of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning.




BertBert McClure
Saint-Cloud, Paris

American urban planner and architect, Bert McClure has been working for thirty-five years around the link between the quality of urban life, mobility, and the impact on the environment. Bert was a planner consultant for EDF Paris, and for the French Ministry of Infrastructures for 15 years Director of the Planning Agency of Nîmes region in France and worked on many plans and urban studies in France and abroad (China, Morocco, Gulf States,...)


WillieWillie Miller
Glasgow, Scotland

Willie Miller est un designer urbain et urbaniste impliqué dans un large éventail de réflexions et de travaux autour de la conception urbaine, ce qui fait la ville, l'urbanisme, la régénération, la conservation, le paysage, etc. Willie a 20 ans d'expérience dans le secteur public britannique, ainsi que dans le conseil et l'enseignement universitaire. Avant de fonder WMUD en 1996, il a été directeur adjoint de la planification d'une grande collectivité en Écosse. Avant sa carrière dans l'administration locale, il a été chargé de cours et de recherche à l'École d'architecture de Scott Sutherland où il s'est spécialisé dans la recherche sur le design urbain. Il est un membre actif de l'Académie d'Urbanisme. Willie a un intérêt particulier dans la conception urbaine stratégique et sous-régional. Son travail est fortement orienté vers les processus collaboratif et vers les communautés locales. WMUD intervient à travers le Royaume-Uni, les Iles anglo-normandes et les USA.



JeroenJeroen Saris
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jeroen Saris started his own business de Stad bv in 1997. Previously he had been Alderman of Urban development, waterfront and the Inner city in Amsterdam (1990-1994), and party leader of Groen Links (the green party) in the municipal council.
De Stad bv is a concultancy in urban and regional development in a broad sense: physical planning, future research, economic performance, urban culture and governance. Jeroen Saris is one of the founding fathers of the Dutch Platform for regional cooperation and strategy. Jeroen Saris is and has been involved as consultant in several Dutch regions: Arnhem Nijmegen, Brainport Eindhoven, Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam, BrabantStad (5 cooperating cities and the provincial board) and North Netherlands. He also made a study of Metropolitan development in the US, Germany and UK. De Stad bv specializes in informal planning:  innovation of policies of decision making in the field of environmental development and infrastructure. This innovation, directed towards the interaction between stakeholders often widely different in interests, has become indispensable for policy makers to be able to manage the increasing complexities of a global urban system.


FrancisFrancis Dard
Givors, France

Collaborator of the Mayor of Givors of Martial Pass, since1996i. Doctor of Philosophy.
High-level experience of political issues.








JackyJacky Vieux
Marseille, France

Director of Cultural Affairs of the City of Givors, he has defined in the end of the 80’s the project of the House of the Rhone river he directed until 2010. In this project, the river is considered as a cultural object, a common good for the people and users, breaking with a reductive vision of transport infrastructure and energy production. After several missions for Unesco, he is currently acting as consultant on "Rivers and heritage". He is participating in a project on governance issues in river areas of four Mediterranean countries, project pre-selected in 2012 by the European Union within the framework of the European Neighbourhood & Partnership Instrument (ENPI CTMED).





Michel Sudarskis, INTA

Christine Lor, INTA

Lola Davidson, INTA

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