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taipeiINTA International Panel
Conception and Design of a new neighbourhood at Xin Zhuang
24-27 March 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

Regional TOD Planning for New Taipei City
24-30 August 2013, Taipei, Taiwan



In response to the investment change of New Taipei industrial policies, Xinzhuang New Urban Center now faces the need to adjust its positioning. INTA has been consulted to run 2 workshops (March and August) with the management team of the main developer and the University to develop a strategy for an Intelligent Urban Centre in support to the Economy. A spatial response to technological and economic challenges.

The global objectives
1. Regional (re)positioning of a peripheral area (Xinzhuang) of Taipei City
2. Transforming an old district into a new urban center acting as the supportive service engine of modern industries
3. The triangular relationship between the City centre (Xinyi where the 101 Tower, the City Hall are located), the exhibition and business districts to the East (Neihu and Nangang) creates by itself a potential for an intense development of Xinzhuang New Urban Center.
4. The movement of people and goods with high-density connection lines can help attracting large capital investment thus balancing the Eastern development.
5. The area is appropriate for the development of a Smart living district, a much needed solution for the Capital City

A location reinforcing the position and attraction of Greater Taipei Urban Region.
The Xin Zhuang district is well connected to major hubs - air, sea, land and brain ports - by 1 Express Way, 2 National Highways, 3 Metropolitan lines.
• Two airports and one port linking up with the world
• Five-minute access to high speed train HSR Taipei Station to link to five Special Municipalities
• Quick links to major business, office, and recreational axis of Taipei City
• Quick accesses to Northern Taiwan Smart Technology Corridor including Neihu Technology Park, Tucheng Industrial Park, Business Park, New Taipei Industrial Park,
Air City, Hsinchu Science Park
• Link to the most important technology corridor in Great Taipei Area along with the circular line

Elements are in place to conceive and design a new type of intelligent (smart) multipurpose city centre serving the economic, cultural and social needs of the population.

Download the presentation of the project and the objectives


XinZhuang district: developing a smart eco-neighbourhood for New Taipei City

A multi-scalar multi-actor development project

XinZhuang, a district of the New Taipei City, is presenting great potential for development for several actors with different degrees of interest and objectives. Therefore, the significance of a "smart" master development plan for the XinZhuang district to reconcile these complementary objectives.

The articulation of different territorial scales

XinZhuang is an element of a wider development project that includes Wugu New Town and Industrial district, Taishan agricultural districts, Banciao, Taipei City and Taipei Harbour.
This large area will benefit of an integrated transport system, making it an attractive zone for residential and economic functions.

Industry, innovation and ICT in the heart of the city

The potential of this large territory calls for an integrated ambitious approach, a "responsible" urbanization, a new model of urbanity combining the principles of sustainable urban planning with the specific characteristics of a smart city.

A starting point is to change the image of the district and of its surroundings, that is to construct a new image by rethinking the relations between the City and Industry either obsolete or very advanced but scattered all around. The new image should be strong, resilient, and attractive enough to induce people to come to work and live in the regenerated district.

XinZhuang needs to be recognised and visible at the level of the metropolitan; there is a large land potential for regeneration and renewal, thus for large ambitious projects, when Wegu and Taishan are included in the development perimeter. Which new role XinZhuang, Wegu and Taishan can play, taking into account that today these districts hardly "contributes" to the urbanity of New Taipei City despite being well connected to the metropolitan system.

The concept of a "Smart" Eco-corridor embeds these objectives as well as it transcribes in spatial terms the urban values and principles that could inspire future development: functional and social diversity, innovation, linkage with the natural environment, urbanity, mobility well-being and quality of life.

With the ambition to become self sufficient in terms of energy, low in carbon, the smart eco- corridor positions itself as a territory of application and experimentation of a "smart" development process, presenting the possibility to deploy and test the most innovative environmental and ICT solutions thus becoming a test-bed, a demonstrator, with international visibility.

The development of the smart eco-corridor requires a two-fold strategy:
on one side to foster innovation and economy, training, research, health and "green development",
on the other side to create in the North of Taiwan a convincing eco-territory on an international scale.

This double focus changes the ways planning, economic activity, employment, housing, mobility and daily life are understood and managed. The Eco-corridor in New Taipei City is both an ambitious long-term development project, and an exemplary planning project which aims to create a leverage effect on the whole region.

The Eco-corridor in New Taipei City represents also a first rate location for investors and businesses: a high level of environmental requirements, and urban and architectural quality, a transport network among the most efficient in the region, a strong partnership between the local authorities, the State, economic stakeholders, the University and the civil society.

INTA in TaiwanRegional TOD Planning for a smart development corridor
The second phase of the panel is taking place in August using on regional TOD planning principles to apply innovation systems and services, develop strategies and create a sense of local identity in the XinZhuang District, New Taipei City.
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