Carte localisation METROThe City of Pont de Claix in the urban area of Grenoble, France, has benn working since 2009 on the future of the town. Living with industrial constraints of technological risks for more than 30 years,  the risk perimeter should be narrowed in the near future, giving opportunities for a new vision with urban and social development. The Municipality called upon INTA to organize an international peer-to-peer panel to work on the strategic positioning of the city within the future Metropolitan area.

From 13-20 September, around 15 practitioners from 9 different countries, Pont de Claix and the Grenoble area have been working together, visiting the area, meeting local stakeholders to design a new ambition for the city within the Metropolis.

The municipality, a third of which being occupied by a chemical platform is historically industrial. In the context of the creation of Grenoble Métropolitan area (1 January 2015) and its openness to more peri-urban areas towards the South, how Pont de Claix, at the crossroads between 3 south "hubs", can rediscover an identity based on its deeply industrial past but also relying on its innovation capacity, make people want to be and come to Pont de Claix, first to its people and then to all metropolitan residents ?
What role for Pont de Claix in the Metropolis and how Grenoble Metropolitan may contribute to the development of Pont de Claix?

A public presentation has taken place on Saturday 20 September and a written report will be available in the coming weeks.

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