Composition of the international team for the peer-to-peer review in Pont de Claix, September 2014

Justine daly web 

Justine DALY, Belfast, UK
Justine Daly is an Urban Design Director at Turley and an Associate Advisor with the Strategic Investment Board (SIB) in Northern Ireland.  She is a Recognised Practitioner of the Urban Design Group, a member of the Academy of Urbanism and qualified architect with private, semi-public and public sector experience gained in England, Dublin and Northern Ireland.  She is also an Expert Advisor with Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) for Architecture and the Built Environment in Northern Ireland and a Board Member of Belfast Healthy Cities part of the World Health Organization European Healthy Cities Network.
Justine has a comprehensive understanding of all stages of the planning and design process and in-depth knowledge of the commercial realities and practicalities of delivering high quality mixed use development.  She has extensive experience of leading multi-disciplinary teams, preparing masterplans, regeneration strategies, design principles, site capacity exercises and development briefs in addition to providing design advice and negotiations.  Between 2000 and 2004 she was responsible for the masterplan, public realm design and development briefs for the Grand Canal Harbour development whist working at Dublin Docklands Development Authority.  More recently she led the team that prepared the Spatial Framework for Maze Long Kesh; proposals for a significant site waterfront site in Bangor; and urban extensions in south of England.

JM Fernandez web 

José Miguel FERNÁNDEZ GÜELL, Madrid, Spain
Deputy Director, Department of Urban Planning, Urban & Regional Planning Department (Technical University of Madrid).
José Miguel Fernández Güell was born in Madrid, Spain (1954). He is an Architect and an Urban Planner. He has a Bachelor degree in Architecture by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1979) as well as a Master and Ph.D degrees in Urban and Regional Planning by Texas A&M University (1982 and 1984). He was Senior Manager of Strategic Services at Andersen Consulting (1988-1998) and Senior Partner at Güell & Partners Consulting (1998-2005). Presently, he is a full-time Professor at the Urban and Regional Planning Department of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He has done consulting work with the European Commission, the Inter American Development Bank and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. In the last few years, his professional and academic interests have been focussed in strategic planning, territorial foresight, economic development and governance studies. As a professional collaborator of Fundación OPTI, he has directed several foresight studies regarding tourism development, energy resources and environmental analysis. Within the foresight field, he specializes in scenario design. He is the author of several articles and books related to strategic planning and foresight tools.

Liz Glenn web 

Elizabeth GLENN, Maryland, USA
Deputy Director, Neighborhood Improvement, Baltimore County Department of Planning
Responsible for the oversight and administration of the Neighborhood Improvement Division of the Baltimore County Department of Planning. Responsible for the development and implementation of housing and community development policy for Baltimore County. Also responsible for the development and implementation of public policies that affirmatively further fair housing and expand affordable housing choice. Administer a complex budget consisting of federal, state, and local funds as well as profram income and related fees. Oversee the day-to-day operations of multi and single family housing finance programs (including loan origination, underwriting, and servicing), homeless services (including homeless planning, shelter management, and lead agency for the Baltimore County Continuum of Care), grants administration, commercial revitalization, and sustainable communities. Represent the County in regional, national, and statewide activities policy-making entities and also serves as the Vice Chair of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials' International Committee.

Hennesy web

Alan HENNESSY, Ireland, France
Alan HENNESSY is an Architect-Urban Designer with over 30 years experience internationally. He joined Groupe-6 in 1990 becoming a partner in 1997, having worked in London for 10 years with Building Design Partnership. He was Chairman of   Groupe-6 from 2008 to 2012 and a member of the Executive Board for ten years. He was the Director of Groupe-6 Urbanism, Deputy Chairman of bdp-groupe6 an International Healthcare Economic Interest Group from2006 to 2010. Alan Hennessy was a founding member and is a past President of Proscot, a network of multidisciplinary consultants working on Regional Development Plans. Alan Hennessy Architecture was created in 2012.

Bo jessen web 

Bo JESSEN, Odense, Denmark
Bo is a political scientist working since 2013 with the strategic city planning bureau on the transformation of Odense from what they call "a big town, into a great city" through the municipal planning strategy. This involves changing Odense from an industrial city into a knowledge city and from a sprawling city into a dense, sustainable and vibrant city with a special focus on attracting talent, through both a physical and a mental transformation. Before Bo Jessen was at Office of Urban Strategy, Mayor’s Management, City of Odense working on the physical and social transformation of social housing areas and with “safe city” projects.

Jaak adam looveer web

 Jaak-Adam LOOVEER, Tallinn, Estonia
Jaak-Adam Looveer is Head of the Department of comprehensive planning, Tallinn City Planning Department since 2012 and has worked for the City of Tallinn since 2010. He has a Master of Arts in architecture and urban planning.

nunes da silva web

Fernando NUNES DA SILVA, Lisbon, Portugal
Fernando Nunes da Silva is full Professor of Urban Planning and Transports at the Superior Institute of Technology (IST) at the University of Lisbon. He received his PhD in 1992 and was Post-Doc in 2000 in Civil Engineering at the former Technical University of Lisbon. His main professional interests include urban strategies for sustainable mobility; urban planning; transportation planning. Fernando was advisor and consultant in transport and urban planning studies and projects in several municipalities and regional bodies; researcher at CESUR (Centre for Urban and Regional Systems); Invited professor in several foreign universities (Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Lausanne); Councillor and Deputy Mayor for Mobility and Transport in Lisbon Municipality (2009 - 2013); City MP, Municipal Assembly of Lisbon (2013-)

Shoiry Nancy web

Nancy SHOIRY, Montréal, Canada
Nancy Shoiry is Principal Director for the City of Montréal, responsible for the Montreal development Plan, the Design Bureau and the departments of economic development, urban planning, heritage and housing. She has over 25 years experience in city planning and major projects management.  After starting her professional career as an architect in the private sector, she joined, in 1992, the City of Montréal where she has cumulated various experiences and has leaded different strategic initiatives in the fields of city planning. Her recent appointments were Director of urban planning and economic development for downtown Montréal and Vice-president of planning and building maintenance for the Old Port Corporation of Montréal. Nancy received her Masters in urban development from McGill University and Bachelors of Architecture from Laval University.

Alain vanderputten web

Alain VANDERPUTTEN, Charleroi, Belgium
Architect graduated in Planning and Urban Design, Master in Public Management, Alain is Deputy Director of Urban Planning, City of Charleroi, Belgium.

Pont de Claix

Marie-Christine BALTAZARD
Responsible for urban renewal and development - Urban Planning Department, City of Pont de Claix.
Graduated from the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture des Jardins (ESAJ- Paris), Marie-Christine Baltazard is responsible for urban renewal for the city of Pont de Claix.
Since 1995, alternately project manager and responsible for a sector at the City of Grenoble, she has participated in regeneration projects in social housing neighbourhoods « Urban and Social Development-DSU » (Villeneuve, Teisseire) and is actively involved in various participatory processes. Her varied experiences and expertise in management of public space will lead her in 2006 to work for the City of Pont de Claix and to manage the Department Living environment – Green spaces, before taking over in 2008 functions of operations management in the Urban Planning Department, public spaces project such as the city centre or neighbourhood renewal projects, Iles de Mars-Olympiades ou Taillefer.

Pont de Claix

Director of Urban Planning Department, City of Pont de Claix
Anne Laure holds a Master in Urban Planning and Urban Projects. She has started her professional life in an architectural firm where she led urban studies and local urban plans. Her interest in public service and the plurality of tasks in the world of local authorities led her to make the choice to work in the urban planning department of the City of Pont de Claix, where she held several positions before her current one’s. Director of the Urban Planning Department and Deputy Director Planning and Living Environment Department where she is in charge of the urban strategy of the city and urban projects such as the multisite urban renewal project 2015-2030 or the development of public spaces and housing project on 120 Toises.

Pont de Claix

Responsible for operational planning and planning - Urban Planning Department, City of Pont de Claix
Laure Guépin is project manager in the planning department of the city of Pont-de-Claix since 2010. She is especially leading the development of the Local Development Plan, and brownfields redevelopment projects (paper mills, Becker).
She holds a Masters' in management of local politics in Economic and Social Administration from the Urban Planning Institute of Grenoble, she has expertise in the various fields of action of the local authorities, that allowed her to evolve in various functions, first in the city of Bordeaux, in the roads and highways department where she was involved in the Tram project from 2001 to 2004, and Pont de Claix as Assistant to the project manager for urban renewal in social housing disctricts of the city from 2005 to 2009, before joining the planning department where her interest in urban development was confirmed.

Pont de Claix

Philippe SERRE
Philippe Serre is Chief Executive of the city of Pont-de-Claix since 2012 and was previously chief of gabinete, communications and external relations of the Mayor of Pont-de-Claix since 2008. He has been appointed by the mayor to monitor issues related to land use and technological risks since his election. In this context, he has been able to follow all the steps of the City urban project.
He is also elected in St. Martin D'Heres (the second city of the department with around 38,000 inhabitants), where he was in charge from 2008 to 2014 of the design of the local masterplan, transport and mobility. He served in that capacity on committees of the public transport organization of the Grenoble area. He is very well acquainted with the institutional environment of the Grenoble metropolitan area from those previous experience and because he was MP Assistant  of the MP and mayor of Grenoble Michel DESTOT (2003-2004) who also was president of the GART (Group of Transportation Authorities) and then of the MP-mayor of Gières Michel Issindou (2007-2008). Self-taught, he did not pursue higher education.


Laurent Gagnière has worked for 10 years in one of the biggest French urban planning and architecture firm (Agency Group-6 located in Paris and Grenoble) before joining the Urban Planning Agency of Grenoble Region in 2011.
Urban planner by training, his career has enabled him to intervene in several territorial contexts at different scales (metropolis, agglomeration, city, neighbourhood) and at all times of the project, from urban and regional planning to operational implementation of urban projects.
These experiences have given him a comprehensive approach of urban planning and development, taking part in various missions in France and abroad.


Currently Research officer on transport, mobility and planning at the Planning Agency of the Grenoble Region since 2011, after being lecturer in urban planning at the Planning Institute of Grenoble (2007 to 2011) and Research officer for mobility and planning at the Planning Agency of Toulon Region (2004 to 2007).
Gabriel Jourdan focuses his work on issues of territorial planning and mobility as well as on the relationship between transport infrastructure and territories. He participated in the elaboration of the SCoT (regional masterplan) of the Grenoble region and two PDUs (urban transport plan) in the Grenoble area, and in the design of a highway expansion project and the implementation of a railway line at high speed in the Toulon area. He also coordinates studies evaluating the effects of the third tram line in the Grenoble area.


Anne-Marie MAÜR
Research Director on Territories Projects, Head of the Framework "Strategies and Territories" in the Grenoble region Planning Agency.
Civil Engineer and Urbanist, she graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon. Anne-Marie Maur has served since the early 80s, as town planner in various positions and in several private and parastatal structures. She co-founded in 1990 the cooperative society of architects planners EO in Grenoble in which she had led for 10 years planning and urban development studies, with a significant part of its business devoted to urban renewal in social housing neighbourhood in Lyon and Grenoble areas. In 2000, she joined the Grenoble Region Planning Agency, and participated in reflections of large-scale planning and in the early 2000s contributed in to the Grenoble masterplan and the development of the first "axis contract" in France around the tramway line E, which is a partnership approach to articulate urban planning and public transport. She is currently responsible for "Strategy and Territories" division in the Planning Agency and is steering the project of the intermunicipal masterplan of Grenoble Alpes Métropole.


Director of the Grenoble region Planning Agency, urban planner qualified OPQU.
Benoit Parent has been trained as urban planner through university courses: Bachelor in geography, Master of urban planning and local development obtained in 1999 at the Institute of Regional Development - Aix Marseille.
After two years in a CAUE (Architecture, Urbanism and Environment Council), he joined in 2002 the Grenoble region Planning Agency. Involved at multiple spatial scales (from municipal to regional scale), he has gradually moved towards planning and territorial project with a growing responsibility in complex projects (SCoT / regional masterplan in particular), but also in the direction of the Planning Agency.


Michel Sudarskis is the Secretary General of INTA, the International Urban Development Association, since 1987. He holds PhD in Economics and Political Sciences. Before joining INTA he taught on international co-operation and foreign affairs as Associate Professor with several Universities (Strasbourg, Paris, Nice and Lille) and served with international organisations in Italy and Belgium. Michel Sudarskis writes and speaks regularly on urban issues; he has lead more than 50 international urban development missions on behalf of INTA and worked with the UNCRD in Latin America, the EIB in the Middle East, Spanish Cooperation Agency in Morocco.


Lola Davidson is Deputy Secretary General of the International Secretariat of INTA. Graduated as Master of urban planning, she also graduated in Geography and Mathematics. She worked in an architecture firm on metropolitan centralities. She managed a comparative study on urban renewal, urban diversity and sustainable development, and studies on alternatives of transports in the West of Paris agglomeration. She worked in a NGO on land policy, urban settlements and public spaces in deprived neighbourhoods in Peru. Within the INTA Secretariat, she is coordinating the Communities of Competence and the programmes of the Association


Christine LOR
Advisor to the President of INTA, INTA delegate for France and the Mediterranean countries. A graduate of Modern Literature at the University of Grenoble, Christine began her career at National Education and she served in various missions in a large local authority, where she worked for elected master developer for passenger services and communities in relation to contractors and construction companies for the development and implementation of a program of public investment, construction and renovation of equipment, more than 3 billion euros. She then joined RATP, where she was responsible for institutional relations and partnership in the Office of President (French and European parliaments - associations) and communication of the Directorate General for Development and urban policy. She finally advised the CEO RATP Development Group (RATP and its engineering subsidiaries (Systra) and operation / maintenance of transit systems). In her last position, Ms. Lor was in charge of relations with economic actors to achieve major transport infrastructure projects of the RATP, particularly in the Greater Paris. She has acquired a good knowledge of systems of governance at all levels, and project management. Her interest in architecture and design has earned her being elected president of the Paris School of Architecture. She was also elected in a municipal council of a new town.


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