TCO panel At the request of TCO (Urban community of Territoire de la Côte Ouest), INTA will hold a panel on the conditions for operational implementation of an insular ecocity from 6 to 11 September 2015. The objective is to make a prospective reflection on the institutional and financial set of the Ecocity project. This panel is  preceded by a visit of  a delegation of elected officials  from TCO this week in France to exchange with cities like Nantes, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, Rennes.

A preparatory study visit for the elected officials of TCO

The visit begins with a meeting on 6 July. The objective of this preparatory meeting was to organize an exchange of experiences and practices, beginning with a study visit organized by INTA. The president of TCO  Mr Joseph Sinimale  led a  delegation of 9 people including Ms. Vanessa Miranville, Mayor of Possession, Olivier Hoareau, Mayor of Le Port, Anthony Rasalohere director of the planning and development of the territory of the Region.
In Rennes, the delegation visited the Courrouze neighbourhood, winner of the Nature in the City Awards 2011 and subdivision of Clos de la Vallée in Cintré in the presence of Mr Ruello, Mayor and Mr Boscher Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning and management.
In Nantes the elected officials visited an eco-neighborhood and the major project of ''Ile de Nantes'' managed by SAMOA. They toured the city with the structure ''Le voyage à Nantes'' which promotes art and tourism in Nantes.

This visit was the first opportunity for the panelists and the recipients to engage, exchange and share ideas and point of view on the vision, the objectives, the risks and the anticipated results of the project. It is an opportunity to reinforce confidence and credibility.

A panel of experts for the TCO

For the panel of 6 to 11 September 2015, a dozen specialists in the field of urban development will conduct interviews with local stakeholders and after an intensive week of work in collaboration with the local project managers, they will submit recommendations for the operational implementation of the Ecocity project (5 000 ha spread on 3 municipalities to create the urban core of the agglomeration).

Today  the population of Territoire de la Côte Ouest is increasing rapidly. The primary objective of the Ecocity project is to address the pressing need of housing, otherwise the agglomeration continues to grow spontaneously on agricultural and natural areas, in opposition to the label  World Heritage of Humanity awarded by UNESCO. The identity of each city, St. Paul, Le Port and La Possession, and Reunion lifestyles encourage to transform these autonomous entities into one real city, with its common networks, its  urban identity urban, its varied activities, all this together with a wonderful site.

The project offers an ambitious development model that promotes the rationalization of space by building a city, creates wealth, values, which develops harmoniously in the spaces of the territory. The Ecocity project will allow the implantation of a good public transportation, part of a service-based city walkable, friendly for families and elderly people, a city to the cultural practices and individual leisure, a city structured by its landscape and sea front, offering all shops and local services to its residents.

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