logo seine saint denisAt the request of the  County Council of Seine St Denis, INTA  is participating in an 18-month working programme with 2 events organized by INTA, an international benchmark (5-6 November 2015) on the Pole of Excellence for Sport and Disability and an international peer-to-peer review (Panel) that will address the spatial integration of the project in a specific area (Stade de La Motte) in Bobigny. The panel will take place from 24-30 January 2016.

The  Sport and Disability Pole aims to bring together stakeholders in sport and disability, both public and private sectors around shared strategic and operational objectives. The County Council intends to install this major Sport & Disability equipment and resource centre to enhance the existing medical facilities and centres and training organisations, to also take advantage of the presence of some local stakeholders in sport or disability,  who are already connected with the County and attract new partners, including economic and industrial activities.

International benchmark, 5-6 November 2015, Bobigny, Paris Region

chapeau integrathlon 2This event aims to bring the local stakeholders of the future Sport & Handicap Pole together with international leaders having experienced in similar projects of integrating a network with a resource centre with a development plan spatially embodying the pole.
Different topics will be discussed to help clarify the contours of this pole still in the planning stage: role of such pole, its physical location and set-up, the concept of network and the intangible dimension of the pole.
Finally, a major challenge for the project leaders is the governance of such a structure, and international experiences should help define different institutional and organizational scenarios.
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International peer-to-peer Panel on spatial integration of the Pole onto the Stade de la Motte, Bobigny, France, 24-30 January 2016

lamotte plan masseOnly once the objectives of the Pole, in all its dimensions, the project programme and management and implementation tools discussed at the international benchmark, INTA will bring together for the panel a dozen of international practitioners from its global network, recognized for their professional skills and experiences. They will have an ability to analyze, develop, verify the concepts outlined by the County Councli of Seine St Denis and will make proposals on content and vocations of the project taking into account the constraints of the site.

Those 2 events are part of a programme conceived by the County Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, INTA and the Master of Sciences Po Paris ''Territorial and Urban Strategies''. This programme began in September 2014 with a working group of students focusing on identifying the needs of the local actors who will be involved, collaborate, co-manage the Sport & Handicap Pole. A first phase which helped identify the major governance issues will feed the international benchmark sessions. The final step will be the international peer-to-peer review on the spatial integration of the urban project of La Motte Stadium.

// Download the programme of the International Benchmark 5-6 November 2015

Conclusions of the panel

photo panel2The International Panel took place from January 24 to 30 in Bobigny, (North of Paris, France) bringing together a team of about 15 international, national and local experts (see the panelists profiles). For one week, the panel visited the sports park, its surroundings, its links with the large neighboring equipment and facilities (Hopital Avicenne, University Paris 13, another sports park ...), listened and gathered the vision of arount fifty local stakeholders, institutions, actors of the sports community, education and research, medical and social actors, to identify the needs and also how could contribute such a project (originally called Sport and Disabilty) in the development of sport for disabled people and social, economic and territorial inclusion.

Saturday, January 30, the panel presented its recommendations publicly. It has been proposed a broad and inclusive vision for the project: the Sport Inclusion and Innovation Pole, which addresses the need for sport to all kind of people (local communities, people with all kinds of disabilities, return to sport of patients, especially supported at the hospital), and creating a resource center that would support other dimensions besides the sport practice:
- Training and vocational training on adapted physical activity (APA) with support of the University Paris 13 and sports federations (Adapted Sport and Handisport) which already have their own training programmes.
- Research & development & dissemination in the field of sport-health-disability. This center should help foster synergies between university, hospital, sports, business to improve applied research.
- Job creation and inclusion through employment: the management of the site and resource center, as well as R & D D must allow the generation of economic added value and the implementation of an "ESAT" (Establishment and support service through work for disabled people) is expected to create jobs for site management
- Communication, distribution, inclusion: the creation of a pole of sports, inclusion and innovation will promote actions for social inclusion of the local communities, especially the youngsters living in the neighbourhood and currently using the sport facilities on a daily basis, people with disabilities, through advocacy, shared practices, events, and project ownership by all stakeholders.
- Repository and expertise centre: the pole must be a center of reference on these issues to help local authorities and sports stakeholders to improve their practice in sport inclusion across the county, the metropolis but also by focusing on international networks already existing such as by participating in the repository that the Unesco Chair in Incusive Physical Education, Sport, Fitness and Recreation IT Tralee in Ireland is setting up.

The exemplary nature of the process, and the creation of a leading service for adapted sport could also be upgraded as part of the bid to the Olympics and Paralympics Games for Paris 2024. The County Council of Seine Saint Denis, at the initiative of this panel agrees with preparing the way for the creation of partnership structure with major partners already involved, so that the Pole can be operational, at least in its virtual dimensions (training, network, resource centre, promotion, advocacy etc.) before the end of 2016.

// Download the presentation made by the panel Saturday, January 30

A written report and complete will be available soon.


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