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Line ALGOED, Belgium

Line Algoed is an urban anthropologist with over 15 years of international hands-on experience in the cross-over between urban planning, housing, community development and civic engagement. Currently, Line works independently helping organisations, businesses and cooperatives with social research and short or long-term project management. At present, she is doing an applied ethnography of the world’s largest Community Land Trust in an unplanned community of San Juan, Puerto Rico,. Prior to this, she was a Programme Manager at the Building and Social Housing Foundation. Before this, she managed a UK-wide project at Cospa. In previous roles, Line worked with HACT and Self-help Housing, supporting community organisations in the refurbishment of empty homes, and with the International Urban Development Association (INTA). With a group of urbanist friends, Line recently co-founded the online platform CivicWise to make it easier for people to find each other to set up civic projects.

Maria ARANA, Espagne

Maria Arana, is an architect who cofounded Urbanbat, an urban innovation office located in Bilbao which offers support in regional planning groups, communities and local governments. URBANBAT gathers architects, urbanists, and people dedicated to social sciences, communication and education. Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach based on networking, it mediates between the parties involved in planning projects and urban regeneration. This urban innovation office provides assistance and advice to municipalities and administrations in management of participatory processes related to urban regeneration, cultural development and social innovation, and also mediate between civil society, private initiatives, organizations and institutions to carry out ideas that can improve the city, making it easier to bring together stakeholders in various formats: workshops, consultation sessions, conferences, films and other cultural activities. Urbanbat is an independent studio based in Wikitoki, a coworking laboratory in Bilbao.

Ane Kirstine BRANDT, Danemark

Ane kirstine Brandt is graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a master’s degree in Theology and from the University of Aarhus with a Master’s degree in Citizenship Education. Since 2003, she is employee of UCC University College Capital in Copenhagen with a focus on education in ethics, citizenship, history of ideas and secularization and religion, in a society with differences in values and religion. Besides from teaching she a project leader in cross professional projects about cooperation with schools. Others special interest is creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial processes. Some of these projects have been in cooperation with national museums and other cultural institutions; other projects have been in cooperation with local organizations of cooperative housing association. Right now she is the leader of the study center of UCC offering help in areas such as reading, presentation, innovation, it-didactics, guidance about international exchange and cultural, political and subject events.

Alan HENNESSY, Irlande

An Irish national, member of the Order of Architects of France and of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Alan Hennessy worked with Groupe-6 between 1992-2012. He was Chairman of the Agency between 2008 and 2012 and member of the Strategic Committee of Directors for 10 years. Director of Town Planning cell it has a more than 25 years experience in large-scale urban development projects in France and abroad. For twenty years he was the planner of the team 6-Group on planning studies, urban projects, Local Urbanism Plans and plans of territorial coherence and control urban work of missions including. In 2012 Alan Hennessy created Alan Hennessy Architecture. It was in 2013, member of the international team working on the redevelopment of downtown Christchurch in New Zealand.

Nicol VAN TWILLERT, Pays-Bas

Nicol Van Twillert is graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft, Social Housing and Urban Renewal. For the last 10 years working for Woonbron, a large housing association with 45.000 dwelling units in the region of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Acting in different roles, from managing a district office to currently being portfoliomanager and counsellor to the board on real estate policy and strategy. Experience in several urban renewal schemes and currently participating in an ambitious scheme to improve the southern part of Rotterdam (the National Programme Rotterdam South.) Before Woonbron consultant and programme manager on sustainable building and development. Started out as an expert for organised groups of residents to strengthen their position in the long running Rotterdam Urban Renewal programme (paid by local government but operating independently). Two of leading principles picked up: continuity in -personal- relations between professionals and leading community members often underestimated key to success ; high expectations of social/economic engineering will lead to disappointment.



Damien CHENEL, France

Damien Chenel is Director of Agence Sud Est. He works in Vaulx-en-Velin, Décines, Genas, Meyzieu, Chassieu, Bron, Vénissieux, Saint Priest, Feyzin, St-Genis-Laval, Pierre Bénite, Charly, Moins, Oullins, Saint-Fons. He manages 4054 housing.

Nour Eddine ELLOUK, France

Nour Eddine ELLOUK is Director of Agence Huitième. He Works in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon. He manages 7989 housing.

Denis COMPINGT, France

Denis Compingt is Director of the « Social and Prevention » services in Vénissieux.




Deputy Secretary General of the International Secretariat of INTA. Graduated as Master of urban planning, she also graduated in Geography and Mathematics. She worked in an architecture firm on metropolitan centralities. She managed a comparative study on urban renewal, urban diversity and sustainable development, and studies on alternatives of transports in the West of Paris agglomeration. She worked in a NGO on land policy, urban settlements and public spaces in deprived neighbourhoods in Peru. Within the INTA Secretariat, she is coordinating the Communities of Competence and the programmes of the Association.


Christine LOR

Advisor to the President of INTA, INTA delegate for France and the Mediterranean countries. A graduate of Modern Literature at the University of Grenoble, Christine began her career at National Education and she served in various missions in a large local authority, where she worked for elected master developer for passenger services and communities in relation to contractors and construction companies for the development and implementation of a program of public investment, construction and renovation of equipment, more than 3 billion euros. She then joined RATP, where she was responsible for institutional relations and partnership in the Office of President (French and European parliaments - associations) and communication of the Directorate General for Development and urban policy. She finally advised the CEO RATP Development Group (RATP and its engineering subsidiaries (Systra) and operation / maintenance of transit systems). In her last position, Ms. Lor was in charge of relations with economic actors to achieve major transport infrastructure projects of the RATP, particularly in the Greater Paris. She has acquired a good knowledge of systems of governance at all levels, and project management. Her interest in architecture and design has earned her being elected president of the Paris School of Architecture. She was also elected municipal new city.



Secretary General of INTA, the International Urban Development Association, since 1987. He holds PhD in Economics and Political Sciences. Before joining INTA he taught on international co-operation and foreign affairs as Associate Professor with several Universities (Strasbourg, Paris, Nice and Lille) and served with international organisations in Italy and Belgium. Michel Sudarskis writes and speaks regularly on urban issues; he has lead more than 50 international urban development missions on behalf of INTA and worked with the UNCRD in Latin America, the EIB in the Middle East, Spanish Cooperation Agency in Morocco.



Benoît Vicaigne is currently doing an apprenticeship at INTA, while he is about to graduate of a Master degree of Urban planning from the Paris School of Planning. He also holds a Bachelor of Urban Planning, having studied in the French Institute of Urban Planning and abroad, in the Politechnic School of Milan. Benoît has worked on several projects, including projects on urban renewal, mobility and metropolitan governance.

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