CristinaCavaco FotoCristina Cavaco, CIAUD - Lisbon University.

Cristina Cavaco (Lisbon, 1973) holds a PhD in Architecture with a thesis on suburban development (2009) by the Faculty of Architecture from the Technical University of Lisbon, a Master Degree in (2001) and a Degree in Architecture (1996) by the same University.

She is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon and a member of CIAUD – Research Centre of Architecture, Urbanism and Design where she develops research on urbanism, urban policy and spatial planning.

Between 2012 and 2016 she served as a Deputy Director General at the Directorate General of Territorial Development (National Agency for Spatial Planning) where she has been in charge of the matters of territorial development, spatial planning and urban policies. As such, she has coordinated several projects, namely the National Report for Habitat III (UN), the Evaluation of the National Spatial Development Policy Programme and the National Strategy for Sustainable Cities 2020.

She has been a representative of Portugal on the Monitoring Committee of both URBACT III and ESPON 2020, as well as a member of the EIONET National Reference Centre on Land Use and Spatial Planning (NRC LUSP) and an expert on the Expert Group of Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters (EC).

JoaoPedroCosta FotoJoao Pedro Costa, Coordinator of the Investigation Center on Architecture, Urban Planning and Design (CIAUD) of the Lisbon University, Portugal.

João Pedro T. A. Costa (Lisbon, 1970) is an Architect (TU Lisbon, 1993), Master on Contemporary Architectonic Culture (TU Lisbon, 1998) and PhD on Urbanism (TU Catalonia, Barcelona, 2007). He has as pos-PhD on Architecture and Urbanism (TU Lisbon, 2011) and a habilitation to full professor (Agregação) in Urbanism (ULisbon, 2012).

He is Professor of Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, where he develops his teaching, research and expertise activity, and member of the Direction Board of the CIAUD – Research Centre of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, as well as Visiting Professor at the University of Barcelona (PhD Program) and at the Superior Institut of Agronomy, University of Lisbon (Landscape Architecture Master Degree).

He has been the director of the Portuguese professional journal Arquitecturas, from 2005 to 2016. From 2002 to 2004 he was advisor and head of cabinet of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Spatial Planning.

Maintaining a general interest in urban and territorial planning issues, his current areas of research are contemporary spatial planning and management, climate change adaptation, waterfronts and urban morphology.


Kerri FarnsworthKerri Farnsworth, Urban planner, CEO of Kerri Farnsworth Associates, Advisor of the Direction of the Urban Planning Academy, Manchester, England.

CEO of the Circle Housing Group / Kerri Farnsworth Associates, United-Kingdom. She has more than 20 years experience in the development of larges and complex urban initiatives in the United-Kingdom, Europe and worldwide. She has been honored by the Commission for Architecture and Built Environment (CABE), the Excellency in Urban Planning (RTPI), the Excellency on Design and Marketing (PAMADA).

She has an education en Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester, and a post-graduate in Urban Design, Project Management and Marketing and Communication. She's part of RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, as well as the Design Review Panel of the United Kingdom Urban Planning Academy in Urbanism, and is an associate member and part of the Consultative Committee for the first "European Cities of the Year", for the Royal Institute of Real Estate Professionals (RICS), the International Association for Urban Development (INTA), the European Network of Experts in Regeneration of abandoned industrial areas - CABERNET. She is also a part of the Independent Transport Commission.

She is the founder and owner of the firm Kerri Farnsworth Associates (UK, Europe & Middle East), since 2010. Since 2013 she is the Regeneration Director of Alexandra Palace & Park (London), she has been in charge of leading various projects, firms and corporations. Between 1997 and 2003, she has been the leader of the team Economic Initiatives in the Municipal Council of Manchester. Between 1993 and 1997 she took part in various roles in real estate regeneration compagnies, such as Arup.


Ramon ForcadaRamon Forcada Pons, Urban Planner, CEO of Strategic Analysis, Generalitat of Catalonia, Territory and Sustainability Department. CEO of the Catalan Soil Institute, Barcelona, Spain.

Ramon Forcada is Architect for the Technical Superior School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has a master's degree in Architecture and Urban Design, of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, is a member of the COAC  - Illustrious Academy of the Catalan Architects, Barcelona, and of INTA - International Urban Development Association, representative of the Catalan Soil Institute. 

He took part and led more than 300 projects in urban transformation for cities and towns of the whole Catalonia (Spain). He is an expert consultant for advices in urban projects in Morocco, Taiwan and Colombia. His professional activity is development, mainly in public sector, occupying diverse positions in the Catalan Soil Institute (INCASOL), public company of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia, in which he has been since 1985. 

He is currently Director of Strategic Actions for INCASOL and its official representative for many management bodies (municipalities, other entities and public administration). Ramon Forcada is guest Professor for the Post-Graduate and urban planning specialization cursus (planning and urban management), in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the University of Barcelona and the Academy of Catalan Architects. He took part as guest for lectures and round tables, specializing in urban planning and landscape in Spain, France and Colombia.


MarineOudardMarine Oudard, Architect, Urban designer, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, USA 

Since 2016 she is working at SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) in San Francisco (EE.UU.), company in which she went after a post-graduate programme in Urban design at the College of Environmental Design of the University of California, Berkeley.

Thanks to a grant from the Palladio Fondation in 2015, she studied in the United States of America, in which she centered on the theme of challenges of rivers in the city. As part of her thesis in Berkeley, she worked on water fronts and in the post-industrial development process, especially on the case of the Portland River Bank in Oregon and how to transform it in a new model of shared use between the active marine industry and public enjoyment.

She has realized various international experiences (Cambodia, Chile, India), has worked three years in uapS, a french company of Architecure and Urban design in Paris, after graduating form the National Superior School of Architecture, Paris, Belleville in 2012.


RochabrumtJorge RochabruntCommunication, specialized in communication for development, former Executive Director of the Ciudad Saludable Group, former Executive Director of the Peruvian Exporters Association, Peru.

Senior Executive with 10 years experience. Has been Executive Manager for the Peruvian Exporters Association (2014 - 2016) and for the ONG Ciudad Saludable, as well as for the Social Consultant Company "Peru Waste Innovation" (2011 - 2014). He has been Executive Director in the Center of Research and Development of Land Transport - CIDATT (2004 - 2005). He has a master's degree in Organisation Development and Management. Currently he is a expert consultant with more than 25 years experience focused on achieving and maintaining a high corporate reputation, a value that contribute to generating social results and sustain their impact over time.


YehudeSimonYehude SimonPolitic, President of the Peruvian Humanist Party, former Prime Minister of Peru, former Governor of the Lambayeque Region and President of the National Association of Regional Government, former Vice President of the Republic Congress, Peru.

Founder and current Preseident of the Peruvian Humanist Party (PHP), Yehude Simon is a recognized peruvian politic with a long history in public management. He has been President of the Ministry Council of Peru and Prime Minister (2008 - 2009), Second Vice President of the Republic Congress and Congressman (2011 - 2016), Presidentof the National Assembly for Regional Government and deputy for Lambayeque (1985 - 1990). Currently he is leading a proposition for democratic convergence between different political parties and regional movements in Peru. 

He graduated from the National University Pedro Ruiz Gallo of Lambayeque (Peru) as Veterinarian. Simon hold a master's degree in Management and Public policies at the University Carlos III (Spain) and has a post-graduate in sociology and law. He has received various awards including the Great Cross of the Order Isabel the Catholic, granted by the King Juan Carlos of Spain.


MariaTome Maria ToméArchitect, Urban planner, Civil designer and Tricontinental Master in Strategies and integrated projects in Architecture (Madrid - Shanghai - San Diego).

She developped her professional activity in 3 methodological frameworks : Civil design, Placemaking and Playmaking. She's directing the study PAN!C and is part of the international network CivicWise. In the PAN!C study, she has worked on the Architecture, the Urban innovation and the Research. She developped process and strategies focused on collective creation, open design, collective intelligence, playful exploration and physical games, for decision making, conflicts resolutions and creation and cohesion for communication on the territory.

She is a member of the international network CivicWise, whose mission is to help the citizens, by promoting collaborative urbanism, civic innovation and by inspiring a better civic compromise. Within its network, she's promoting and impulsing the open knowledge in the labs of : BarriosLAB, PlaymakingLAB and InsuLAB. In these global projects from the network, she is coordinating the creation of the Civic Factory in the Canary Islands, and is part of the international cursus of Civic Design. Since the year 2011, she has developped a large number of projects on her own, and intervened in workshops, seminars, conferences and round tables.

She has collaborated and advised international projects such as GriGriPixel (makers and energy in cities in Africa), Circular City (Amsterdam), International City Gaming Conference (Rotterdam), and won the Inclusive City Challenge (Games for Cities, Utrecht).
Related links : PAN!C, CivicWise, Civic Factory, Civic Design  


Paula UrraPaula Urra, Head of the division of Industrial Waste Control, Environmental Services at the City of Montreal, Canada.

Paula Urra holds a diploma in Chemical Engineering in the University of Sherbrooke, and a master's degree in Environmental Sciences for the University of Quebec in Montreal. She also has a Bachelor in Anthropology in the University of Montreal.

Paula Urra is Head of the Environmental Services division of the City of Montreal. Since 2015, she is directing the Aquatic Monitoring Network and the implementation of regulations on air and water treatment, focused on the group of companies that are part of the Montreal agglomeration. Before this she has held the position of Management of programs in Environmental Law in the Comission for Environmental Cooperation, organism of ALENA is which the Governments of Canada, Mexico and United States are collaborating in Environmental protection. Among other things, she has conducted the works of the tri-national Work Group, on the implementation and Conformity of the legislation. Paula Urra also directed, between 2012 and 2014, the Environmental Section of the Transport Society of Montreal, in which she intervened in the realization of the Environmental protection plan, and has implemented the System of Environmental Management ISO 1 4001.

Between 2003 and 2012, she held various positions in the Environmental Ministry of Canada. As Head of unity, she has directed the regionals programs of conformity on the regulation framework on waste water, greenhouse gas and air pollutants. She as well coordinated the activities of the Chemical products Management Plan for Textiles and intervened as a Project Engineer : National pollutants waste inventory. 


MichelSudarskisMichel Sudarskis

Michel Sudarskis is the Secretary General of INTA, the International Urban Development Association, since 1987. He holds PhD in Economics and Political Sciences. Before joining INTA he taught on international co-operation and foreign affairs as Associate Professor with several Universities (Strasbourg, Paris, Nice and Lille) and served with international organisations in Italy and Belgium.

Michel Sudarskis writes and speaks regularly on urban issues; he has lead more than 50 international urban development missions on behalf of INTA including spatial analysis and strategies, establishing spatial framework for infrastructure planning, new towns and major urban regeneration or development projects, and worked with the UNCRD in Latin America, the EIB in the Middle East, Spanish Cooperation Agency in Morocco.


lola davidsonLola Davidson 

Lola Davidson is Deputy Secretary General in the International Secretariat of INTA, at Paris headquarters. She is participating in the strategic development of the Association, coordinating the Communities of Competence under the programme Objective 2030 and the activities of the Association. She is also the support staff member for the Community of Competence Innovation for Services.

Graduated as Master of urban planning, she also graduated in Geography. She worked in an architecture firm on metropolitan centralities. She managed a comparative study on several European metropolises on urban renewal, urban diversity and sustainable development, and studies on alternatives of transports in the Paris Region. She worked in a NGO in Peru on land policy, urban settlements and public spaces in deprived neighborhoods.


LuisBuezoLuis Buezo de Manzanedo

Luis Buezo is freelance Project Coordinator for INTA. He is the support staff member for the Community of Competence Tomorrow's Habitat. Master in Sociology specialised in Organisational Analysis and Urban Sociology. Before joining INTA, he has been academic coordinator of the Master programmes in Project Management and Social Programmes at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and invited Professor at several Peruvian universities. 

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