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For a sustainable and inclusive territory: a panel of INTA for Saint-Fons.

The INTA panel for Saint-Fons, France, held from 17 to 22 March, concluded that its elected representatives, its institutional and industrial partners and its inhabitants contribute to the wealth of the Lyon metropolis, an urban value that can be analysed through 3 prisms: symbolic, economic and spatial.

Saint-Fons is a vital organ in a multipolar metropolis and as such a solution for the sustainable development of the metropolis:

  • A space for future expansion of the agglomeration
  • A productive territory, at the gates of the dense metropolitan center, that reinvents itself to remain innovative
  • An hyper-connected territory with the interior of the metropolitan region as well as with major regional destinations with still rooms for improvement
  • An habitat adapted to welcoming populations in situation of vulnerabilities
  • A cultural and landscape potential to enhance

Saint-Fons is a territory in rapid transformation with projects that unfold in the "three" Saint-Fons: the highs around the "Clochettes", the Victor Basch cultural park, the promenade des Balmes; the lows around the Arsenal, Carnot-Parmentier, Jean Jaurès and Carnot retail axes, the train station; the Chemistry Valley and its northern articulation with Gerland. 

Faced with the need to change, the INTA panel thought advisable to initiate and reinforce a shared momentum, that is to say to improve the articulation of the calendars of projects, investments and implementation.

The international panel of INTA has set its approach:

  • on highlighting local assets, ie, revealing the contribution of Saint-Fons territory to the creation of metropolitan value
  • On the updating of commitments and actions of all partners in a tight schedule
  • On the identification of cross-projects revealing a will of co-construction between actors of the same territory: companies / training; habitat / jobs; landscape / factory 4.0; major societal changes / proximity to fragile populations.

In short: to give enough value to the territory to engage all actors into a collective project; to allocate enough means matching the objectives; to accompany the on-going transformations with the support of the metropolis; to recognize that the territory of Saint-Fons has the keys to solutions for global sustainable development problems. 

pdf // Read the final report on St Fons panel (in French)

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