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Study visits in Malmö and Copenhagen

As a part of the construction of a training project, INTA organized a study trip to Sweden and Denmark for two and a half days for the RATP group. These visits allowed the set up of a future training program, which will be announced soon.. The…
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INTAkawa #5 + Study Tours 2017 Malmo Sweden

At the occasion of the INTA Governing Board, the INTA Secretariat and the City of Malmo organized a Study Tour of Malmo on May 12-13 and the 5th INTAKAWA, 90 minutes debate on "Tomorrow the City". Programme: Friday 12 May Tour 1: The sustainable…

2008 Tallin, Estonia

INTA and the International Relations office of the City of Tallinn, capital of Estonia, have given delegates of the INTA32 Congress in Riga, Latvia the opportunity to participate to a Study Tour around Tallinn.
INTA Membership

2007 Freiburg, Basel, Zurich, Strassbourg

INTA organised a study visit on Sustainable Development and Eco-cities for a private member institution with interest in building eco neighbourhoods. The visit included a rehabilitation project in Basel (CH), Rieselfeld and Vauban in Freibourg…
INTA Study Visits

2007 Saarbruecken, Karlsruhe, Kassel,…

INTA organised a study visit for a delegation from the Regional Council of La Réunion, visiting light rail transport projects in Saarbruecken, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Mulhouse and Freiburg.

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