vitor ambrosio fotoAmbrósio Vitor , Senior lecturer at the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies, Estoril, Portugal.
Holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Geography and Regional Planning with a specialization in Territorial Planning and Management from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal; a B.A. in Literature and Modern Languages (English and German); a B.A. in Tourism. Vitor Ambrósio has been teaching and is the head of the Department of Tourism Planning at the ESHTE - Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril (Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies) since it was founded in 1991. He has been teaching tourism courses at different Portuguese Universities, such as Universidade dos Açores and Universidade Lusíada. In the last few years, he has conducted research and/or consultancy in various special interest areas, including Tourism, Cultural Tourism, and Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. Prior to this, between 1979 and 1995, he worked as a travel agent, promoter and tourist guide.

lionel becherel fotoBecherel Lionel, Director, International Tourism Consultancy Associates, UK
The International Tourism Consultancy Associates specializes in formulating tourism policies and development strategies, strategic marketing plans, institution building, human resources development and employment strategies. Dr. Lionel Becherel has worked closely with the UNWTO over the years and carried out assignments on its behalf including formulating strategic development plans for member countries, preparing reports that are distributed worldwide such as the 2004 Market Trends Series and the report on the Impact of the Bali Bombing. He is also in charge of courses, workshops and seminars for the World Tourism Organization, such as the "Tourism Policy and Strategy Workshop" which has been regularly organized at the UNWTO headquarters in Madrid since 1997 for officials of national tourism administrations.

dick bliek fotoBliek Dick, Partner and Senior Vice-President of HIM – Vienna (Hotel Interim management) and the President of the Management Board (CEO) of Suncani Hvar hotels (owned by Orco Property Group) until 2011. Within HIM, he is in charge of Standard operating policies and procedures and their implementation, Training and quality assurance programs. He has also been appointed Chief Development Officer, in charge of attracting new partners/hotels for the Mamaison brand; Regional Director MMR, responsible for 8 hotels in Central and East Europe; Regional Director (deputy COO) Mamaison Hotels & Apartments (MMR), responsible for the operations of five hotels in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Dentinho Tomás, lecturer at the University of the Azores, Portugal
He is the coordinator of the research group at the Azores University, in Angra, Portugal, and member of the Research Centre for Applied Economics of the Atlantic based in Ponta Delgada. He is the promoter and coordinator of the Master on the Management of Nature Conservation that integrates economics, ecology, agronomy and planning. He is a lecturer on: 1) economics (undergraduate), 2) regional and urban economics (undergraduate, master and doctorate programs), environmental economics (master), cost-benefit analysis (master) and agricultural economics (undergraduate). Since 2008, he chairs the Portuguese Association for Regional Development. Since 2007, he is a member of the European Organizing Committee of the European Regional Science Association. Since 2010 he is a member of Council of the Regional Science Association International. He has been nominated as Executive Secretary of the Regional Science Association International from 2011 till 2014. He holds a master and a PhD in Regional Economics as well as post graduations in Environmental Economics and Leadership.

pjp fotoJean-Pierre Philippe, Associated Professor of Economic Science, University of La Réunion, France
Former Director of AGORAH (Agency for Planning and Housing Studies of Reunion Island), Director of the Masters program in "Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning" at the University of Reunion Island, he is the Director of the Masters program in "Marketing," promoted by the IAE in the island of La Réunion. He teaches the following courses: "Management," "Public Finance," "Marketing," "Project Engineering," "Prospects and Economic Development," "International Business," "Management Strategies" and "Statistics".

bruno marques fotoMarques Bruno, Director of the Tourism Statistics Department of the Martinique Tourism Committee, France
This Department produces and publishes regularly different tourism statistics: a yearly Visitors Expenses and Motivation Survey, tourism sector studies, census of tourism activities on a five-year basis, and a monthly survey to monitor the arrivals of tourists. Bruno Marques is an Associate Professor at the French University of the West Indies (UAG), teaching "Macroeconomics Theory and Policy," "Econometrics," "Microeconomics," He is also a member of the CEREGMIA laboratory- the economic Research Center of French University of the West Indies (UAG).

Moniz Ana, Member of the Board of Directors of the Observatory of Tourism of the Azores (OTA)
Professor Ana Moniz is an associate Professor at the Business and Economics and Department of the University of the Azores, Ponta Delgada, Portugal. She is specialized in Tourism Marketing. She is currently teaching the following courses: Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Negotiation and Business Communication.

carlos santos fotoSantos Carlos, Full Professor in the field of Economics of Tourism, University of the Azores, Portugal
Professor of the Masters Program in "International Tourism," University of Toulouse Capitole (University of Social Sciences of Toulouse), France. He is also the Professor in charge of teaching several modules of "Tourism Economics," "Economic Strategy of Tourism Firms," "Tourism Development and Planning," "Macroeconomics," "Microeconomics," "Regional Economics" and "International Economics" at the Economics and Business Department of the University of the Azores, Portugal. Moreover, he is the President and CEO of the Azores Tourism Observatory (OTA). OTA is in charge of defining tourism strategies for the Azores's tourism public authorities and of implementing several tourism studies and surveys in the Azores, Portugal.

Sarmento Manuela, Full Professor at the Lusíada University in Lisbon, Portugal
She is responsible for the BSc, MSc and PhD courses on Tourism and for Strategic Marketing Courses in the MSc program. She has a licensed degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer at Technical University of Lisbon, an MSc on Quantitative Analysis Applied to Management and Economics at the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG), and an MSc on Management Science at the Lisbon University (ISCTE). She holds a PhD degree on Management Science, at the Technical University of Lisbon. She was, for 10 years, Marketing Director of the multinational "Unysis". She is the President of the Research Centre on Tourism, Innovation and Services (CITIES/UL), and responsible for tourism research projects in the areas of marketing, quality, finance, environment and computer science.

giovanna sclafani fotoSclafani Giovanna, Director of research at the Observatory on tourism in the European Islands – OTIE
Coordinator of five pilot projects for Innovation for Nautical Development Sector in the Mediterranean Islands – INNONAUTICS -  She is also a Professor in the field of Islands Tourism at the Centro Ricerche e Studi Direzionali – CERISDI, in Palermo. She is an expert in Promotion and Valorization of Local Cultural Resources and in Marketing of Integrated Tourism.

damia serrano fotoSerrano Damià, Director of the Laboratory of Tourism of the Province of Barcelona
He is also Professor at the University of Tourism and Hospitality, CETT - University of Barcelona, Spain. His research fields include geography and tourism, tourism territory planning, regional and local development, ecotourism and sustainable management in tourism destinations. Among other fields of research, he focuses his attention on indicators of local tourism activity and indicators of tourism specialization. He published several scientific articles and books. Moreover he frequently collaborates with public and private institutions in Spain and abroad.

Silva Carlos, invited Assistant Professor in Engineering Systems for the MIT Portugal Program at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Technical University of Lisbon
He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Systems area at IST (1999), a MSc in Control Engineering at IST(2001) and a PhD in Supply chain Management at IST (2005). Since June 2008, he joined the MIT Portugal Program at IST, where he coordinates the PhD and Advanced Training Programs in Sustainable Energy Systems of the MIT Portugal Program. He is also the scientific coordinator of the Green Island Project of the MIT Portugal Program at IST, which envisages the design and implementation of the future energy systems in Azores. He is also the Energy Efficiency Area coordinator of the ENERGYIN, the Competitiveness and Technology Cluster for Energy.

michel sudarskis fotoSudarskis Michel, Secretary General of the International Urban Development Association (INTA), The Hague, The Netherlands.
Professor Sudarskis was responsible for the development of the exchange programs and transfer of know-how in many fields of urban development, such as, new towns, urban renewal, mobility strategies, metropolitan clusters, creativity and city innovation, housing and urban services, sustainable urbanism, and renovation of historic centers, tourism and leisure as levers for development and urban integration. He began his career in the regional department of the Ministry of Finance, in charge of the regional economic policy of the Paris Region. Then he moved to Milan to the International Institute for the Management of Technology (IIMT) and was responsible for the transfer policy of urban development. For over ten years Michel Sudarskis managed the civilian programs of cooperation on scientific, environmental challenges of modern society (CCMS) at NATO in Brussels. Michel Sudarskis has a PhD in Political Sciences and a MS in International Economics; he received numerous academic awards in statistics and economics.

francois vellas fotoVellas François, Professor of International Tourism Economics at the University of Toulouse, France
He holds a PhD in Economics and he is the Director of the Master program (M2) in "International Tourism." He has a large experience in analyzing international tourism and globalization issues, including sustainable and cultural tourism development, economic development, export of tourism services and air transport, international investments and the economic impacts of tourism. He is currently the Director of Acting for Life's "Tourism Development Group." He also has a vast experience working as a tourism consultant for many international organizations, namely: UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), UNESCO, UNCTAD, ICC, EU – AFL GD.

Vieira Mauricio, Marketing, Public Relations and Environmental Manager of the Hotel Jardim do Atlântico, in Madeira, Portugal
Basic Course of Humanities in Madeira Island. Started in 2001 in the Front Office of the Hotel Jardim Atlântico, as a Receptionist. Since 2001/ 2002 as the Assistant of the Environmental Manager for the implementation of the Environmental Management System NP EN ISO 14001, as well as the following Certifications: Eco-Hotel, European Eco-Label, Lider A (Sustainable Assessment System) and Biosphere Hotel. Currently, occupying the positions of Marketing, Public Relations and Environmental Manager.Since 2009, elected by universal vote, as Mayer of Prazeres village in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

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