At the request of members, INTA organises Professional Training Seminars for targeted audiences to develop skills and competences in specific urban fields. The interdisciplinary programmes of the Training Seminars gives participants the opportunity to see how integrated approaches to the particular field of urbanism are being pursued internationally, and to discuss ways of incorporating emerging trends in local programmes of urban and regional development. The Seminars benefit from INTA's Strategic Partnership with leading knowledge institutions worldwide.

INTA Training Seminars


How planning help medium-sized cities to improve their attractiveness?

10/12/2020 Are the middle-sized cities the winners of the post corona? How resilient (strong and lasting) is the territorial reshuffle to the benefit of the medium sized cities? Are the large cities continuing to grow? Is the focus on medium sized cities leading to more fragmentation of our territories? Does the tendency to fragment imply a new… Read more
masterclass cicliovias

Implementing safe, high-impact, citizen-accepted bicycle paths

07/11/2020 Conclusions of the masterclass "Implementar ciclovías seguras, de alto impacto y aceptadas por la ciudadanía" The participants in the masterclass came exclusively from the associative sector: members of the Zero Emissions Coalition (Coalición Cero Emisiones) network that brings together a diversity of specialized organizations such as:… Read more

Hsinchu Professional Training Seminar 21-23 April 2010

'The Architecture of Innovation: Governance, Design and Infrastructure for Knowledge Cities' See pictures of the Hsinchu Training Programme A Training Seminar for INTA members in Taiwan to build competences on ways of bringing design, architecture, urbanism, and engineering together with urban governance for an integrated approach to knowledge… Read more

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