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Conclusions of the masterclass "Implementar ciclovías seguras, de alto impacto y aceptadas por la ciudadanía" 

The participants in the masterclass came exclusively from the associative sector: members of the Zero Emissions Coalition (Coalición Cero Emisiones) network that brings together a diversity of specialized organizations such as: El Poder del Consumidor, Bicitekas, Transita Seguro, Greenpeace México, and came from : Ciudad de México, Chiapas, León de Guanajuato, and Toluca.

The Coalition is leading the campaign: "Mobility and Climate Change" in Mexico and in this framework is organizing different activities so that the emerging bicycle paths, which the various Mexican cities have implemented as an emergency measure in the face of the health crisis, become permanent infrastructures.
Recently the coalition published an impact study on the emerging bicycle path of Insurgentes Avenue in Ciudad de México, which you can consult at this address.

The course of the session :

We used the Transit-oriented development perspective as a conceptual framework to define the role of bicycle paths in the integrated mobility system in the city. And from this framework we placed the value of cycling infrastructure and specifically the bicycle as a complementary element of a multimodal transportation and mobility offer that is "reassuring for users".

One of the threads of the session was the territorial scale perspective (neighbourhood, urban, metropolitan), and we used international examples to examine the potential of urban acupuncture tools such as: placemaking, tactical urban planning, etc. in the transition between an emerging project (which responds to an emergency) and a permanent project (which responds to a need).


The other common thread was the temporal perspective, and this allowed us to cross-reference short, medium and long-term objectives with the objectives of decision-makers. In this way, we explained a series of factors in the rationality of political authority. For what? Because it is very important that the collective of activists and bicycle path promoters come to a better understanding of the mechanisms that guide the choices made by decision-makers (elected officials).

One of the objectives of the masterclass was to help activists build the most relevant arguments to better achieve their results and obtain the necessary political support for bicycle paths, by presenting to decision-makers "the impacts" of bicycle infrastructures.
In Latin America, the debate is topical: the transition from temporary experiments to permanent infrastructure is now mobilizing different sectors of the population both in favor and against. This is why we have examined in depth the different stages of setting up a system of collective participation for the co-creation of cycling infrastructure, based on local examples, with a view to producing projects that are "accepted by citizens".

Masterclass follow-up: the sustainable mobility club

This masterclass is the starting point of a professional network that shares common interests.
We propose to the participants to be part of a working group: "the sustainable mobility club", it is a group connected to WhatsApp that will be animated by our director for Latin America: Luis Buezo de Manzanedo.

The working group will allow the participants to benefit from a follow-up with an agenda of virtual meetings, to deepen different topics related to cycling infrastructures and to introduce new topics for discussion.

The working group's objective is to create a dynamic of mutual aid and to co-produce solutions and overcome the different problems that the members face.


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