Masterclass speakers

barthLawrence Barth
Lawrence Barth is Professor of Urbanism at the Graduate School of the Architectural Association, where he has worked to position the Housing and Urbanism Programme at the interface of architecture and urban strategy. In 2003, Mr. Barth also joined the Graduate School’s Landscape Urbanism Programme, developing the political and strategic component of its curriculum. In 2004, he initiated the formation of a sustained research programme in architectural urbanism at the PhD level and integrated the ensuing research culture into the school’s taught programmes.

Mr. Barth works independently as a consultant urbanist for cities, design practices and research institutes. He has collaborated with diverse architects and landscape architects on large-scale urban projects, such as one-north Masterplan in Singapore. He has published widely in architecture and sociology, and is a frequently invited lecturer and critic on the role of architecture and landscape in the contemporary urban process.
Skills : Urban and Metropolitan Planning, Urban Project Management and Mobilization of Multidisciplinary Teams, Public Participation and Communication, Content and Expertise Leadership, Publications and Conferences, Municipal Administrative Management
Main achievements : Implementation of the Organizational Structure of the Planning Department, City of Montreal (2013-2014), Management of Major Urban Projects - CA $ 75 million / year (2006-2010 and 2013-2017), Feasibility Management technical and financial aspects of the Outremont campus project (2007-2011)
Coordination and development of planning documents: Urban Plans of the City of Montreal (1992 and 2004), Montreal Development Plan (2012), Urban Agglomeration Development and Development Plan (2015), Policy (2016), Heritage Action Plan (2017) and Downtown Action Plan (2017)
ducasSylvain Ducas
henryLouis Henry
Louis Henry is responsible for territories and sustainable cities at the CDC Institute for Research, within the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. Trained as an architect, he has been the prime contractor and then project manager for numerous housing and public facilities projects. He also studied photography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. In charge of financing intermediate housing at the CDC's Savings Funds Department, he then joined the Urban Renewal Department. His knowledge of sustainable urban development initiatives in northwestern European countries led him to initiate a policy of supporting the first eco-neighborhood projects in France.

He joined the Caisse des Dépôts Institute for Research in 2016 after participating in the City of Tomorrow program as part of the investments for the future. Louis Henry teaches a master's degree in sustainable development and organizations at Paris Dauphine.
Helle Juul, Founding Partner has the executive responsibility for Juul | Frost Architects’ campus- and urban development projects as well as national and international strategic development projects. Over the past three decades, Helle Juul has worked, taught and researched in urban issues. The application of research has been a recurrent theme during Helle Juul’s career, which to a high degree has defined Juul |Frost Architects DNA.

Helle Juul is, among others, responsible for ’Public Space as a Catalyst for Change’ which developed a new approach to the development of public spaces as a catalyst for development by focusing on transformation and significance as strategic instruments.
juulHelle Juul
nunesFernando Nunes
Da Silva

Mr. Nunes da Silva is a full Professor of Urban Planning and Transports at the IST (Superior Institute of Technology), University of Lisbon since 2002. He gained his PhD (1992) and Pos-Doc (2000) in Civil Engineering by the former Technical University of Lisbon.
His Main professional interests include: urban strategies for sustainable mobility; urban planning; transportation planning.

He has gained experience as an advisor and consultant in transport and urban planning studies and projects in several municipalities and regional bodies; he is a researcher at CESUR (Centre for Urban and Regional Systems); he was also a councillor and deputy mayor for Mobility and Transport in Lisbon Municipality (2009/13).
As Head of Urban Development Helena Paulsson is responsible for the AFRY global concept of Future Cities : How to design and create sustainable cities without jeopardizing future generations’ access to nature and its resources.She is also a trained landscape architect and the former urban planning section manager of Malmö at ÅF Consulting. paulssonHelena Paulsson
schalmseeMonica von

Monica von Schmalensee is an architect and the CEO of White arkitekter. Monica has a great interest in the changing landscape of urbanity and the interplay between society and place. She applies a strategic approach and drives the leadership for a sustainable future, partly as her role as the Chairman of Sweden Green Building Council. Collaboration and inclusive processes have been the key to her success in managing complex projects for the practice such as the urban transformation of moving the city of Kiruna, the urban development in Rockaway Beach in New York, and the completion of the 40,000 spectator arena in Stockholm. Monica is also often engaged as a key note speaker at a wide range of internationally renowned conferences.
Andreas Schubert grew up in the environment of Rostock´s architects and planners. Since 1991 he has worked in the City administration of Rostock for the strategic urban and regional development department. Andreas practises the integrated, cross-disciplinary/institutional development approach. A wide range of ambitious research and practical development projects –ordered, led or influenced by Andreas- underline his capacity for innovation.

Andreas is involved in multiple international networks and knowledge exchange platforms. He has been a board member of German cities association (DST) expert´s commission for integrated urban development since 1991, a foundation member of Union of Baltic Cities “planning cities commission” since the mid 1990’s, and a board member of the EU Interreg-program - South Baltic since its inception. He is also one of the initiators of the regional and national “Regiopolis” initiative.
schubertAndreas Schubert
sudarskisMichel Sudarskis
Michel Sudarskis began his career in the regional department of the French Ministry of Finance, in charge of the regional economic policy of the Paris Region. Then he moved to Milan to the International Institute for the Management of Technology (IIMT) responsible for the transfer policy for urban development. For over ten years Michel Sudarskis managed the civilian programmes of cooperation on scientific, environmental and challenges of modern society (CCMS) at NATO in Brussels.

As Secretary General of the International Urban Development Association (INTA) in Paris, he is responsible for the development of the exchange programmes and transfer of know-how in many fields of urban development: new towns, urban renewal, mobility strategies metropolitan clusters, creativity and city innovation, housing and urban services, sustainable urbanism, renovation of historic centres, tourism and leisure as levers for development and urban integration, etc.

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