gabon 275A 3-day workshop in Paris on new urban policies in Gabon
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25-27 June in Paris

Gabon has entered a phase of decentralization: urban policy, development policy and socio-economic policy overlap.

The Director of the City Department of the Gabonese Republic and his staff visited INTA Secretariat mid-May for two sessions that led to the signature of a partnership agreement between INTA and the Gabonese government. Member of INTA for many years already, Gabon, through the Head Office of the City and its Urban Observatory is going through the process of formulating a new policy for the city with concrete long-term objectives. It is in this context that INTA will accompany Gabon governement along a three-year program of training and evaluation.

The Director General of the City of the Gabonese Republic and his colleagues visited the Secretariat of INTA mid-may for two working sessions that led to the signing of a partnership agreement between INTA and the state of Gabon. Member of INTA for many years, Gabon, through the General Directorate of the City and the Urban Observatory is currently developing a national city policy.

Reunion gabonIn this context, the INTA network will accompany Gabon with a three-year program of training and assessments and has  hosted a 3-day workshop (25-27 June) on the development of urban policies, evaluation methods and multi-year targets analysis.
This service of the Association, gathering a dozen of INTA members and organized at the request of our national members can respond to major strategic orientations for national policies and institutional management objectives.

The work focused on the examination of nine priorities of the 2014 annual performance project and more widely over the period 2014-2017 to coordinate urban policies that the General Directorate of the City, depending directly from the Prime Minister, is responsible for.
At the end of these three days of work, the nine goals were reformulated and thematically grouped in order of priority in terms of timing to guide the first steps to be taken in 2014.
The network of INTA will continue to support the next steps in the Gabon coordination of urban policies within the programme of exchanges set up within the Community of Competence Territories in Africa.

The results of this workshop will be published in the Community of Competence pages and will feed the reflections on urban development policies in Africa.

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