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Paris City Council, Plaine Commune, Est Ensemble and Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre unite to launch the Arc of Innovation Grand Paris, an initiative aimed at creating a network between the actors of innovation of the Paris region and amplifying the dynamics of progress of these territories. These actors are currently concentrated mainly in the east of Paris and its suburbs, forming an "Arc" of innovation.

The types of innovations involved are varied and include fab-labs, digital sector companies, shared gardens, coworking spaces, social and solidarity entrepreneurship, etc.

This cooperation has several objectives:

  • Establishment of new businesses and services to the inhabitants;
  • Development of the attractiveness and advantages of the territory;
  • Jobs creation ;
  • Urban transformation, in particular through the softening of the peripheral border;
  • Metropolitan construction and cooperation between the territories involved.

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The COVID-19 health crisis has suddenly revealed the fragility of our urban infrastructure and services. Answering these challenges means questioning local public action simultaneously in all its dimensions: living, feeding, traveling and, more generally, producing, consuming, educating...
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