nice transmed bdThe goal of TransMed is to co-produce a new thinking of urban development in the Mediterranean; that is, first set the terms of a shared strategic vision on territorial issues and urbanization leading to the identification of the nature, types, priorities, and the scale of potential projects able of being financed by public or private investment.

The first activity will be a Round Table in Paris on March 9th, organized by INTA and the mission de la co-présidence française auprès de l'Union de la Méditerranée around "rethinking the urban challenge of the Mediterranean"

The purpose, during this day, is on one side to collect reflections on the strategic urban issues in the southern Mediterranean; and on the other side to propose new principles that should guide the balanced - therefore sustainable - development of these territories and the priority actions to implement. The programme is organized around several questions to facilitate the group' work; these questions are not complete, but answers to these questions are expected. Here are some of them:

  • No sustainable development without vision, planning, dialogue and partnership? Thinking the urban challenge of the Mediterranean is it not also reformulating the concepts of sustainable development?
  • Which limits to urban growth? Has liberalism in urban development reached its limits? How to introduce a new type of planning with the purpose to regulate the production and the price of land and to return the making of the city to legality - absorption of illegal or informal housing, limiting the privatization of public goods and services, etc.
  • Which role for middle size cities in rebalancing the costal territories? What role for medium-sized cities in the rebalancing territories? Should the development of (mega) cities be limited? How to think the hinterland, the rural areas in relation to coastal urbanization?
  • Creating economic value: industrialisation or digital economy? How to create economic value to finance infrastructure and basic urban services from which to build a new urban policy?
  • Governance of the urban project: how much autonomy for the territories - how to integrate the new regional level in the urban and territorial processes? What role for civil society in the urban project?
  • Large scale infrastructure as accelerator of sustainable urban development? What infrastructure, which investments will accelerate the development (Education, R & D, manufacturing, services, mobility, environment,...)
  • Is there an optimum level of urban development for the Mediterranean? How to ensure the passage of a growth policy (the utilitarian city) to a development policy (the inclusive and economically sustainable city)? What criteria for choosing projects with maximum social and environmental efficiency? Is there an optimum development that would achieve a balance between planning for submission to the market and an urbanism at human scale?

You can see the full provisional program here.


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