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Sep 17, 2020
tribune1 chapuis

The Passage from an individualism of universality to an individualism of singularity

Sep 11, 2020
A singular individualism, a greater autonomy in the company leads to a growing existential anguish. Pierre Rosanvallon shows that the transition from a universalist individualism to an individualism of singularity will make political action difficult within the institutions of representative democracy. Why is this? The Passage from an individualism of universality to an individualism of singularity Column by Jean-Yves Chapuis, sociologist, urban…
tribune1 chapuis

We have lost the joy that comes from the tragedy of life.

Aug 03, 2020
Reading in parallel the sociologist Eva Illouz and the philosopher Clément Rosset on how the industry of happiness has taken control of our lives and the joy that comes from being aware of the tragedy of existence, I thought to myself: how can we help elected officials to reflect on these observations and enable them to give back confidence to citizens who find themselves confronted with this dilemma? The imperative of happiness puts the person…
tribune1 chapuis

What the result of French municipal elections of June 2020 tells us

Jul 08, 2020
Make no mistake about it, there is a form of continuous disengagement since the presidential election of 2017. Of course, the right/left divide has not completely disappeared, but there are other divides that are emerging and that are making local and national political life more complex in the long term. First of all, the legitimacy of elected officials is being questioned and challenges are becoming more and more frequent and radical in the…

Call for solidarity from Isfahan

Jun 16, 2020
You will find below an open letter from the Mayor of Isfahan, Iran, calling cities for solidarity while facing current global challenge and pandemic and also deploring the restrictions imposed on the access to vital equipment. // Read the letter
tribune1 chapuis

The Idea of Inhabiting

Jun 14, 2020
The beautiful book by Richard SENNETT "building and living" paradoxically refers to what we experienced in this period of confinement. Street intelligence appeared to be paramount. What surrounds us in daily gestures, short distances and what suddenly appears important since we cannot travel very far. We discover local knowledge in the things of daily life. The Idea of Inhabiting Column by Jean-Yves Chapuis, sociologist, urban planner, elected…
tribune1 chapuis

What city tomorrow? City or Country? - Jean-Yves Chapuis

May 14, 2020
We still continue to talk about density and urban sprawl. In addition the virus COVID19 is a good opportunity to not only criticize the dense city, but to promote the individual house in the countryside outside of the city. However, this pandemic also underscores the need to be together, to talk, to see. In fact the city is everywhere, in a society of mobility, the boundaries are blurred. What is important is to be able to choose the space where…
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Apr 30, 2020
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