SpotLAB Dispositive

The Mini INTA Lab Territorial mutations will be co-piloted by the SNCF Innovation & Prospective team and the INTA Secretariat from the innovative conception method (KCP) developped by Mines ParisTech. This method has already been used to tackle urban issues. It is articulated around 4 complementary phases:



The miniLAB will be held on 4 sessions of half a day with a plenary seminar in Paris (3h) and virtual exchances with an expanded circle. These sessions will be held every 3 weeks. 

  • Session 1 : scoping and reflexions (which object?) – 17/11/2017
  • Session 2 : collective conceptions (which object expansion possible?)– 8/12/2017
  • Session 3 : identifying of new actions tracks (which ideas and projects?) – 9/01/2018
  • Session 4 : elaborating an exploration strategy (which roadmap and actors?) – 26/01/2018


SpotLAB "territori@l mutations" organization

  • Mixed project-team: M. Sudarskis, L. Davidson, (INTA) and D. Laousse, M. Klasing Chen (I&R/SNCF)
  • Participants (experts and scholars) : around 25 people half participants from INTA and half outside the network


SpotLAB "territori@l mutations" ambition

The SpotLAB aims to renew the very definition of urban and territorial development, by exploring new questions. The SpotLAB title underline the fact that we are probably in a transition period between different urban models (mutations), in which territorial dimension is linked to major societal challenges, illustrated by great ecology, technology, social and territorial transitions.

It will be initiated by rewording the "INTA initiative for Habitat III - Cities and territories in transformation (Act 1)"'s propositions, and convergences proposed in our cross note presenting Act 2 and New Urban Agenda / Sustainable Development Goals, so as to identify new questioning. It will allow the identification of existing action tracks and shadow spots to rework on. 

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