Transmed bUrban and territorial development in the Mediterranean countries is going through new phases; continuous changing scale of the urban area, expanding from neighbourhoods to city, from the city to agglomeration, from agglomeration to metropolitan area; importance of relations, cooperation and complementarities between territories particularly for the development of large structural facilities - roads, railways, maritime ports, science parks, poles of excellence and clusters, etc.

These new infrastructures, in turn, draw a new urban geography, shaping new hierarchies between territories, where the quality of life, and therefore the built environment, becomes an attractor for talent, investment and growth.

Over the past years, and thank to the engagement of its past President Mohamed Mbarki from Morocco, INTA has been very active in most of the Mediterranean countries through its members in the Region (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Malta, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco). To mark its commitment to the Region, INTA established a special task force ('Community of Competence') called TransMed that will work at the intersection of a technical urban theme - major infrastructure projects for sustainable urban development, with a geographical prevalence - the Southern Mediterranean countries.

The TransMed 'Community of Competence' intends to explore the interactions between urban regions, metropolises, infrastructure, and partnership funding, and the impact of these interactions on cross boarder cooperation.

The participation of INTA in the urban working group of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) would be thereby enriched.

TransMed aim is to co-produce a new thinking of urban development in the Mediterranean; that is, first set the terms of a shared strategic vision on territorial issues and urbanization leading to the identification of the nature, types, priorities, and the scale of potential projects able of being financed by public or private investment. 

Don't hesitate and look at some Background Documents on the TransMed region.

INTA's Activites about the region so far have been:


upfithumbnail2015 - 2017, participation in the UPFI project
Technical assistance
INTA was in charge of projects preparations for the South Mediterranean coastal area, for the AFD, delegate project manager for the UPFI project, a key project for the Euro-Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development. 4 technical assistance missions were conducted.  // Read more

The UPFI projects :
// Jordan, Aqaba, feasibility study on the Aqaba's sustainable urban development project
// Egypt, Alexandria, rehabilitation and renovation of the industrial heritage of Minat al Bassal
// Palestine, Jericho, multi-site regeneration project
// Morocco, Bouregreg Valley, development plan


alexandria project 163px2014 - International workshop on Mediterranean Sustainable City, co-organized by AFD and the Alexandria Library, Alexandria - Egypt
Bibliotheca Alexandrina is engaged in a reflection on the redevelopment process of Alexandria through 10 major projects that would contribute to an integrated urban dynamic. Similar to many Mediterranean and Arab cities, Alexandria faces urban, social, economic as well as spatial challenges that need a bold approach to put this millennia-old city on a sustainable path. The process Alexandria is engaged in could inspire other Mediterranean cities. The workshop will present an overview of the urban development challenges of Alexandria, which will be put into perspective with similar experiences from other countries.
// Read more


ccfa news22014 - Animation of the breakfast from French-Arab Chamber of Commerce on urban development in the Arab world, Paris - France
It was the first time that the Frech-Arab Chamber of Commerce rose this issue.
// Read the summary of the debate





Paris transmed2012 - Rethinking the urban challenge of the Mediterranean. Paris - France
International Conference
During this one-day conference, INTA collected reflections on the strategic urban issues in the southern Mediterranean; and on the other side to propose new principles that should guide the balanced - therefore sustainable - development of these territories and the priority actions to implement. // Read more


 Alexandria2009 - New Towns in Egypt: the way ahead. Alexandria - Egypt
International Conference
Evaluation of the international experience on the phenomena of new urban communities throughout the last 30 years; In colaboration with The Egyptian Ministry of Housing, this event was a great opportunity to present and discuss in depth the local and international experiences in New Towns towards achieving contemporary benefits. // Read more


 istanbul2007 - Challenges and Opportunities in Multiethnic Cities. Istanbul - Turkey
International Seminar
It addressed the challenges posed by multiethnic cities, in particular the urban integration of foreign communities into the sustainable development process. // Read more


 nador22007 - Mediterranean Metropolis - Nador - Morocco
INTA Peer-to-peer Panel
Nador has a real potential for becoming a strong pole in the region of Estern Morocco and the Mediterranean sea, in this Panel all the challenges and questions were addressed. // Read more


luxor web 1632006 - Heritage Cities: the Contribution of Heritage to Sustainable Development. Luxor - Egypt
International Conference
Cities with a long heritage must be preserved as a reflection of human kind but at the same time there must be a sustainable development within. During this three day conference, both experts and locals gathered to understand the challenges of these cities.
// Read more


Oujda 20072006 - Oujda: L'ambition d'une capitale régionale. Oujda - Morocco
INTA Peer-to-peer Panel
In the center of the city there are 40 ha. available for development. There must be a well planned strategy for making out from Oujda a real regional capital in Morocco and become a continental actor. For this, INTA organized a Panel with experts to analyse and plan the most suitable urban vision for this northern city. // Read more


 sharm el cheik2006 - Tourism and the city: Sustainability and Development.  Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt
International conference
Egypt has been world wide known for its vast and depp history and culture. Non the less, rising cities in the mediterranean country are coming up with a tourism vocation. These type of cities must be well-planned in order to make make sure it becomes an asset for both the region and the country. // Read more


 tetouan2003 - Urban Development Strategy for the great Tétouan. Tétouan - Morocco
INTA Peer-to-peer Panel
Located in the northern part of Morocco, Tétouan has a potential to develop as a touristic and organized city. For this, the panel was organized to discuss with local authorities and experts on how to plan de Strategy for upcoming generations. // Read more


  Oujda 20022002 - A pact for local development: Restore confidence in Région de l'Oriental in its assets and future. Oujda, Morocco
INTA Peer-to-peer Panel
There has to be a planned transition from rural to urban. In this region the vocation is changing and this panel was organized to make sure there is a clear vision of the Oriental Region and understand their importance for the country. // Read more


 Bouregreg2002 - The Great Valley: The Development of Bou Regreg's Valley - Morocco
How to plan a city and it's valley in relation with a mighty river? There are many issues to be adressed when handling a valley to make sure the right choices are being picked. // Read more 

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