This Community of Competence will address the challenge of metropolisation, taking into account medium and small towns and rural spaces. It merges with the old Metropolisation Community.
The main themes will be about funding urban development, the apparition of new "new towns" as well as solidarity and reciprocity, and citizenship and responsibility.

M present-activitiesNowadays, urban development is experiencing new phases: a territorial widening from the district to the city, from the city to the agglomeration, from the agglomeration to the metropolitan area; the significance of the relations and the cooperation between territories; the need to optimize the established governance system embracing the third sector, take into consideration a new urbanity and urban patterns influenced by the global economy and the changing lifestyles.

In a weakening economy context, the breakthrough of new information and communication technologies on the one hand, the urban growth and sometimes decline under the impact of ageing on the other hand, urge the urban stakeholders to explore other ways to build some urbanity.

Community of competence' s thematic issues:
The Community of Competence on Metropolisation includes urban development actors who are confronted with metropolitan practical experiences and it therefore will lead its reflections along the following lines:

  • How do we mobilize the public and private actors in a context of increasing geographical scales? What contractual exchanges between actors and territories to develop a multi-partners metropolitan cooperation? Do metropolitan governance make the other local levels redundant?
  • What could be the metropolitan projects? How to build an urban project that could be significant at metropolitan level?
  • Which infrastructures for which relations among territories? Is there a risk that the pooling of infrastructures produces territorial inequalities in the city?
  • The competitiveness of metropolitan areas involves an urban development standardization. How to attract and secure the talents on a standardised territory?
  • Relations urban / suburban and urban / rural. Which responsibilities of the metropolis toward its neighbouring territories and areas of influence?

In particular community members have proposed to focus the attention and move on the debate on the following themes:
Limits of the metropolisation
> Metro in progress:What about Metropolitan Strategies worldwide?
> International Roundtable on Metropolisation of river basins, between threats and opportunities
> Debate on Metropolisation along the river basins ongoing

Metropolitan identity and representations
Videos of the Congress INTA35 on this topic:
Nicolas Tixier and the Urban Taskscapes
Voice? questioning the public debate
Social cohesion at risk: Romain Lajarge, Lecturer Institute of Alpine Geography - UMR PACTE-Territoires (France)  

Relationship between urban and rural
> Publication by Robert Spizzichino about Neo-localism
> Reciprocal argument process

In order to find practical answers to these issues, while advocating an integrated and cross-development vision, members of INTA and its partners have established this Community of Competence to improve their professional expertises: sharing of experiences, dialogue on the issues at different territorial levels, confrontation of strategies and experimentation of new solutions.


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