IABR discussionFriday 20 April 2012

The city is where it all happens. In the coming decades it is where more and more of us will live, and where we will generate by far the greatest part of our wealth. So it is in cities where we will need to find truly sustainable solutions for the socio-economic and ecological challenges we face. All challenges manifest themselves in cities, and this is what drives us to innovate, to make new alliances and to fìnd real solutions, 'on the ground'. However, our current way of planning and the 'instrumental' responses of planners, designers and politicians are not geared towards the city. 
Our day-to-day solutions more often than not are not up against the scale, diversity and dynamics of the city. Therefore, reactivity reigns and this makes a truly sustainable process of development nearly impossible. Things have to change - and things can change.
Today, more and more actors in more and more situations invest in exploring new approaches.  Step by step, a new planning culture of 'city making' develops which takes the city-as-it-is as its starting point to deploy instruments, investment strategies, rules, regulations and plans to promote truly sustainable development.

The Urban Summit stipulates exactly this: how the individual and collective actions of politicians, administrators, designers, investors and other actors have to, and can adjust to the reality of the city. How can we integrate a truly open way of working into our day-to-day work processes, instruments and alliances? This requires adaptivity and flexibility to pervade our institutions so that the potential and the effects of the process of change itself are once more integral parts of our way of working.

The aim of the Urban Summit is to arrive at a so-called 'agenda of change', which is driven by the dynamic and potentials of the city itself. This agenda will define the ambitions and responsibilities with respect to 'making city' in a concrete manner.

Xavier Briggs (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) chaired the meeting together with Henk Ovink (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and co-curator at the 5th IABR).
Keynote speakers: Damon Rich (City of Newark, USA), Anne Skovbro (City of Copenhagen, Denmark), Joachim Declerck (Architecture Workroom Brussels and co-curator 5th IABR)

The 5th IABR: Making City Urban Summit is organized by the IABR in close collaboration with the Nicis Institute and EMI(Metropolitan Network Institute).

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