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Du regard vidéographie  au regard du spectateur : comment se représente et se partage l'ambiance? / From the video representation to the look of the viewer: how represent and share the urban atmosphere?

Author: Brayer Laure,
PhD. Student at CRESSON, Graduate School of Architecture of Grenoble, France


This paper has for subject the movie entitled Urban Taskscapes, looking at 5 metropolises. From this specific movie we are questioning the capacity of video to represent and share the ambiance. This movie shows some representations of 5 international metropolises, following 5 themes: mobility, economy , Habitat, nature and public space. The different scenes are representative of what Tim Ingold calls taskscape, with an attention to the relation between practices and places.
What the viewer can understand of the ambiance from the different scenes of ordinary everyday life?

Download here the paper (in French)

Brayer Laure,« Du regard vidéographique au regard du spectateur : comment se représente et se partage l’ambiance ? "Taskscapes urbains, Regards sur 5 métropoles" ». In Thibaud Jean-Paul, Siret Daniel (Dir.), Ambiances in action, Ambiances en acte(s), Réseau International Ambiances, 2012. Pp. 95-98.

For further information, please visit International Ambiances Network website: http://www.ambiances.net/
and the 2nd International Congress on ambiances website: http://ambiances2012.sciencesconf.org/?lang=fr


Watch the video "Urban Taskscapes" presented at INTA35

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