In advanced countries 95% is formal. We can afford to have frictional situations with the informal sector. 
In emerging countries the informal is often up to 70%. It is larger, more important and more powerful than the formal.

We can not dare not to account for. We have to create a dialogue and to use its strength for development.

That is the point, the turning point, we have to address. That is what I do in the Ado Ekiti report ( ) 

When you have 70% informality, 5% growth (you double your size in 14 years) and very little formal Government (or no Government at all) our advanced planning system does not work. No point trying to impose it. At best it will be useless and serve to decorate shelves in Government offices. At worst it will disrupt and delay development. 
We have to invent a new dialogue and incorporate the informal sector to the development process instead, as you say, to inflict 'a harsh treatment.. 

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By Pedro Ortiz

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