icon congres March 2018
Taipei, Taiwan, Technology Forum - Urban Revitalization and Sustainable Redevelopment, organized by INTA and Federation of the Real Estate Associations of Taiwan, 13-16 March
icon panel March 2018 
Tamesna, Morocco, International symposium "Regional Convergence Forum", on the theme "New Urban Agenda - New Towns - Region: a trilogy of Territorial Development ", 15-17 March



icon roundtable July 2017 
Nice, France, International Conference at the Innovative City Forum, "Innovation in small and medium towns", 6 July
icon roundtable September 2017
Paris, France, Intakawa #7, "Middle-sized city and innovation: last chance?", 29 September
Invited Guest: Gilbert Emont, Director Palladio Institute, Senior Advisor (IEIF)
- Members only
icon roundtable October 2017 
Marseille, France, Symposium on Reciprocity Contracts, 11 October



icon roundtable April 2016
Paris France, Midterm Metro in Progress Roundtable in Partnership with "Institut pour la recherche CDC" - "Metropolises: Engines for Growth Territories", 8-9 April
icon congres May 2016
Paris, France, International Conference "Greater Paris and Metropolitan Strategies in Europe" in partnership with the City of Paris - Programme Metro in Progress / CC Metro, 23-24 May
icon roundtable May 2016
Paris, France, "Metropolitan Dialogues - Paris Round Table" in partnership with the City of Paris, programme Metro in Progress, 25 May



icon roundtable 100

Metropolitan dialogue « Crossboarder cooperation for a metropolitan economic development » - Metro in Progress Programme, Malmö-Copenhagen, Sweden-Denmark

icon roundtable 100

January 2014
20-23 January. Metropolitan Dialogue “Innovation clusters and innovative economic development on metropolitan level based on service industry” – Metro in Progress Programme , Tallinn-Helsinki, Estonia-Finland



icon roundtable 100

December 2014
Metropolitan Dialogue "Romanian metropolitan corridor, from Bucharest to the Danube border (Giurgiu-Rossé)"  – Metro in Progress programme, Bucharest, Romania

icon roundtable 100

November 2014
20-21 November. Metropolitan Dialogue “Metropolitan development under economic crisis: which way forward?”– Metro in Progress programme, Ljubljana, Slovenia

icon panel

September 2014
14-20 September. International Panel on the south area of Metropolitan Grenoble, Pont de Claix, France

icon congres 100 April 2014
9 April. Equitable Metropolises: fixing spatial, social and economic inequalities through integrated governance, planning and development, Side event at WUF 7, co-organized by Metropolis Association, INTA and UN-Habitat


icon roundtable 100

November 2013
3rd phase of the Programme Metro in progress. International Roundtable in Brussels, Belgium

icon panel

August 2013
18-23 August. Second phase International panel on the design of a new neighbourhood at Xia Zhuang, Taipei, Taiwan.  (Activity transversal to CCM and CCWU)

icon meeting 100 May 2013
20-23 May. Participation at RealCorp International Conference, Rome, Italy
icon meeting 100

April 2013
18 April. Participation at the Seminar “Analysis and Urban Policy” organised by CNAM, LGU, IAU, Paris, France – Maurice Charrier, INTA VP speaker

icon panel

March 2013
23-28 March. 1st Step International Panel on the design of a new neighbourhood at Xin Zhuang. Taipei, Taiwan.  (Activity transversal to CCM and CCWU)

icon roundtable

March 2013
20-21 March. Participation with the Programme Metro in progress to 5Plus City Forum, 20-21 March, Issy les Moulineaux, France

icon panel March 2013
2-9 March. International Panel on territorial planning in the Andean region of Apurimac, mining booming area, Andahuaylas, Peru.
icon panel

January 2013
Grand Lyon, France. 20-26 January.
International panel focused on the repositioning of the South West polarity of Lyon metropolitan area.



icon roundtable November 2012-November 2013
Worldwide. International roundtables on INBetween Metropolitan Strategies
icon congres 100 December 2012
"Metropolitan strategy: towards a productive metropolis?" Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris
icon roundtable December 2012
France. Vaulx-en-Velin roundtable on "A city for all made by all ! The future of social contract in the scattered city"
icon roundtable

May 2012
Schwechat, Vienna. International roundtable on "Have we reached a limit in making the city? Metropolisation of river basins - between threats and opportunities" at the International Real Corp Conference.

icon studytrip
 April 2012
The Netherlands. "Rotterdam Bright Future" urban planning after the crisis
April 26th and 27th
A two-day programme to bring home new lessons for planning after the crisis organised by Inspiring Cities, Stipo, and Deltametropolis Association in collaboration with INTA's Community of Competence Metropolisation. A first event  to experience the city and the occasion to discuss Who is Rotterdam? What is this city's identity?
icon roundtable

April 2012
Olmos, Peru -International Master class: new towns projects under the Olmos Tinajones Project



icon congres

November 2011
France. INTA35 World Urban Development Congress in Lyon and Grenoble
. "Exit, Voice, Loyalty" Metropolises: development strategies and alliances

icon roundtable May 2011
Lisbon. Open International Roundtable on "Reinventing centrality: urban regeneration and mobility".
icon meeting March 2011
Meeting in Oujda, Morocco, for the preparation of a peer-to-peer panel for issue of the metropolisation and the rural areas.
icon roundtable March 2011
Roundtable in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on components and definition of metropoles with Association Deltametropolis.
icon meeting March 2011
Meetings in Barcelona, Spain, on metropolization processes in the Mediterranean.
icon panel January 2011
Bordeaux, France. Presentation of the conclusions of the Peer-to-Peer Panel on the Bordeaux Metropolitan Region in 2025 before elected representatives of the Urban District of Bordeaux



icon panel December 2010
Bordeaux, France. International advisory Panel on the future of the Bordeaux metropolitan area.
icon roundtable November 2010
Getafe, Spain.International Symposium on Sustainable Urbanism CITIES IN METROPOLITAN REGIONS with the support of the Getafe Unesco Center
24th, 25th and 26th of November 2010
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icon congres

Octobre 2010
Spain. INTA's 34th Congress, attended by 300 professionals from over 40 countries, looked for new perspectives toward the role of smart infrastructure for the development of urban regions.

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icon roundtable August 2010
Kaohsiung, Taiwan. INTA Prospective Roundtable on New Metropolitan Synergies in Kaohsiung.

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