Paul Gerretsen, Deltametropool, (The Netherlands)
Jeroen Laven, STIPO, ( The Netherlands)
Rupert Kawka, Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung, Bonn (Germany)

Ahmed Zaib Khan Mahsud, Urban design and Planner, Cosmopolis, Belgium
Alfonso Martínez, Director Bilbao Metropolí 30, Spain
Alianza Francesa de Chiclayo, Peru
Anaïk Purenne Researcher Lab RIVES, ENTPE, UNESCO Chair 'Urban policies and citizenship', France
and Urban Planning, Benin
Bert McClure, urban planner, France
Carlo Spinelli, Urban Center metropolitano, Turin, Italy
Central European Institute of Technology, Schwechat, Austria
Centre for Urban Research, Cosmopolis, University of Brussels, Belgium
Charles Lin Deputy Mayor Tainan City Tainan City, Taiwan
Christopher De Vries, European Infrastructure Laboratory, The Netherlands
City of Malmö, Sweden City of Vaulx-en-Velin, France
Colegio de Arquitectos, Peru
Colegio de Ingenieros, Peru
Cundinamarca Capital Region, Colombia
Cundinamarca Lima Nord, Peru
Darko Polic, City of Novi Sad, Serbia
Émilie Doré Sociologist, France
Enoc Gouroubera Deputy private Secretary to the Benin
Ministry of the Decentralisation ENSAL (National School of architecture of Lyon), France
ENTPE (National School of Public Works of the State), France
Éric Charmes Director Lab RIVES, ENTPE, UNESCO Chair 'Urban policies and citizenship', France Faudziah Ibrahim, Head Division, Development KLCC Property Holdings Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia François Coutel project leader National Council of Cities, France
Françoise Coupé, Professor at Colombian National University and President of the Urban territorial Council of Medellin, Colombia
Françoise Le Lay Project Manager Bordeaux Métropole 3.0 Bordeaux Urban District, Innovation and Metropolitan Strategies, France
Gabriel Pascariu, architect and planner, Romania Group Eiffage, France
H2Olmos-Odebrecht, Peru
Han Meyer professor in Theory and Methods of Urban Design at the Technological University Delft, The Netherlands
Interior Department of Town and Country Planning, Bangkok, Thailand
Jaap Modder Chairman Board of Directors Arnhem Nijmegen City Region, The NetherlandsJacques Gally, senior expert on New Towns, France
Jean-Philippe Motte Vice President in charge of Habitat, Housing and
Travelling people (Roms) Grenoble Alpes Metropole, France
Joep de Roo, Founder and Director of Eurodite, Romania
Julie Hars City of Brignoles, France
Juan Pablo Puy, Arquitect-Urbanist, IDOM – Bilbao, Spain
Livia Morega, Urban planner at Eurodite, Romania
Luis Buezo de Manzanedo Sociologist, INTA - Latin America
Luis Tagle, Director of the National Planning Department, Peru
Marek Dinka, Geographer and spatial planner, City of Bratislava, Slovakia
Markus Damm, Responsible for the management of the City Network DonauHanse at Tina Vienna, Austria
Markus Vogl, querkraft architekten zt gmbh, Austria
Martial Passi, Mayor Municipality of Givors, France
Maurice Charrier, Vice-President in charge of urban policy and social cohesion Grand Lyon, France Metropolis Association, Spain
Metropolitan Grenoble, France
Miguel Prialé Ugas, CEO Municipal highway enterprise Lima Metropolitana, Peru
Municipality of the Olmos District, Peru
Natalia Chinchilla, Arquitect Partner of EB+U, Madrid, Spain
Noud Fransen, Infrastructure and Planning Department, Government of Aruba, Dutch Antilles
Pablo Vega Centeno, Professor Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Peru
Paul Gerretsen, Director Deltametropool Association,The Netherlands
PEOT, Le Proyecto Especial Olmos Tinajones, Peru
Philippe Serizier, Senior Expert, Programme LEED – OCDE, France
Pietro Elisei, Town and Regional Planner, founder and director of URBASOFIA, Romania
Pingki Elka Pangestu, Director PT Loka Mampang Indah Realty Jakarta, Indonesia
Plaine de France, France
Pranee Nantasenamat, Senior Expert in town and country planning, Ministry of Interior Department of Town and Country Planning, Bangkok, Thailand
Province of South Holland, The Netherlands
RealCorp, Austria
Regional government of Lambayeque, Peru
Roy Adams OBE, urban planning and development consultant, London, UK
Séverin Nsia Director Delegate for the Territorial Planning Ministry for the Decentralisation, Benin
Thomas Kiwitt, Managing Director Verband Region Stuttgart (Regional planning commission), Germany UNESCO Chair Urban policies and citizenship, France
Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruíz Gallo, Peru
Urban District of Bordeaux, France
Urban Planning Agency of Metropolitan Grenoble, France
Urban Planning Institute of Ile-de France Region, France
Vincent Fouchier, Deputy Director IAU-IF IAU-IF, France
Virgilio Acuña Peralta, Peruvian MP, Lima Metropolitana government, Peru
Volkmar Pamer, Urban Planner, Municipal Department for District Planning and Land Use South and Northeast, City of Vienna, Austria

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