urban-sprawlThe works of the Community have defined some issues, brought others out and highlighted the capability and/or the difficulty of local actors to manage the metropolitan issues.



Here you can download the Progress Report a document that aims to summarize and report the reflections that came up after the first year of activity.


The Community of Competence Metropolisation had already some 'waypoint' meetings in the recent months, while new activities are listed in the agenda for the coming year.
After one year of activity, we would like to give you an update of what has been said and what will be done.

The Metropolisation theme has been split into three main topics: 1/ Limits of the metropolisation;  2/ From making the city to being the city; 3/ Metropolitan identity and representations.

1/ The theme of limits of metropolisation has been widely discussed in several activities linked to the question of the metropolitan responsibility toward its neighboring territories with special attention to specific territories crossed by a river or localised in Deltas to investigate how those areas have to manage their natural assets to make them factor of metropolitan development (INTA35 and INTA36 Congresses in France, roundtable in Vienna, international seminar in Vaulx-en-Velin on "A city for all made by all !The future of social contract in the scattered city").
Moreover, some CC members participated in the OECD - Compact City Conference that pointed out the need of compact city policies in integrated development policies, and stressed the difficulty of creating compact city policies at a metropolitan scale.

INTA36 RandstadActivities
"Metropolitan strategy: towards a productive metropolis?"
Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris

Vaulx 100px

International seminar "A city for all made by all !The future of social contract in the scattered city", Vaulx-en-Velin, France.
How the challenges of urban surrounding areas, in this "scattered city", put into question the notion of the "right to the city", contents and representation being different from the citizens' point of view of rural and suburban areas?... Read more..

Paris-Region 100pxIn-between Metropolitan Strategies International roundtables and interviews with representatives from Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa and Middle Est countries from November 2012 to April 2013. Read more...

Limit-metropolisationInternational Roundtable on Metropolisation of river basins between threats and opportunities has been held in Schwechat, Austria, on May 15. The viennese working session gathered representatives from most of the countries of the Danube-Rhine corridor: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania. Read more..

2/ From making the city to being a city intends to debate civic participation, new methods and ideas for urban planning and cities development.

Inspiring-tour 100pxActivity
2 days event, 26-27 April - Exploring the Arrival City & urban planning after the crisis: An Urban Anthropological Quest to Rotterdam


3/ Metropolitan identity and representations has been fairly deeply debated at INTA35 and further developed in some of the contributions in the CCPlatform.

depasserlesbornes 100Within this topic, the Community has recently welcomed the new blog activity Dépasser les bornes,  an initiative on the web for the future of large urban area of Grenoble.



debate 2

As regards this topic multiple debates have been opened.
I invite you to follow the discussions and continue to contribute!



background-readings b 100px

In the past months a conspicuous number of documents have been collected in the background documents' section of the the CC available for the download.


For more information please contact the Secretariat to be part of the debate!

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