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September 2012
International round table in Lisbon, Portugal on mobility and tourism


icon meeting February 2011
Meeting in Lyon for the launch of the Community with Rhone Alpes Tourisme to co-construct both the programme of the Summer Course to be held in the Azores in September and the workshop on Tourism to be held at the INTA35 Congress.
icon meeting March 2011
Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, with the Tourism Observatory and the University of the Azores to develop the programme of the Summer Course.
icon meeting April 2011
Reunion Island: meeting for the follow-up of the peer-to-peer Panel on Tourism and regional development held in La Réunion in June 2010.
This Panel was followed by a roundtable organised by the Region Reunion as a mid-term feedback and exchanges with the members of the community on Tourism development.  The roundtable was held on the last trimester of 2011 in La Réunion.
icon training September 2011
Azores, Portugal Summer Course 4
icon congres November 2011
Grenoble, France - INTA35 Congress: Workshop on tourism and regional economic policy
icon roundtable November 2011
Reunion Island.International roundtable on tourism and regional economic policy



icon panel June 2010
Reunion Island: International peer-to-peer Panel in Saint-Gilles on innovative tourism project

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