eco-city-projectsA delegation from Reunion Island is visiting major projects (HafenCity Hamburg, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines and Plaine commune - France, Copenhagen By og Havn project - Denmark, Malmö - Sweden) to get some inputs on how to manage urban projects as they are launching a 5000ha project in the centre of the West Coast urban district.

Preparing the next step the leading partner (TCO urban district) has prepared the following questions to be shared with other INTA members and looking for widening the debate.

Which operators are involved in major development projects?
How much risk operators take on? What is the role of the land institutions, external service providers (consulting, strategy, project management assistance)? What is the role of the state and of the public institutions?

How public, national, European and private funds are mobilized ? How urban and harbour transformations can be financed ? How to develop an ambitious project when public funds are decreasing?

What is the added value of an eco-project for the population?
How to organise projects planning monitoting and design?
How to define the transformation strategy planning?
How to address the harbour development? What role for the local communities vis-à-vis to the economic changes?  What is the role of the port in the project? How to associate the neighbouring territories/ areas to project of the harbour?

How to ensure the coherence of the project and its stability over time?   
How does the negotiation process with the stakeholders work - upstream in the planning phase and downstream in the design phase of the project areas?

How to define the target audience of the urban projects? How to communicate the project to ensure its influence and make it attractive? Which approach could be used by the city?

How to make this project attractive and readable for the new residents? How do you run a participatory process on a long term project? Do you also determine medium-term actions?
How facilities are planned according to the aging population?
Are there procedures for a mid-term evaluation related to the project original objectives and taking into account the cumulative effects of other projects? Do you have self-correcting mid-term mechanisms  to take into account environmental changes?
What is the impact of the project on the neighouring areas and other parts of the territory outside the boundaries of the project?
Can the project "celebrity" attract visitors to make a significant impact in terms of tourism development?


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