Call for solidarity from Isfahan

You will find below an open letter from the Mayor of Isfahan, Iran, calling cities for solidarity while facing current global challenge and pandemic and also deploring the restrictions imposed on the access to vital equipment. // Read the letter Read more
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The Idea of Inhabiting

The beautiful book by Richard SENNETT "building and living" paradoxically refers to what we experienced in this period of confinement. Street intelligence appeared to be paramount. What surrounds us in daily gestures, short distances and what suddenly appears important since we cannot travel very far. We discover local knowledge in the things of daily life. The Idea of Inhabiting Column by Jean-Yves Chapuis, sociologist, urban planner, elected in Rennes city (France) from 1983 to 2014, former vice-president at the Rennes Metropolis and director of the school of architecture in Rennes. He is… Read more
tribune1 chapuis

What city tomorrow? City or Country? - Jean-Yves Chapuis

We still continue to talk about density and urban sprawl. In addition the virus COVID19 is a good opportunity to not only criticize the dense city, but to promote the individual house in the countryside outside of the city. However, this pandemic also underscores the need to be together, to talk, to see. In fact the city is everywhere, in a society of mobility, the boundaries are blurred. What is important is to be able to choose the space where you want to live according to his desires and his constraints. We can love the dense city centres of the cities, the peri - central, the periphery,… Read more
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Subscription confirmed | Inscription confirmée

#sub-confirmed img:hover { opacity: 0.65; } Thank you !Your subscription is now confirmed, Click on the pictures below to read the previous issues of the two INTA newsletters Merci !Votre abonnement est maintenant confirmé.Cliquez sur les images ci-dessous pour lire les précédents numéros des deux newsletters INTA Read more
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Subscription awaiting confirmation

Your request has been received, to confirm your subscription please check your emails and click on the link sent by the address "newsletter@inta-aivn.org"You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each newsletter. Read more

INTA and the COVID19 crisis

Message from INTA president : Dear colleagues and friends, The pandemic strikes us painfully and jeopardizes our achievements with regard to our urban life and, as we can see very clearly today, our collective and interdependent society. About three weeks of confinement ats home and we realize the importance of having unrestricted access to the world around us and to be able to communicate with others without worries. We all hope to quickly resume this social life, which the epidemiological data seem to contradict, however. .article-container p { font-size: 14px; } .article-container a,… Read more
Maurice Charrier

Maurice Charrier: overview on the last two mandates

Maurice Charrier, at the end of his mandate as President, recalled the principles on which his public action was based. My term as President has come to an end. I am grateful to the Board of INTA for having trusted me twice. It is difficult for me to take stock of these 6 years; it is up to the Governing Board to do so. Failing to do well, I tried to do for the best, in a context that was not always easy. INTA is subject to the same constraints, to the same challenges imposed on many other associations. I am grateful to all the members of the Board for their engagement and support, with a… Read more

INTA 43 - 24/01/2020

The 43rd Congress of INTA will take place on January 24, 2020 in Paris, from 9am to 5pm. The event will be hosted by Poste Immo, in the 14th Paris arrondissement at 111 Boulevard Brunette. // Read the full programme Registrations are now open, you can register online on this page, a participation to the organization costs of 100 € will be required to complete the registration. Read more


p { font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Roboto, Helvetica, Arial !important; } .sp-desc { padding-top: 15px; } .speakers-tab td { width: 25%; padding-top: 10px; padding-right: 15px; vertical-align: top !important; padding-left: 25px; } .speaker-pict { width: 89px !important; height: 104px !important; } .hour { font-weight: 100; font-size: 25px; } .session-title { color: white; background-color: #E96D71; padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px; border-radius: 25px; } .speakers { opacity: 0.9; margin-top: 25px; margin-left: 35px; } .keywords { font-size: 9px; font-weight: 400; } .congresstitle { border-left: 2px… Read more
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How to get to INTA43

* { font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Roboto, Helvetica, Arial !important; } #title1 { font-size: 25px; font-weight: 450; color: #eb7775; } #title2 { font-size: 15px; letter-spacing: 2px; color: #eb7775; } ADDRESS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Poste Immo111 Boulevard Brune 75014 Paris Tram T3a stops Jean Moulin or Didot Metro line 4 station Porte d’Orléans Bus 54 stops Porte de Chatillon MAP Read more
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Our team

table img { opacity: 0.75; } table img:hover { opacity: 1; } Project-Team Follow-up comittee Marie Chabrol, architecte - urbanist, Urbapilot director Bernard Roth, INTA scientific comittee, director of Pericles Développement Thierry Sarda, COO DTA Medical Michel Sudarskis, INTA's general secretary INTA 18, rue Daval, 75011, Paris, France Contact : Michel Sudarskis Mail : intainfo@inta-net.org Website :inta-aivn.org The international association of urban development intervenes all over the world to provide assistance to local public and private leaders in analyzing the issues, identifying the… Read more
forum nahro 2019

International Forum on Housing and Community Development

Creating Community International Housing and Community Development Forum - October 12-14, 2019 : Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol - Austin, Texas, USA A Forum jointly organised by NAHRO and INTAHosted by the Housing Authority of the City of Austin, TX Does housing professionals have a common consideration of the process (programs, policies, and tools) of Creating Community? How much the whole process is in synergy with the global Sustainable Development Goals: diversity and inclusion, health, education and employment, environmental sustainability? Are the housing and urban development… Read more
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ISOCARP INSTITUTE ACADEMYCAPACITY BUILDING PROGAMME: MEMBER TO MEMBER TRAINING GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL PLANNING INTA is pleased to announce and support the Capacity Building Programme, a Member to Member training of ISOCARP. See below for details and registration : Date: September 7&8, 2019Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, Podomoro University SOCARP Institute is proud to announce the ISOCARP Academy, a new branch entirely dedicated to offering international capacity building training that provides planning education for the middle and higher management of cities. The ISOCARP Institute Academy… Read more
kawas bilan nl

First phase : debates cycle

INTAKAWAS HEALTH & TERRITORIES CYCLE. First phase of programme launching, we organised the group of partners that include local authorities, international/national institutions and sponsors involved in the program. These actors were gathered with a first cycle of debate on the links between health and urbanism.// Read the first phase conclusions What is INTAKAWA?An exchange on diversified subjects, anchored in various territories, every month, to learn and know other situations, debate and discuss the major issues of planning today and tomorrow.The exchange time is short (between 90 minutes… Read more
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INTA joins Habitat Professionals Forum

The INTA secretariat is pleased to announce that INTA is joining the Habitat Professionals Forum, a voluntary affiliation of international and regional associations of Human Settlements Professionals involved in sustainable urban development. Being a member of HPF will allow INTA to exchange and share knowledge and experience towards integrated, inclusive and sustainable urban development within a wide international urban professionnal network. What is HPF? The HPF fosters cooperation and partnership between the Human Settlements Professionals and UN-­‐HABITAT through dialogue and… Read more
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Get involved

td { color: #304876; } td:hover { color: #1bc3c8; } Get involved The objective of integrating the program is to facilitate and accelerate, based on a collective production, the implementation modalities of innovative policies or projects combining health and urban development. Who can participate ? A local authority (which may as well be a Region, a City, an Agglomeration of cities, etc.), an association of citizens, a private organization or any other actor of the territory's construction can integrate the program if its governing bodies have a will to intervene in the cross-field of health and spatial… Read more


@media screen and (min-width: 501px) { .content-wrapper:not(h2) { margin-top: 50px; max-width: 950px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; transform: translateX(0) translateZ(0); transition: transform .2s; will-change: transform; } Our Partners Do you want to support the programme ? Contact INTA Secretariat For the whole programme : For the launching-phase debate cycle : Read more
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Presentation In a hurry ? Download a short presentation of the programme for Europe or Africa Rebuilding the links between health and urbanism Why ? Habitat III logo conference,New Urban Agenda Quito - Peru, 2016 A quick overview of recent events in the world (deadly pollution, the increase in chronic diseases, epidemics linked to the invasion of certain species ...) reveals the immense challenge facing urban areas to continue to be liveable and maintain healthy populations. These events illustrate both the vulnerability and the complexity of urban systems that result in multiple… Read more


@media screen and (max-width: 500px) { .typefixed { text-align: center; font-size: 18px; } .typeffect { font-size: 18px; font-weight: 350; } .specdesc { margin: 0; font-size: 15px; font-weight: 250; } } @media screen and (min-width: 501px) { .typeffect { font-size: 18px; font-weight: 300; color: #5ec6c9; } .specdesc { text-align: justify; margin: 0; font-size: 18px; font-weight: 350; letter-spacing: 1px; margin-top: 15px; } .specdesc .str { font-weight: 500; } .content-wrapper { margin-top: 50px; max-width: 950px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; transform: translateX(0) translateZ(0); transition: transform… Read more
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New Cities hosted some 250 participants from around 40 countries in Montreal on June 19th and 20th to share their thoughts and experience in the quest for the well-being and wellness of city dwellers. During the opening panel, Ann Aerts, director of the Novartis Foundation and Renato Galliano, of the City of Milan, emphasized the importance of local action in health and well-being. Health is often a State policy, but the quality of life in urban areas, where the vast majority of people live, is the responsibility of municipalities and local institutions. The consequences of the urban… Read more
restitution recherche cdc

Research report - Caisse des Dépôts

Our member, the Caisse des Dépôts Group, is proposing at the beginning of July a seminar on the research "Shops, healthcare services and justice: which shrinkage processes in small and medium-sized cities?" The Institute for Research and the Bank of the Territories of Caisse des Dépôts, as well as the French Office of the Commissioner General for Equality of the Territories, supported this research on the urban issues and dynamics of small and medium-sized cities, conducted under the direction of Sylvie Fol from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University. This research aims to provide a better… Read more
prix lemonde 2019

Participation to Le Monde Cities 2019 Awards

INTA is a partner of the 2019 Le Monde Innovation Cities Award and has participated in the project selection committee. This competition aims to highlight and encourage initiatives in the service of inhabitants wellbeing, social justice and cities adaptation to the radical transitions linked to global warming. It is open to a wide variety of actors: companies, local authorities, NGOs, associations, citizens, ... Awarded categories: Mobilities Energies Habitat Urbanism Citizens involvement The awards ceremony will take place on June 28, 2019 in Paris.// Learn more Read more
lifi 2019 nl

Global LiFi Congress - Paris, 12 & 13 june 2019

The second Global LiFi Congress will take place from 12 to 13 June 2019 in Paris, at Salons Hoche. The event is co-organized by Versailles Saint Quentin University and our partner IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). On the agenda : conferences bringing together professionals and scientists around LiFi, exhibitors, a networking space and opportunities for one-to-one meetings. Find more information and the complete program on the event website: // More information Read more
pfvt nl

INTA-PFVT: preparation of international events

The French Partnership for Cities and Territories (PFVT) is the platform for exchanging and promoting the expertise of French actors in urban development abroad. INTA, member of the PFVT is co-leader of the group urban health in the framework of the preparation of the recommendations brought by the French actors during 2 major international events: the World Urban Forum 10 (Abu Dhabi, 8-13 February 2020) with the theme : Cities of Opportunity: Connecting Culture and Innovation; and the Africa-France Summit on the Sustainable City (Bordeaux, June 2020). The work of the health group will echo… Read more
ishf nl

International Social Housing Festival - Event in Aix-les-bains

Our member Récipro-Cité and Solar group organized a special event "For a more humane and inclusive city in Aix-les-Bains" on the occasion of the International Social Housing Festival, june 6 in Aix-Les-Bains (France). 2019 festival edition description :"Making the link between the homes we inhabit, the cities we live in and the overall quality of life, the ISHF 2019 aims through a series of diverse events to highlight the importance of access to decent housing for all, to celebrate the long tradition of public, cooperative and social housing and its key role in addressing current and future… Read more
michel sudarskis article ieif

Hambourg et les mutations urbaines - article de Michel Sudarskis

Le secrétaire général de l'INTA, Michel Sudarskis a rédigé un article sur Hambourg comme exemple des mutations urbaines dans la revue immobilière de l'IEIF, Réflexions Immobilières. Vous pouvez retrouvez l'intégralité du dossier qui y est consacré ici : // Télécharger l'article de Michel Sudarskis Vous pouvez également retrouver sur notre site des informations sur notre formation de 2019 dont la 2ème session a eu lieu à Hambourg autour de ces mêmes enjeux : // Plus d'information sur notre formation Read more
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INTA and Nile launch RH[e]SUs

INTA and Nile combine their expert knowledge to adapt our environment to our health needs and launch RH[e]Sus (Rurality, Humanism, Health, Urbanity)A platform for reflection and proposals #announce { background-color: #e4eded; text-align: center; font-size: 15px; color: black; padding: 10px; margin-top: 7px; margin-bottom: 7px; } RH[e]Sus official launching event will take place on september 2019, in Paris. Health services within our communities are fundamentally a political questionRecently, especially after, the introduction of My Health 2022, a transformational strategy of the French national… Read more
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Bonnes performances et développement de CBo Territoria

« En 2018, nos performances commerciales en Promotion Immobilière sont en ligne avec notre plan stratégique de Fonciarisation. Forts de la pertinence et de la qualité de notre offre, nous avons maintenu un haut niveau d'activité commerciale dans l'Immobilier résidentiel après une année record en 2017 (+40% vs. 2016), et malgré des reports de vente sur 2019, conséquences des événements de fin d'année. Parallèlement, la très forte progression des réservations en immobilier et terrains professionnels devrait générer un chiffre d'affaires significatif sur ces segments dès 2019. » déclare Eric… Read more
siati nl

INTA jury member of the next SIATI

INTA will be in the jury of the next Real Estate, Land Planning & Infrastructure Summit (SIATI), whose prizes will be awarded on Tuesday 18 June in Paris. During this same day will also be organized a dozen panels, around 3 main themes : I. Real estate, transactions and financing II. Major Projects: Promotion and Construction III. Smart City & Green City Two users workshop are also part of the programme : The new challenges of real-estate management Coworking : which strategy? Full programme and list of all the awarded categories on SIATI website (in French). Read more
FODEVA article icon

African Cities Development Fund CEI

In 2017, INTA organised for UCLG Africa (United Cities and Local Governments - Africa) a workshop bringing together some thirty experts from Africa and other continents, around the identification of a fund for the investment and development of African cities.// Learn more about this workshop This project now has a name : the African Cities Development Fund, which is designed as a cooperative fund to bring together most of Africa's major cities. It is the subject of a Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) by UCLG Africa, in order to bring together a new set of founding members (each local… Read more
entretiens correns 3

3rd edition of Correns Interviews

To help the social and ecological transition, how to reinvent our relationship with others and thus create new forms of governance? From september 19 to 20 takes place the 3rd edition of Correns interviews, organized by our partner Lou Labo. The purpose of these interviews? "Inspire players in the transition to sustainable models by co-creating a fertile ecosystem of initiatives". On the agenda, a focus on local solutions to the issue of sustainable development, with meetings of local actors, leading successful initiatives: organic farmers, business leaders, technicians, employees, elected… Read more
zulma open forum

Open-forum from Zulma Bolivar on Venezuela

"Venezuela: The Plan for the day after " Education, technology, participation and governance in national reconstruction: applying the INTA methodology for the comprehensive analysis of the urban environment. Picture © Daniel Hernández Zulma Bolivar, Professor-Researcher in the Master of Urban Design of the Institute of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture of the Central University of Venezuela In any country of the free and democratic world, the academia is a space for analysis, diagnosis and design of alternative ways to build a city, build citizenship, strengthen development and… Read more
article UBAT

UBAT and INTA conferences cycle "Urban / Rural, which future ?"

INTA is partner of a conferences cycle launched by UBAT (Popular University of Barjols on the Arts of the Territory): "Urban / Rural, which future?" The first conference of this cycle "From the right to the city to the right to live in the village" took place on Thursday, April 4th at the Elias Center in the village of Barjols with Eric Charmes, research director at ENTP Lyon as guest. Two upcoming meetings: " What "intercommunality" refers to? " - On May 19 - 2019 " Detoxify from CAME (Competitiveness, Attractiveness, Metropolisation, Excellence) " - On June 29 - 2019 // More information (in… Read more

Lee Kuan Yew City Prize 2020 - Call for Nominations

Nominations for the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2020 are extended, until 31 May 2019. Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize is a biennial international award for cities. It awards their capacity to face urban challenges with achievements and contributions to the creation of livable, vibrant and sustainable urban communities. The purpose is to choose urban solutions that are practical, cost effective and replicable across cites, and with identified social, economic and environmental benefits, so as to promote innovation in the area of sustainable urban development, and define patterns for the future… Read more
conclusions stfons header

Conclusions & pictures

#francetv { text-align: center; } For a sustainable and inclusive territory: a panel of INTA for Saint-Fons. The INTA panel for Saint-Fons, France, held from 17 to 22 March, concluded that its elected representatives, its institutional and industrial partners and its inhabitants contribute to the wealth of the Lyon metropolis, an urban value that can be analysed through 3 prisms: symbolic, economic and spatial. Saint-Fons is a vital organ in a multipolar metropolis and as such a solution for the sustainable development of the metropolis: A space for future expansion of the agglomeration A… Read more
europan 15 NL

Call for projects Europan15

EUROPAN is a competition of ideas of architecture and urbanism followed by achievements launched simultaneously every two years in about twenty European countries around a common theme and from concrete urban situations proposed by local authorities.EUROPAN is aimed at young professionals under 40 years old, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, artists, geographers, ecologists ... and any discipline related to the design of territories, all over Europe.Goals : Give access to design projects to young European designers. Promote ideas and concepts on territorial transformation.… Read more
normandie connectee NL

INTA at 4th Connected Normandie forum

INTA will participate to the 4th Connected Normandy Forum on the theme: New challenges for mobility. It will take place from March 29 to 30, 2019 with lectures and debates, round tables and design workshops. Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General of INTA, will participate in the Forum as Moderator, in the design workshop entitled "A tram-train of the Pays d'Auge for all?" From Friday 29th to Saturday 30th March, Hôtel de ville, 164, boulevard Fernand-Moureaux, Trouville-sur-Mer. In 2018 we participated to the 3rd Connected Normandy Forum, you can find below an article about our participation://… Read more
ville moyenne

"Mid-sized cities, crisis and renewal" seminar in Montluçon

INTA's partner La Ville en Commun organizes from 21 to 22 March 2019 a series of reflections on the crises that medium-sized cities are going through, and possible solutions in a context where the resumption of economic growth is uncertain. On the first day participants will visit the city of Montluçon with its mayor Frederic Laporte to have a clear overview of the situation. On the second day, three roundtables will bring together speakers from various schools of thought, as well as representatives of several French cities participating in this initiative. A review of these insights will be… Read more
Poste louvres

Renovation of the Louvre Post

Poste Immo, the real estate segment of La Poste Group, in conjunction with the City of Paris will deeply renew the Post Office of the Louvre to transform this building dating from 1880, once a real mail processing plant into a mixed urban island, open to the public. This urban island planned for 2020 will include, in addition to the activities of La Poste a police station, social housing, shops, offices, a day care center, a co-working space addressed to students, ... "Who better than La Poste can imagine how cities live in a given era? Our postmen meet 38 million people every day" Rémi… Read more
arc innov paris

Innovation Arc of Paris metropolis

Paris City Council, Plaine Commune, Est Ensemble and Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre unite to launch the Arc of Innovation Grand Paris, an initiative aimed at creating a network between the actors of innovation of the Paris region and amplifying the dynamics of progress of these territories. These actors are currently concentrated mainly in the east of Paris and its suburbs, forming an "Arc" of innovation. The types of innovations involved are varied and include fab-labs, digital sector companies, shared gardens, coworking spaces, social and solidarity entrepreneurship, etc. This cooperation has… Read more
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Conclusions and pictures

Conclusions You can now consult the conclusions of this Africities Summit, some of our recommendations have been included in the general recommendations:// See the summary of Africites 8 sessions// See the declaration of mayors and local governments leadersIn addition, INTA's Deputy Secretary General Lola Davidson has published an article on financialization in the January 2019 bulletin of the association of cities in development (ADP). This article summarizes the mechanisms of urban financialization discussed during our session at Africities.// Read the ADP article View the embedded image… Read more
Woodroffe resized


International team Jonathan WoodroffeLondon, England Jonathan Woodroffe has 28 years of experience on large-scale urban and architectural projects in the UK and overseas. Jonathan graduated from Portsmouth University in 1989. He worked as a project architect at WilksonEyre and Neutelings Riedijk, two of Europe’s leading architectural practices before founding S333 Architecture + Urbanism in 1997. Jonathan’s ability to analyse and critique constructively across the disciplines of architecture and urban design has led to his participation in a number of professional design panels. He is a… Read more
Mipim 2019 article

MIPIM 30th Edition

MIPIM, the premier real estate event, gathers the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry for four days of networking, learning and transaction through premium events, conferences and dedicated exhibition zones. Be part of the real estate industry’s most proven business platform to promote your business and showcase your projects to 26, 000 active professionals from 100 countries, identify profitable ventures, and source capital in 4 intensive days.// Learn more MIPIM key figures: 21,500+ m² of exhibition 26,000 Unique participants 5,400 Investors 100… Read more
LOGO trophees adem

Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards

The 2nd edition of the “Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards” is organised by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), with the support of its Mediterranean partners: the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM), Plan Bleu and the Agency for sustainable Mediterranean cities and territories (AViTeM). The competition rewards exemplary and concrete actions to adapt to climate change in the Mediterranean. This competition is aimed at public stakeholders, members of the private sector and NGOs which are taking action and developing solutions to adapt the Mediterranean… Read more
logogipecocite v4

Creation of a Public Interest Group in La Reunion island

The island of La Reunion is now engaged in an ambitious partnership with the French state to develop the Ecocity of the West Coast, becoming Ecocity of La Reunion. By creating a public interest group that brings together the state, the regional council and the department of La Reunion and its 3 largest municipalities, the Ecocity partners recognize the need to change scale to innovate in matters of governance.In 2015 we conducted a panel of international experts in La Reunion and our recommendations served as a base for the promoters of the Ecocity project. You can now find the description,… Read more

SEDP becomes RATP Real Estate

The RATP Group reinvents itself by drawing on its historical expertise, reinforcing the consistency of its brands and enhancing its activities. The SEDP (society for studies and heritage development), the real estate company of the RATP group becomes RATP Real Estate. Founded in 1990, it has since deployed a unique expertise in real estate management and engineering. Today, RATP Real Estate manages and develops the real estate and land assets of public and private clients through several complementary businesses: studies (opportunity, feasibility), programming, project management assistance,… Read more

Awards of the City of Solidarity and Responsible Real Estate

The ESSEC Business School Chair in Real Estate and Sustainable Development has launched the first edition of its ESSEC Grand Prix of the City of Solidarity and Responsible Real Estate, created with the support of the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF), the Action Against Exclusion Foundation (FACE), the Paris City Council, the Greater Paris Metropolis (MGP), the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, the Société du Grand Paris (SGP), with the participation of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), the Abbé Pierre Foundation, the… Read more
Saint Fons Panel

2019 Saint-Fons Panel

What levers to recreate urban value? What conditions to renew the residential attractiveness of Saint-Fons? This central questioning was the starting point of a guiding development plan of the "Northern area of Saint-Fons entrusted by the Greater Lyon to the Urban Planning Agency in 2017. Saint-Fons and the Greater Lyon wish to improve and share widely this planning document. The INTA panel approach, in the form of sharing practices and experiences, should make it possible to fix the strategic choices that should bring about the renewal of Saint-Fons and to anchor its vocation to be a city of… Read more
Logo Kawa 19 text EN

INTAKAWA #19 - 16/05/2019

img { display: block; margin: auto; } #speakerdesc { padding: 0.7em; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; } Cycle "Health & Territories" - Thursday 16th of May 2019 from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM - 2nd floor of 5 rue boudreau, Paris Programme Last meeting of the territories & health cycle; we discussed the place of the hospital in the city of tomorrow, answering several questions: How does the hospital (public and private) open to the city? What balances of hospital services (public and private) in the territory? What about the hospital in its territorial network? We also came back to the whole cycle and… Read more
logo kawa18 text en

INTAKAWA #18 - 19/02/2019

img { display: block; margin: auto; } Cycle "Places & Health" - Tuesday 19 February 2019 from 8:15 AM to 10:00 AM - Maison de l'Architecture en Ile de France The debate on the role of care and patients in a context of digital transition tends to forget the urban and territorial dimension and the effects of changes in the health system and especially the provision of care in the territories.Over the last ten years, France has built not only in the healthcare sector but also in urban services - data, robotics, medical imaging, smart city - a technological base of great value; however it remains… Read more
logotext kawa17 en2

INTAKAWA #17 - 24/01/2019

"Health & Territories" Cycle - Thursday 24 january 2019 from 8:15am to 10:00am - Maison de l'Architecture en Ile de France In partnership with Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais. The INTAKAWA, of the 24th January was the fourth meeting of the "Places and Health " cycle. In partnership with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'architecture of Paris-Malaquais, this debate took place in three time around projects carried out by Master 1 and 2 students in architecture. With this debate, we highlighted the role of architects in ordering care and health projects based on the… Read more

GlobalABC at COP24

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) of which INTA is a member, will be present at the next Conference Of Parties, in Katowice, Poland. GlobalABC is organizing a roundtable to promote a greater ambition among decision-makers in the building sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Speakers will incude Ministers, Mayors, and CEO. This roudntable will be held on november 7 from 11:00AM to 12:00 PMAs the event is part of COP24, it is necessary to be admitted as a COP24 participant to attend.// More information on the COP24 roundtable GlobalABC will however also hold… Read more
Logo Text 16 2

INTAKAWA #16 - 13/12/2018

"Health & Territories" Cycle - Thursday 13 december 2018 from 8:15 AM to 10:00 AM - Maison de l'Architecture en Ile de France This third meeting around the theme Territories & Health focused on a major player in French real estate, Poste Immo, which focuses its development strategy on the revitalization of medium-sized cities with new services.On this occasion, we also came back to the method and stakes of our Pilot Healthy Places programme, which aims to rebuild the links between urban planning and health issues within the territories. Our Great Witness : Rémi FeredjCEO of Poste Immo (real… Read more
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Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis & South Region: a pool of new experiences?

Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 10:30 to 12:30 will be held the 32nd edition of the Economic Morning of the House of the Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur & South Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur Region at MAPIC, the international exhibition of the commercial development. This morning will focus on the theme: "Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis & South Region: a pool of new experiences?" And will incude a breakfast / networking event. It will be co-animated by Virginie ATLAN, Director of the House of the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur South Region, and Denis CARREAUX, Director… Read more
NUA conf

Second International Congress on Implementing the New Urban Agenda (NUA) in Newcastle, Australia, from 1–3 November 2018

The 2nd international Implementing the New Urban Agenda and SDGs Conference will be held in partnership with the 26th EAROPH World Congress, in Newcastle, NSW on the 1st and 2nd November 2018. The congress follows the successful inaugural conference in Melbourne in May 2017 where 240 delegates from 11 countries met for the rst me following the signing of The New Urban Agenda in Quito in 2016.This 2018 congress will be focused on the theme Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda. The organisers aim to make the congress a… Read more

Saint-Denis: Journée de réflexion de l'Atelier Ville Santé

L'Atelier Ville Santé de la ville de Saint-Denis organise sa 4ème journée de réflexion sur le thème: « Un urbanisme favorable à l’activité physique et à la santé, dessinons la ville ensemble » jeudi 22 novembre 2018 de 8h30 à 16h30. Les ateliers de la journée aborderont l'impact de l'urbanisme sur la santé et le rôle que l'activité physique peut jouer dans cette relation. Cette journée se déroulera au Centre Hospitalier de Saint-Denis: 2 Rue de le Dr Delafontaine, 93200 Saint-Denis L’Atelier Santé Ville ASV « nutrition et activité physique » réunit des professionnels de santé hospitaliers,… Read more
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INTAKAWA #15 - 06/11/18

#film { text-align: center; } "Health and Territories" Cycle - Tuesday 6 november 2018 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM - Maison de l'Architecture en Ile De France The levers of action on health and well-being depend on broader policies than those of health stricto sensu, and have cultural, social and economic ramifications for which the urban dimension plays a role of integrator and regulator. INTA and Urbapilot, with the support of elected officials, professionals and economic partners who contribute to improving the living environments that are determinants of health, question the capacity of the… Read more

Eiffage is launching an urban development application, "Phosphore City"

Eiffage Aménagement has created a new application, "Phosphore City" to tackle in the form of games the themes of quality of life, local development and environmental performance in urban development. Players can at any time check their game score in these different areas. The objective is to allow intuitive understanding of concepts and their interactions, to better understand the urban complexity. Players are thus invited to define a territory, choose a project and explore solutions while comparing them to reference projects. This fun experience is short (estimated at 15 minutes) and is… Read more
Galati portului vechi

IMOFEST 2018 - Galați Investment Forum

Our member, Tehnopol Galați is a partner of the first edition of Galaţi Investment Forum - IMOFEST 2018 which will take place on the 30th of October. IMOFEST 2018 Forum is dedicated to attracting new investments in Galați and the municipality will present public and private unused land that is open to investment and reuse. "Together with representatives of local administrations, investors and developers, we contribute to the urban regeneration of Galați and its transformation into a pole of investment attractiveness. We create added value for the land and buildings in our city, for both local… Read more

Forum Smart City Paris 2018

INTA is a partner of the next edition of the Smart City Forum organized by La Tribune at Paris City Hall on November 27 & 28, 2018. The smart city forums of La Tribune are dedicated to thinking about new business models, new practices, changes in the relationships between different public and private actors in the territories, the challenges involved in urban transformation, the impact of the digital revolution on the city. Reference forums that are intended as unique meeting places for entrepreneurs, engineers, decision-makers, intellectuals, large companies and startups, local authorities,… Read more
recherche quartiers sante

INTAKAWA #14 - 04/10/18

Cycle "Health & Territories" - Thursday October 4 2018 - Maison de l'Architecture en Ile De France Thursday, October 4, 2018 took place at the Maison de l'Architecture our first INTAKAWA of the autumn, dedicated to the theme of links between territories and health. Our great witness for this meeting, the deputy mayor for health of the City of Saint Denis (near Paris) Elizabeth Belin, took part in a debate on local health practices and told us about the challenges she faces as an elected representative in both urban planning and health, particularly because of the high levels of pollution… Read more
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Pilot Healthy Places

Application program to engage a new health and well-being culture in cities and territories The "Pilot healthy places" programme is INTA’s new initiative in partnership with Urbapilot to promote a new health and well-being culture in our communities. It aims at renewing the links between health and urban planning actors. It comes as a natural outcome of Urbapilot’s prior research project "Programming neighborhoods that are beneficial to the inhabitants regarding health and well-being" led by Marie Chabrol (Urbapilot) and supported by Leroy Merlin Source. The "Pilot healthy places" utilizes a… Read more
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2019 training cycle

/* ---------------------------- Infobox ----------------------------- */ .infobox a:link, .infobox a:visited { background-color: white; color: black; border: 2px solid #497389; padding: 7px 15px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; display: inline-block; } .infobox a:hover, .infobox a:active { background-color: #497389; color: white; } p { margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 1.5rem; line-height: 1.5; } p:last-child { margin-bottom: 0; } /* ---------------------------- Top Button ------------------------------ */ body .to-top { text-align: center; font-size: 180%; margin: 2em; font-family: Calibri, arial,… Read more

H20 Global River Cities Summit

Hangzhou will be holding the first H20 Global River Cities Summit on November 14th —15th, 2018. The main topics of the H20 Global River Cities Summit include: City & River culture Rivers are the cradle of city development, and the birthplace of culture. They are closely tied to a city’s ability to survive and develop, and they heavily influence the style and aesthetics of the urban environment. H20 opens up a cultural door to the further melding of rivers and cities. Urban river ecological management Building ecological river embankments is the current development trend in modern river… Read more
Buga 2025 Rostock Zuschlag 780x520

Rostock will host the BUGA 2025 - Federal Horticultural Show - boosting the city-port-city centre project.

Congratulations to the host of our INTA42 Congress, the City of Rostock, that will host the BUGA 2025. Rostock receives bid for the BUGA 2025: Minister of Agriculture Till Backhaus (from left), Lord Mayor Roland Methling, State Secretary for Economic Affairs Stefan Rudolph and Jochen Sandner, Managing Directors of the Deutsche Bundesgartenschau-Gesellschaft mbH (DBG) "The basis for this decision is a convincing urban development concept in the area of ​​conflict between the city center of Rostock, the city harbor and the open spaces on the eastern edge of the Warnow," says Jochen Sandner,… Read more
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Empowering Cities and Citizen - IHS 60th anniversary's conference, 6-7 November, Rotterdam

The IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, are organizing a 60 year anniversary conference in Rotterdam, on 6-7 November. This conference aims to reflect on current and new urban trends, whether in urban development and management, or humanities, social and behavioural sciences. The conference is an opportunity to discuss the ‘hot topics’ of urban research and practice, to find ways of measuring outcomes and to look at the ‘status quo’ of the SDG implementation with colleagues from around the world, whether local and regional governments, practitioners, researchers or other… Read more
st fons

INTA's participation to Urban Agenda 2030 workshop, Saint Fons

The municipality of St Fons, municipality of the Metropolis of Lyon, is engaged in the preparation of an Urban Agenda 2030, an interactive, iterative and collaborative process. In this framework, INTA is calling for 2 professionals experimented in implementing the SDG in the territories, who should take part in the 3 workshops detailed in the programme below; the workshops will be held in french, but an english interpretation is available. The travel and accommodations fees are on the city. Several meetings between technicians, elected representatives and population have been held since the… Read more
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Metropolitan day, mayors' meeting with neighboring peers - 1st to 7 October 2018

The Metropolitan Day Campaign is a global campaign that brings mayors of metropolitan areas together to discuss the challenges of their city. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of improving metropolitan governance processes, as well as connecting cities and partners. Participating cities must hold their metropolitan day between the 1st and 7th of October 2018, and are supported by volunteer partners. These partners are institutions in the academic sector, civil society companies, multilateral organizations, city networks or public and private institutions, which are… Read more

A resilient city: Los Angeles in the year 2050 - BH/GLAAR Conference - 17 October 2018

The INTA representative of the West Coast (USA) is organizing, with the Beverly Hills / Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS, an event on the future of Los Angeles: "A Resilient City, Los Angeles in the year 2050", on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 in Los Angeles. The event brings together a panel of experts to discuss the future of the city of Los Angeles, facing new challenges such as the evolution of our lifestyles and housing / lifestyle standards: how the city design and idea will evolve. Even a megalopolis like Los Angeles must prepare for it. The main themes of the debate will be… Read more

Conference - New issues for territorial development and co-constructing strategies - Cerisy, August 28 to September 2

From Wednesday, August 29 to Sunday, September 2, the Research Institute of the Caisse des Dépôts, as a central actor in territorial development, engages a debate on new issues for territorial development and co-constructing strategies, with a view to reducing territorial disparities and divide, at the Centre Culturel international de Cerisy. INTA will be present with an active role in the discussions. In a context of economic, ecological, societal changes on the one hand, and institutional changes and local governance on the other, the notion of territory - and what constitutes territory -… Read more

FNAU conference "Metropolises and intermediate cities in Europe: confrontation or territorial alliances?

EUROPA and the FNAU, the National Federation of Urban Planning Agencies, are organizing a conference themed "Metropolises and intermediate cities in Europe: confrontation or territorial alliances?", on 21 September 2018 in Pau. Intermediate cities are a new and emerging urban entity, with complex and competitive relationships with metropolises - metropolises capturing the main centers of political and economic decision-making - but also complementarities, since intermediate cities can offer a better quality of life. . This conference aims to clarify a number of points about the very… Read more
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INTA41 Videos

.description { padding: 2%; background-color: #fea30b; color: #062f6e; } .description a, p { color: #062f6e; } .direction { padding: 2%; background-color: #062f6e; color: #fea30b; } .direction a { color: #fea30b; } The Congress ContentWatch almost the whole Congress on video! Le contenu du CongrèsVous pouvez voir presque tout le contenu du Congrès en vidéo ! Speakers interview ▼ Speakers InterviewThe speakers talk about their views on partnerships for a sustainable city Interview des intervenantsLes intervenants parlent de leurs point de vue sur les partenariats pour une ville durable Congress content ▲ Page top… Read more
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T20 - International roundtable "Territory, infrastructure and climate change"

As part of the T20, the G20 think tank, which is being held in Argentina in July 2018, INTA is organizing an international roundtable on the theme "Territory, Infrastructure and Climate change". The event is organized as a reflection on the public policy documents of the T20 working group on "Climate Change and Infrastructure for Development", in the light of INTA's work on Cities and Territories in Transformation. Several examples will be presented, led by public figures from North and South America: Montreal: Sylvain Ducas, ex-director of urban planning of the city of Montreal,… Read more

International Prize list Le Monde Smart Cities Awards

In Singapore on Wednesday 11 July 2018, the International edition of Le Monde Smart Cities Awards ceremony was held, in partnership with INTA. The prizes were awarded to 7 projects out of 111 candidatures that create cities fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow. The projects focus on ecological transition, fluidity of movement and collective action to create sustainable, inclusive, efficient, resilient and respectful cities. The awards were judged by an international jury composed of researchers, urban planners, architects, business experts of the public and private sector, and… Read more

International call for tenders - The Greater Paris' large road infrastructures

The Greater Paris metropolitan Forum has opened an international consultation on Highways, ring road, expressways of tomorrow in the Greater Paris. The road infrastructures are a central issue for metropolises: they are playing a part in connecting different lots of big cities, and are necessary for the city's inhabitants, but also for building a shared identity for cities, especially for the Greater Paris, which aims to be gathering. However, roads are also responsible for a lot of metropolises' pollution, and their trafic is often congested. It is vital to optimize these roads, by taking… Read more
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INTA Open Session at Africities 8 summit, 20-24 November 2018

INTA has held in partnership with IAU-IF a round table on "Financialization and the capture of urban value" at the 8th edition of the Africities Summit in Marraskech, from 20 to 24 November 2018, organized by the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG). The round table was part of the Open Sessions of the summit, the afternoon of November 22. Financialization describes the growing power of finance capital over economic, social and political processes. From an urban point of view financialization can also be understood as a form of accumulation characterized by the capturing of… Read more
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2018 Annual Congress of the Academy of Urbanism - Ireland, 27-30 June 2018

Le Congrès Annuel de Academy of Urbanism aura lieu en Irlande, à Cork, du 27 au 30 juin. Le thème est "Réussir une croissance positive ville-région". The Annuel Congress of the Academy of Urbanism will be held in Cork, Ireland, from the 27 to 30 June. The theme is "Delivering positive city-region growth". Cities are the main driving force of national economy and culture: as place for living, studying, tourism, investment or even migration... Cities are at the core of countries growth: not only for capitals, but also middle-sized cities, that are spaces for innovations and new growth ideas.… Read more
michel sudarskis

INTA at the Dinner debate of the IT Partners Club

Upon invitation of the IT Partners Club and Alliancy magazine, INTA General Secretary Michel Sudarskis opened the dinner-debate by questioning the concept of smart city and its meaning evolution. The IT Partners Club is a business, prospects, support and information circle for the digital transition of companies. The presentation of Michel Sudarskis demystified the myth of the smart city by updating the term: Smart cities are no longer future or mythological. They are here, real and they are growing rapidly, as the Internet of Things and the impact of digital on municipal services around the… Read more
Regiopole Rostock Verflechtungen

What is a Regiopolis?

A regiopolis is a city outside the core of a metropolitan area that serves as an independent driving force for development within a larger region. The concept is used to develop midsized urban regions within regional, national and global contexts.A regiopolis region is based on regrouping smaller scaled centers with a high functional importance for their hinterland.Common caracteristics of regiopolis’ include: The “medium” population size (not the biggest city within a country, but a size that matters within the national context) Of good accessibility combined with a good infrastructure Of… Read more

Open Call for projects - Urbanbat Festival 2018

Urbanbat, an agency for urban innovation, will be holding the 7th edition of its yearly festival, in Bilbao, on the 23 & 24 november 2018. They're are looking for projects to feature on the festival: experiences, initiatives, international projects falling under the theme of the edition, "Instant cities". The festival wants to investigate the consequences of developing technologies so that, in a short period of time, cities can receive a large number of people who come drawn by the celebration of events associated with leisure and culture. Attracting people for leisure is a development model,… Read more

For Urban Passion Forum - Brussels, 6 & 7 June 2018

The association For Urban Passion is organizing the "New fields, new practices, for a better land use" Forum, on the 6 & 7 June 2018, in Brussels. Tailored for all urban professionals, it will focus on emerging methods to build the city and develop territories, in an uncertain world where the number of new actors for cities and territories making is growing. In this context, new concepts must be questioned, to understand who are making and designing the cities and territories, and what are the best available methods. On the 1st day is a conference by Patrick Bouchain, architect and urban… Read more

INTA at the Innovative City Forum 2018

INTA will hold a workshop at the Innovative City Forum 2018, on the theme "Why urban and rural territories need solidarity?". The Forum will take place from June 26 to 27, 2018, in Nice, and the workshop on June 27, from 11:30 to 12:30 in the Picasso Room. Metropolitan territories are economically powerful territories with a supranational dimension, but they should not exclude medium-sized towns, rural or mountainous areas. Digital technology is a valuable tool for elected officials and economic actors who have to ensure the responsible development of territories, according to a principle of… Read more

Récipro-Cité: Innovation Forum on Intergenerational Housing - Lyon, 26 June 2018

Récipro-Cité and the Lyon 3 University are holding, on 26 June 2018, an Innovation Forum on "Intergenerational Housing, between participative and inclusive housing", in Lyon. This afternoon of roundtables and exchanges aims to bring together practitioners and researchers from the fields of intergenerational, inclusive and participative housing, in order to federate a movement that could be a national reference on the subject. This meeting will be divided into 3 axes: state of play and stakes, cross-perspective and the habitat / city transition. The event will be held on 26 June 2018, from 14h… Read more
RTPI 2018 Awards Logo WINNER large

INTA winner of RTPI's Awards for Planning Excellence 2018

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has rewarded the Jericho Multi-Site Economic and Urban Development Project, a project aiming to regenerate existing infrastructure to revitalize the city, and serve as a development model for other Palestinian cities, led by Vice President Roy Adams. The project won the first place in the category of Planning Excellence. According to the judges: “This is a good example of an international project strongly led by planning to deliver positive environmental and health improvement outcomes in the quality of life for residents. It has a complex context,… Read more

MAD CITY - International Happening of Urban Planning, Riga, May 31 - June 1

The international happening of Urban Planning MAD CITY will be held in Riga, Latvia, from 31 May to 1st June, and will be themed "Money and the City". This unique event will gather lectures and pitches by international experts, panel discussions, networking and challenging on urban issues, and even a party at the end of the 2 days. It will also feature an urban planning Hackathon for the former industrial neighborhood VEF, with a prize of 10,000€ for the winners. Taichi Goto, a member of INTA, will be a speaker on the subject of "Diversity and inclusion - global powerhouses and street life in… Read more

Formation "4 jours ailleurs"

Avec plus de 50% de la population mondiale urbanisée, le développement urbain est au coeur des urgences des acteurs de la ville : améliorer / transformer / faire évoluer l'espace où les hommes vivent et déploient leurs activités est devenu plus que jamais vital pour le bon fonctionnement de nos sociétés contemporaines. Les bouleversements liés au développement responsable ont rejoints les objectifs de croissance économique et de réduction des inégalités spatiales et sociales. L'expansion du mode de vie urbain, le déferlement des nouvelles technologies et leurs conséquences interrogent chacun… Read more

Internship offer at INTA

INTA is looking for an event and communication intern, for 6 month. // Download the job description Read more

Prize list Le Monde Smart Cities Awards

On Thursday 17 May 2018, the Smart Cities Awards ceremony was held, in partnership with INTA. The awards sought to highlight 8 projects that create cities fit for today's challenges. The projects are focusing on ecological transition, fluidity of moving and collective action to create sustainable, inclusive, efficient, resilient and respectful cities. The awards ceremony was also an opportunity to launch the debate on the various axes to build an ideal smart city, and conferences were held throughout the day on the various topics necessary for the creation and the maintenance of this city… Read more

Contest urban photography - Collective Point Virgule

The Collective Point Virgule, which gathers urban professionals from different disciplines for urban research and action purposes, organizes a photography contest on economic activity zones. This contest, Focus on Economic Activity Zones, is open to all, professionals and amateurs, and is free. All photographic practices are accepted, and each participation can be composed of 1 to 9 photographs. The competition is open to foreign countries. This contest aims to highlight Economic Activity Zones, neglected by artistic projects and the collective imagination. The contest is open until July 21,… Read more

INTAkawa 13 on inclusive Housing for autism

On May 16 INTA organized its 13th INTAkawa on inclusive housing for people with autism in partnership with Récipro-Cité and Autisme Rhône Lyon Métropole. This alternative solution between independent living at home and collective living in an institution allows the person with a disability to live in their own home without having to compromise on the specific care and support needs and ensures, in addition, their integration in the local neighborhood. Inclusive housing is a kind of cohousing concept developed for the inclusion of isolated people (elderly, people with a handicap or… Read more
kawa 11 kuala lumpur


« University’s space and its connections to the City» Kuala-Lumpur - 12/02/2018 - Synthèse – Forum Urbain Mondial 9 Every university needs special own spaces, internal and external, to teach student and give them, and all academics and partners, some kind of comfort in their research and teaching activities. The idea, the understanding and the sense of the University space has changed recently. Vast access to data and information, digitalization of academic resources and ways of communication, more peer-to-peer models of learning and manifold links between science, new technologies and… Read more
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Study visits in Malmö and Copenhagen

As a part of the construction of a training project, INTA organized a study trip to Sweden and Denmark for two and a half days for the RATP group. These visits allowed the set up of a future training program, which will be announced soon.. The participants were able to study 4 urban development axis of the Nordic countries: the socially sustainable approach of the city of Malmö in urban development the Amiralsstaden project in the popular district of Rosengård in Malmö and the development of the West Port the mobility strategy of the city of Copenhagen and the metro development the great… Read more

Connected Normandie Forum - 21 April 2018

The third edition of the Connected Normandy Forum took place in 21 April 2018, in Trouville, with INTA as a partner. The Forum tackled several aspects of the digital transition around the theme "What place, what strategy for Normandy to win?" : the main axes of the Forum discussed local and general cases to analyse the impact of digital transition on strategies and territories, and more particularly Normandy. Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General of INTA, participated in the Forum as Moderator, in the session entitled "Energy Sobriety, the Metropolis of Rouen set the example", and as an Speaker… Read more
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INTA 43 Congress - Paris

The 43rd INTA Annual Conference will be held on January 24, 2019 in Paris. he title already points to the meaning of the INTA43 Congress; borne out of the New Towns movement, INTA accompanies and participates in the evolution of the urban concepts and practices. * { font-family: Helvetica Neue, Roboto, Helvetica, Arial !important; } /* ----- Calendar Button ----- */ a.button1 { display: inline-block; padding: 0.35em 1.2em; border: 0.1em solid #eb7775; margin: 0 0.3em 0.3em 0; border-radius: 0.12em; box-sizing: border-box; text-decoration: none; font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif; font-weight: 300; color:… Read more
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Conclusions & medias

* { font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Roboto, Helvetica, Arial; } .page-container img:hover { opacity: 0.75; } .page-container a, .page-container a:hover { color: #eb7775; font-weight: 350; font-size: 14px; } .page-container p { font-weight: 350; margin-bottom: 15px; } .debase p { font-size: 14px; } a.btn1 { display: inline-block; padding: 0.35em 1.2em; border: 0.1em solid #eb7775; margin: 0 0.3em 0.3em 0; border-radius: 0.12em; box-sizing: border-box; text-decoration: none; font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif; font-weight: 300; color: #eb7775; transition: all 0.2s; } a.btn1:hover { color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #eb7775; border: 0.1em… Read more

INTA 42 Congress - Rostock

The 42nd Annual Congress to be held in Germany, a first for INTA, has the ambition to facilitate the dialogue among all urban stakeholders irrespective of their scale of involvement, nor of their sector of activities: private, public or third sector. The Congress in the Hanseatic city of Rostock, in the North East of Germany, is an opportunity to understand the territorial and urban management changes taking place in one of the world's most advanced industrialised countries, and the new relationships that are being established between the federal, regional, metropolitan and rural levels in… Read more
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Conclusions and pictures

A summary of INTA41: 15 speakers nationalities 23 participants nationalities 15 projects presented 112 registered participants Download the interactive report Who owns the question? and who initiates? Who takes the responsibility for the community? Short terms projects or immediate answers can transform policy leaders in irresponsible people. Partnerships and civil society shouldn't mean the political leaders giving up their responsibility. State, local governments to maintain the vision. - Remi Feredj The role of the architect has shifted from Superman to Supervisor. - Helle Juul We could… Read more
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Conclusions and pictures

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International symposium in Tamesna, 15-16 March 2018

On March 15 and 16, 2018, INTA co-organized the international conference "Regional Convergence Forum" of the New Town of Tamesna, Morocco, on the theme "New Urban Agenda - New Towns - Region: a trilogy of Territorial Development ". The symposium is the 2018 edition of an international symposium cycle, held by Tamesna from 2013 to today, on urban development. This year, it aims to shares experiences in Governance and Convergence of territorial public action with New Towns, debating the challenges of urbanization, while taking into account the New Urban Agenda, and rethinking New Towns, as a… Read more
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Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2018 Laureate

Seoul is the laureate of the Lee Kuan Yew City Prize 2018. The capital of South Korea rose from a city crippled by war and economic insecurity to an inclusive, creative and sustainable city over the past few years. The Lee Kuan Yew City Prize wishes to honour the strategies adopted by the city as an example for the creation of better urban communities around the world. Seoul achieved its high quality of life by adopting a bold leadership with innovative solutions, to answer the challenges of rapid urbanisation, coupled with a good communication with citizens and stakeholders, which resulted… Read more

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