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Who owns the question? and who initiates? Who takes the responsibility for the community?

Short terms projects or immediate answers can transform policy leaders in irresponsible people. Partnerships and civil society shouldn't mean the political leaders giving up their responsibility. State, local governments to maintain the vision. - Remi Feredj

The role of the architect has shifted from Superman to Supervisor. - Helle Juul

We could either cooperate or collaborate: when we cooperate, we maybe have something together in the end. If we collaborate, we make things together from start to end. - Helle Juul

What availability for the politicians to think quietly and re-think the City and its complexity when regions are at war?

Malmö's reference is strong, tracks of action were drawn so when deficiencies appear, targets can be set. - Jean-Michel Vincent Download congress participant Jean-Michel Vincent's congress testimony


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