kawas bilan nlINTAKAWAS HEALTH & TERRITORIES CYCLE. First phase of programme launching, we organised the group of partners that include local authorities, international/national institutions and sponsors involved in the program. These actors were gathered with a first cycle of debate on the links between health and urbanism.

// Read the first phase conclusions

An exchange on diversified subjects, anchored in various territories, every month, to learn and know other situations, debate and discuss the major issues of planning today and tomorrow.

The exchange time is short (between 90 minutes and 2 hours max). He often includes a "great witness", invited to present his point of view or detail his experience in 20 minutes before an exchange with the participants and a "moderator", master of the time, distributor of speech, responding to the Great witness and producer of a written note distributed to all members thereafter.

6 INTAKAWAS n the theme "Reuild the links between health and urbanism" were organised between october 2018 and may 2019 :

The first phase is now over, new events are to come with the second phase. 

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