LeMonde2018On Thursday 17 May 2018, the Smart Cities Awards ceremony was held, in partnership with INTA. The awards sought to highlight 8 projects that create cities fit for today's challenges. The projects are focusing on ecological transition, fluidity of moving and collective action to create sustainable, inclusive, efficient, resilient and respectful cities.

The awards ceremony was also an opportunity to launch the debate on the various axes to build an ideal smart city, and conferences were held throughout the day on the various topics necessary for the creation and the maintenance of this city model.


The winners of the 2018 edition:

Grand Prix: Transfermuga, a platform with a European and ecological dimension that offers global information on the public transport offer between France and Spain, to reduce car influence.

Mobility Award: Ubitricity, a solution to charge your electric vehicle and pay for recharging, from sockets installed on LED street lights.
1st accessit: Mybus
2nd accessit: Book & Plug

Habitat Award: The Perched Gardens, a project that combines social housing and professional agriculture in Tours, which aims to reconnect the urban and market gardening while creating social link.

Urban Innovation Award: River Tri, a floating waste dump tested in Lyon, which allows residents to deposit their recyclable waste.
1st accessit: ReadyMade
2nd accessit: Kermap

Energy Award: Ween, an artificial intelligence solution that allows to anticipate in real time the arrival of the occupants of a place to adapt the behavior of it to their expectations. And also guaranteeing the protection of personal data.
1st accessit: Massiléo
2nd accessit: Aerialpower ltd

Cultural Action Award: The Travel Guide, a "matrimonial" guide to discovering a city from the perspective of the women who built it or lived there.
Accessit: CultureTri

Citizen Participation Award: Communecter, a platform that identifies alternative consumption sites and will soon propose citizen participation tools, including a virtual "marketplace" to share needs and resources.
Two tied ties: My neighbor of the docks (MVD) and the City of La Rochelle

Student Award, in partnership with the Urban School of Lyon: Evo Pods, a self-service capsule to "clip" on his bike, to travel with a passenger, packages ...
1st accessit: Yes vote
2nd accessit: Innov'Art

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