st fonsThe municipality of St Fons, municipality of the Metropolis of Lyon, is engaged in the preparation of an Urban Agenda 2030, an interactive, iterative and collaborative process. In this framework, INTA is calling for 2 professionals experimented in implementing the SDG in the territories, who should take part in the 3 workshops detailed in the programme below; the workshops will be held in french, but an english interpretation is available. The travel and accommodations fees are on the city.

Several meetings between technicians, elected representatives and population have been held since the beginning of 2018. The purpose is to clarify programs and “simple"and “feasible" actions-projects-mecanisms in the very short term that could trigger constructive participation and partnership (including financing).

The sustainable development approach of Saint-Fons is pioneering in that it intends to articulate its programs, actions and delivery mecanisms around17 global development objectives (SDGs) validated by the UN on 25/09/2015. The articulation of the 2030 Agenda with the SDGs aims to stimulate building sustainable territories by integrating social, economic and environmental dimensions, which are also backed by other SDGs.

This approach does not mean a strict application of the 17 ODS. They are used as a "matrix of common sense", "a compendium" - in which we find elements and opportunities that are sometimes already implemented or taken into account in the territories, but which need to be better articulated. The most innovative part is that of territorialisation and future programming.

A new step in this process is the holding of three local-international workshops whose goal is to create new synergies between local actors, to open up new forms of intervention and urban projects and to identify other modes of financing. for local and metropolitan development.


1st workshop:

Transformation of the Saint-Fons territory's vulnerabilities into innovative opportunities. 
Date of the Workshop: October 11, 2018

Relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals - poverty reduction - SDG1 (reducing the socio-economic fragility of the inhabitants through access to financial resources and security in housing) / no hunger - SDG 2 (good nutrition, quality agricultural products) / healthy territory and well-being - SDG 3 (support for good health ... individual and collective protection) / respect for women and gender - SDG 5 / reduced inequality - SDG 10 and peace justice and effective institutions - SDG 16 (living well together, eliminating and preventing all forms of insecurity, violence, etc.).

2nd workshop

Renewal of local development - socio-territorial, eco-friendly and environmental 
Workshop Date: 16 November 2018

SDGs: decent work and economic growth (jobs, economy) / industry, innovation and infrastructure (sustainable industries with strong labor force components, productive and robust industries) / Sustainable cities and territories (mobility, eco-neighborhood ...) / consumption and production responsible (consumer cooperatives ...) / terrestrial life (bio-diversity, enhancement and protection of the natural heritage and bio diversity)

3rd workshop

Control of evolutions and needs - Managing and accompanying transitions, mutations and crises. 
Date of the Workshop: December 7, 2018

SDGs Education (education, learning and training for all) / Clean water and sanitation (protection of water and its ecosystem), territory with positive and equitable energy (affordable energy), fight against climate change and its repercussions / aquatic life (link to the river)

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