Congratulations to tBuga 2025 Rostock Zuschlag 780x520he host of our INTA42 Congress, the City of Rostock, that will host the BUGA 2025.

Rostock receives bid for the BUGA 2025: Minister of Agriculture Till Backhaus (from left), Lord Mayor Roland Methling, State Secretary for Economic Affairs Stefan Rudolph and Jochen Sandner, Managing Directors of the Deutsche Bundesgartenschau-Gesellschaft mbH (DBG)

 "The basis for this decision is a convincing urban development concept in the area of ​​conflict between the city center of Rostock, the city harbor and the open spaces on the eastern edge of the Warnow," says Jochen Sandner, explaining the decision taken in DBG mbH's committees. 

"The Federal Horticultural Show should not be an end in itself. The Buga 2025 Rostock should be seen as an opportunity and a catalyst to give the University and Hanseatic city a sustained noticeable boost in urban planning and a forward-looking, contemporary tourist infrastructure. We support the idea that the Old Town, the city harbor and the opposite bank of the river Warnow will also be connected to each other from 2025 onwards for pedestrians and cyclists, so that the Warnowbogen can be fully experienced, "said Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Stefan Rudolph.

The INTA42 Congress that will take place in Rostock from 19-21 September 2018 will focus on those project, especially on the Technical Visit1 and Workshop 1 that will discuss the future of the city-port project.
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